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Robotics Notes Booster Pack

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Robotics Notes Booster Pack: 116 cards
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RN-W16-096 "Anemone" Group Unconsciousness Incident Event  search
RN-W16-013 "Expansion Place" Akiho Character  search
RN-W16-013R "Expansion Place" Akiho Character  RRR  search
RN-W16-076 "Relative Chart Under the Blue Sky" Airi / “空の下の相関図”愛理 Character  RR  search
RN-W16-076P "Relative Chart Under the Blue Sky" Airi / “空の下の相関図”愛理 Character  SP  search
RN-W16-050 A Summer Adventure Climax  CC  search
RN-W16-077 Airi / 愛理 Character  RR  search
RN-W16-077R Airi / 愛理 Character  RRR  search
RN-W16-087 Airi Yukifune Character  search
RN-W16-093 Airi, Full of Energy Character  search
RN-W16-016 Airi, Hollow Pretty Girl Character  search
RN-W16-085 Airi, Mode Change Character  search
RN-W16-080 Airi, Summer Festival / 夏祭り 愛理 Character  search
RN-W16-080S Airi, Summer Festival / 夏祭り 愛理 Character  SR  search
RN-W16-003 Airi, Taking A Walk / おさんぽ 愛理 Character  search
RN-W16-018 Airi, Under the Blue Sky Character  search
RN-W16-018S Airi, Under the Blue Sky Character  SR  search
RN-W16-002 Akiho Senomiya / 瀬乃宮 あき穂 Character  RR  search
RN-W16-002P Akiho Senomiya / 瀬乃宮 あき穂 Character  SP  search
RN-W16-091 Akiho, Cat-Ear Maid Character  search
RN-W16-017 Akiho, Charging Recklessly! Character  search
RN-W16-020 Akiho, During Maintenance Character  search
RN-W16-082 Akiho, Favorite Food Refreshments / 大好物の差し入れ あき穂 Character  search
RN-W16-082S Akiho, Favorite Food Refreshments / 大好物の差し入れ あき穂 Character  SR  search
RN-W16-008 Akiho, New Club Member Welcoming Party Character  search
RN-W16-014 Akiho, President of Robotics Club Character  search
RN-W16-079 Akiho, Robot Otaku / ロボットオタク あき穂 Character  search
RN-W16-001 AKiho, Tokyo World Exposition Character  RR  search
RN-W16-005 Akiho, You're My Life Savior / 命の恩人 あき穂 Character  search
RN-W16-071 By the Two of Them in Closed Space / 密室でふたりきり Event  search
RN-W16-025 Circle of Determination Climax  CC  search
RN-W16-098 Cold Sleep Climax  CR  search
RN-W16-075 Conflict with Father Climax  CC  search
RN-W16-049 Extended Hand Climax  CC  search
RN-W16-033 Frau & Junna, Incredible Relationship Character  search
RN-W16-033R Frau & Junna, Incredible Relationship Character  RRR  search
RN-W16-027 Frau in Swimsuits Character  RR  search
RN-W16-027R Frau in Swimsuits Character  RRR  search
RN-W16-052 Frau Koujiro / 神代 フラウ Character  RR  search
RN-W16-052S Frau Koujiro / 神代 フラウ Character  SR  search
RN-W16-029 Frau, Failed Suicide Attempt!? Character  search
RN-W16-038 Frau, Forbidden Delusion Character  search
RN-W16-069 Frau, Genius Programmer Character  search
RN-W16-058 Frau, HP 0 / ライフはゼロ フラウ Character  search
RN-W16-054 Frau, Kill-Ballad Battle Character  search
RN-W16-054S Frau, Kill-Ballad Battle Character  SR  search
RN-W16-043 Frau, Real Feelings Character  search
RN-W16-062 Frau, Sharing Secrets Character  search
RN-W16-056 Frau, Yukata / 浴衣のフラウ Character  search
RN-W16-056P Frau, Yukata / 浴衣のフラウ Character  SP  search
RN-W16-081 Geji-nee / ゲジ姉 Character  search
RN-W16-088 Geji-nee, Airi's Other Half Character  search
RN-W16-094 Geji-nee, Mode Change Character  search
RN-W16-072 Genki & Rosetta Event  search
