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Set 20

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Set 20: 96 cards
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78 Absorb Power Spell  Uncommon  search
27 Amaranth-Piper Spirit  Master Rare  search
64 Angelegg Brave  Uncommon  search
12 Bone-Tops Spirit  Common  search
24 Byakko-Hayato Spirit  Common  search
83 Call of the Deep Spell  Uncommon  search
62 Catapuseal Brave  Common  search
38 Cupid Spirit  Common  search
65 Cyclo-Arms Brave  Common  search
79 Darkness Aura Spell  Common  search
50 Datas of Trident Spirit  Common  search
76 Death Accompany Spell  Common  search
46 Doratfish Spirit  Common  search
84 Finishing Blow Spell  Common  search
3 Halberdnix Spirit  Common  search
56 HotJupiter-Dragon Brave  Rare  search
49 Kamoone Spirit  Uncommon  search
60 Karakuribatta Brave  Common  search
20 Kengokiji Spirit  Common  search
10 Keylizard Spirit  Common  search
15 Knight-Headiless Spirit  Common  search
66 Konohaganin Brave  Rare  search
82 Lightning Attack Spell  Common  search
31 Missilis Spirit  Common  search
8 Nebula-Dragon Spirit  Uncommon  search
33 Nega-Kerberos Spirit  Uncommon  search
34 Nega-Sabretiger Spirit  Master Rare  search
35 Nega-Springer Spirit  Common  search
80 Perfect Repair Spell  Uncommon  search
73 Power Boost Spell  Common  search
5 Quicksand-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
29 Saterat Spirit  Common  search
1 Shichinomus Spirit  Common  search
74 Shining Flame Spell  Common  search
23 Shinjulius Spirit  Common  search
26 Shinobi-Chuuhi Spirit  Uncommon  search
4 Sintal-Saur Spirit  Common  search
58 Skullplane Brave  Uncommon  search
7 Slave-GaiAsura Spirit  Master Rare  search
11 Smogpecker Spirit  Common  search
57 Snakers Brave  Common  search
19 Somarin Spirit  Common  search
75 Spiral Vein Spell  Rare  search
81 Steal Heart Spell  Rare  search
59 Susukinkei Brave  Rare  search
48 Tatsuno-Draco Spirit  Common  search
41 The Angelia Prima Spirit  Uncommon  search
37 The Angelia Spiele Spirit  Common  search
89 The ArcAngelia Raraphael Spirit  X Rare  search
93 The ArcAngelia Raraphael Spirit  X Rare  search
87 The BirdBushin Shishigui Spirit  X Rare  search
86 The BlackCorpseKing Baldanders Spirit  X Rare  search
94 The BlackCorpseKing Baldanders Spirit  X Rare  search
88 The BlackHeavenFox Nega-Ninetail Spirit  X Rare  search
68 The Corroding Big Waterfall Nexus  Common  search
69 The Cumulo-Nimbus Mountain Range Nexus  Common  search
13 The DarkShieldGuardian Nagan Spirit  Rare  search
6 The DemonFlameBladeMaster Schmald Spirit  Common  search
9 The DestructionDinosaur Dino-Breaker Spirit  Master Rare  search
2 The FlameShieldGuardian Corona-Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
25 The GreenSwordBladeMaster Waonoshin Spirit  Uncommon  search
36 The HeavyArmoredKnight Gol-Mack Spirit  Master Rare  search
14 The HellMonk Fraulow Spirit  Common  search
32 The IceEdgeBladeMaster Brigitt Spirit  Uncommon  search
30 The IceShieldGuardian Ohshin Spirit  Rare  search
45 The ImaginaryDragonEmperor Gilant Spirit  Master Rare  search
61 The ImperialMachine Messenger Brave  Rare  search
28 The ImperialMachine Oath-Me Spirit  Common  search
71 The Light Shooting Hill Nexus  Common  search
39 The LightShieldGuardian Edith Spirit  Rare  search
92 The LightWingsDivineBlade Angelicfeather Brave  X Rare  search
92a The LightWingsDivineBlade Angelicfeather Brave  X Rare  search
43 The MadBeast Kyuuki Spirit  Common  search
70 The Mirror Surface World Entrance Nexus  Common  search
72 The Ocean Master's Giant Mouth Nexus  Uncommon  search
47 The OceanShieldGuardian Giles Spirit  Rare  search
91 The OffensiveSkullBlade Executioners Brave  X Rare  search
91a The OffensiveSkullBlade Executioners Brave  X Rare  search
42 The PrincessAngelia Etoile Spirit  Common  search
51 The RoughSeaBladeMaster Akashi Spirit  Common  search
85 The RuinDragonEmperor TheEnd-Dragonis Spirit  X Rare  search
52 The Shaman Sangojaw Spirit  Common  search
90 The ShinraNagarjuna Leaf-Seadra Spirit  X Rare  search
53 The StrangeSeaCreature Shiporeep Spirit  Common  search
44 The Swordsman Pentan Spirit  Uncommon  search
17 The TenSwordsSaint Cobraja Spirit  Master Rare  search
67 The Volcanic Canyon Nexus  Common  search
54 The WarGeneral Patroclus Spirit  Master Rare  search
22 The WindShieldGuardian Tobimaru Spirit  Rare  search
18 The WingedSnake Anaconga Spirit  Uncommon  search
55 Turok-Cephale Brave  Common  search
63 Urvancle Brave  Common  search
40 Vanillap Spirit  Common  search
77 Wind Pressure Spell  Common  search
16 Wybone Spirit  Uncommon  search
21 Yagoisobana Spirit  Common  search

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