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Over Hill and Under Hill

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Over Hill and Under Hill: 84 cards
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48 A Deep Sack Objective  search
49 A Foul Sack Objective  search
47 A Large Sack Objective  search
52 A Nice Pickle Treachery  search
26 A Short Rest Quest  search
44 A Smelly Sack Objective  search
45 A Strong Sack Objective  search
35 A Suspicious Crow Enemy  search
46 A Tough Sack Objective  search
14 A Very Good Tale Event  search
50 A Worn Sack Objective  search
23 An Unexpected Party Quest  search
5 Beorn Hero  search
33 Bert Enemy  search
1 Bilbo Baggins Hero  search
79 Bilbo's Magic Ring Objective  search
8 Bofur Ally  search
19 Burglar Baggins Event  search
41 Cave Entrance Location  search
71 Chaos in the Cavern Treachery  search
80 Come Down Little Bird Treachery  search
11 Cram Attachment  search
25 Dawn Take You All Quest  search
9 Dori Ally  search
28 Down, Down to Goblin Town Quest  search
39 Dreary Hills Location  search
18 Expecting Mischief Event  search
6 Fili Ally  search
15 Foe-hammer Event  search
66 Front Porch Location  search
72 Galloping Boulders Treachery  search
10 Gandalf Ally  search
22 Glamdring Treasure  search
58 Goblin Axeman Enemy  search
62 Goblin Bent-Swords Enemy  search
61 Goblin Driver Enemy  search
59 Goblin Miners Enemy  search
60 Goblin Runners Enemy  search
16 Goblin-cleaver Event  search
74 Gollum Enemy  search
67 Great Cavern Room Location  search
75 Great Gray Wolf Enemy  search
70 Grip, Grab! Pinch, Nab! Treachery  search
73 Guffawing of Giants Treachery  search
82 Hiding In The Trees Treachery  search
38 Hobbit-lands Location  search
54 Hungry Troll Treachery  search
31 Into the Fire Quest  search
81 It Likes Riddles Treachery  search
7 Kili Ally  search
78 Lake in the Cavern Location  search
17 Late Adventurer Event  search
40 Lone-Lands Location  search
51 Lots or None at All Treachery  search
57 More Like A Grocer Treachery  search
55 No Campfire Treachery  search
3 Nori Hero  search
84 Not Fair! Not Fair! Treachery  search
21 Orcrist Treasure  search
4 Ori Hero  search
29 Out of the Frying Pan Quest  search
68 Overhanging Rock Location  search
30 Riddles in the Dark Quest  search
53 Roast 'Em or Boil 'Em? Treachery  search
24 Roast Mutton Quest  search
12 Spare Hood and Cloak Attachment  search
20 Sting Treasure  search
64 Stone-Giant Enemy  search
65 The Goblins' Caves Location  search
63 The Great Goblin Enemy  search
69 The High Pass Location  search
27 The Mountain Pass Quest  search
77 The Wargs' Glade Location  search
2 Thorin Oakenshield Hero  search
13 Thror's Map Attachment  search
34 Tom Enemy  search
36 Troll Camp Location  search
37 Troll Cave Location  search
43 Troll Key Objective  search
42 Troll Purse Objective  search
83 What's In My Pocket Treachery  search
76 Wild Wargs Enemy  search
32 William Enemy  search
56 Wind-Whipped Rain Treachery  search

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