RN-W16-022 Gunvarrel, Icon of Justice Event  search
RN-W16-060 Hiromu Hidaka Character  search
RN-W16-100 Irreplacable Memory Climax  CC  search
RN-W16-097 Iru-O. Event  search
RN-W16-032 Junna Daitoku Character  search
RN-W16-041 Junna in Yukata Character  search
RN-W16-041S Junna in Yukata Character  SR  search
RN-W16-037 Junna, Age of Worry Character  search
RN-W16-031 Junna, Dispersed Feelings Character  search
RN-W16-057 Junna, Family Side Character  search
RN-W16-057P Junna, Family Side Character  SP  search
RN-W16-068 Junna, Motion Actress Character  search
RN-W16-026 Junna, Past Trauma Character  RR  search
RN-W16-051 Junna, Petit But Strong Character  RR  search
RN-W16-051S Junna, Petit But Strong Character  SR  search
RN-W16-064 Junna, Timid Karate Girl Character  search
RN-W16-053 Junna, Uneasy Eyes / 不安げな眼差し 淳和 Character  search
RN-W16-036 Junna, Yoira~Iki Festival Character  search
RN-W16-009 Kaito & Akiho, Reliable Allies Character  search
RN-W16-009S Kaito & Akiho, Reliable Allies Character  SR  search
RN-W16-011 Kaito, A Certain Summer Day Character  search
RN-W16-010 Kaito, After Class Character  search
RN-W16-019 Kaito, Battle Gamer Character  search
RN-W16-006 Kaito, Battle Spirit Lit Character  search
RN-W16-012 Kaito, Kill-Ballad Battle! / キルバラ対決! 海翔 Character  search
RN-W16-007 Kaito, Last Battle Character  search
RN-W16-004 Kaito, New Club Member Welcoming Party Character  search
RN-W16-045 Kaoruko Usui Character  search
RN-W16-035 Kenichirou Senomiya Character  search
RN-W16-074 Kind Big Sister of Children Climax  CC  search
RN-W16-089 Kou Kimijima Character  search
RN-W16-086 Kou Kimijima, Mastermind of the Conspiracy Character  search
RN-W16-046 Lightning Strike Event  search
RN-W16-063 M45 Character  search
RN-W16-095 Misaki Senomiya / 瀬乃宮 みさ希 Character  search
RN-W16-078 Misaki, High School Period / 高校時代のみさ希 Character  search
RN-W16-084 Misaki, Released From the Bind Character  search
RN-W16-059 Mister Pleiades / ミスター・プレアデス Character  search
RN-W16-039 Mitsuhiko Nagafukada Character  search
RN-W16-092 Mizuka Irei Character  search
RN-W16-083 Mizuka, Berserking of HUG / HUGの暴走 瑞榎 Character  search
RN-W16-028 Nae Tennouji Character  search
RN-W16-030 Nae, First Battle Character  search
RN-W16-040 Nae, Yoira~Iki Festival Character  search
RN-W16-023 Robot Will Save the World Climax  CR  search
RN-W16-055 Subaru, Abandoned Dream Character  search
RN-W16-065 Subaru, Arrogant Stance Character  search
RN-W16-070 Subaru, Everyone Gather at Hangar! Character  search
RN-W16-066 Subaru, New Club Member Welcoming Party Character  search
RN-W16-061 Subaru, Visitor to the Ruins Character  search
RN-W16-067 Subaru, Yoira~Iki Festival Character  search
RN-W16-042 Sumio Nagafukada Character  search
RN-W16-021 Super Gan-tsuku 1 Event  search
RN-W16-047 Super Rinpei Event  search
RN-W16-048 Taking the Step Climax  CR  search
RN-W16-015 Tanegashi Machine 3 Kai Character  search
RN-W16-034 Tetsuharu Fujita Character  search
RN-W16-024 The Dream Being Chased Constantly Climax  CC  search
RN-W16-073 To Make Gunvarrel Shine / ガンヴァレルを輝かせるために Climax  CR  search
RN-W16-090 Toshiyuki Sawada Character  search
RN-W16-099 White Christmas Eve / ホワイト・クリスマス・イヴ Climax  CC  search
RN-W16-044 Yoshirou-kun Character  search

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