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Booster 1: Encounter of the Abnormality

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Booster 1: Encounter of the Abnormality: 108 cards
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B01-012 9 Great Heroes, Alexander Z/X  SR  search
B01-045 Absconding Maine Coon Z/X  search
B01-054 Admiration of Longing Z/X  UC  search
B01-058 Angelic Light Attack Event  UC  search
B01-057 Arrogant Light Wall Event  search
B01-071 Arrow of Certain Death, Pfiel Z/X  UC  search
PR-003 Asuka Tennouji Player  PR  search
PR-004 Ayase Kamiyugi Player  PR  search
PR-002 Azumi Kagamihara Player  PR  search
B01-091 Beastman Were-Antler Z/X  HR  search
B01-082 Beastman Were-Bear Z/X  search
B01-087 Beastman Were-Koala Z/X  UC  search
B01-009 Black Horse of Conquest, Bucephalus Z/X  search
B01-008 Blacksmith in Training Forge Z/X  CR  search
B01-073 Bone Shark Skeletal Shark Z/X  UC  search
B01-031 Calm Evening Performance Princess, Sumetina Z/X  search
B01-083 Caretaker Flux Z/X  search
B01-064 Chain of Death, Kette Z/X  search
B01-018 Champion's Quivering Spear Event  search
B01-049 Cheerful Burmese Z/X  UC  search
B01-081 Cherry Blossom Butterfly, Full Blossom Z/X  search
PR-005 Chitose Aoba Player  PR  search
B01-025 City Guard Phecda Z/X  search
B01-003 Coal Armadillo Z/X  search
B01-074 Combined Imaginary Being, Huge Corpse Z/X  search
B01-038 Comet Shoot Event  search
B01-078 Curse Diffusion Event  search
B01-023 Cymbal Music Strauss Z/X  search
B01-076 Dark Bishop Skeletal Bishop Z/X  UC  search
B01-077 Dark Moon Event  search
B01-060 Dazzling Saint Aura Event  search
B01-061 Demon of Allurement Luscues Z/X  search
B01-075 Demon of Despair, Desperatio Z/X  UC  search
B01-065 Demon of Grief, Maerol Z/X  search
B01-072 Demon of Hatred, Odium Z/X  SR  search
B01-066 Demon of Misfortune, Miseria Z/X  search
B01-079 Demoning Awakening Event  UC  search
B01-088 Easygoing Rurijisa Z/X  UC  search
B01-030 Erasure Machine Delete Z/X  UC  search
B01-022 Erasure Machine Erase Z/X  search
B01-026 Erasure Machine Void Z/X  search
B01-100 Eroding Green Event  UC  search
B01-086 Expert of the Future Dandelion Z/X  search
B01-019 Exploding Coal Event  UC  search
B01-103 Fallen Angel of Grief Lucifer Z/X  Z/XR  search
B01-056 Fierite the Pride Z/X  SR  search
B01-013 Flat-Out Steel Cavalry Tank Run Z/X  UC  search
B01-069 Flaying Iron Maiden Z/X  search
B01-011 Friendly Glass, Glass Elephant Z/X  UC  search
B01-096 Giant Beast Were-Rhino Z/X  search
B01-015 God of Pride, Augustus Z/X  UC  search
B01-006 Goddes of the Hunt, Artemis Z/X  search
B01-099 Good Night Event  search
B01-092 Graceful Naginata Iris Z/X  SR  search
B01-014 Heavy Stone, Stone Turtle Z/X  UC  search
B01-101 Hero of World Destruction, Oda Nobunaga Z/X  Z/XR  search
B01-052 Holy Beast Aura Byakko Z/X  search
B01-043 Holy Beast Aura Pegasus Z/X  search
B01-048 Holy Beast Aura Phoenix Z/X  UC  search
B01-001 Hound of Fate, Lailaps Z/X  search
B01-017 Imperator Judge Event  search
B01-016 Indomitable Steel, Steel Leopard Z/X  UC  search
B01-089 King of Beasts Were-Lion Z/X  search
B01-053 Lawbringer Batura Z/X  SR  search
B01-046 Lawbringer Dhaulagiri Z/X  search
B01-041 Lawbringer Distaghil Z/X  search
B01-050 Lawbringer Shishapangma Z/X  UC  search
B01-055 Lawbringer Ushba Z/X  search
B01-047 Lian of Bonds Z/X  search
B01-020 Main Battery, FIRE! Event  search
B01-033 Melody Vival Z/X  search
B01-067 Merry-Go-Round Horse Z/X  search
B01-027 Meteor Sword Spica Z/X  search
PR-001 Mikado Kurosaki Player  PR  search
B01-097 Military Emperor Sword Flash Event  search
B01-080 Moonlight Funeral Fang Event  search
B01-093 Morning Glory Mantis Glory Scythe Z/X  UC  search
B01-042 Part of Fate's Revolution, Liliel Saotome Z/X  search
B01-095 Powerful Pike Kakitsubata Z/X  UC  search
B01-068 Powerful Swing, Sting Beat Z/X  UC  search
B01-070 Quadruped Victor Zieger Z/X  SR  search
B01-005 Queen of the Desert, Cleopatra Z/X  search
B01-040 Repeating Sonata Event  UC  search
B01-059 Revenge Force Event  search
B01-084 Rose Helmet Wild Rose Z/X  search
B01-051 Sageese of Wisdom Z/X  UC  search
B01-037 Scientific development Event  search
B01-102 Seraph of Arrival Michael Z/X  Z/XR  search
B01-004 Shining Gold, Gold Peacock Z/X  search
B01-044 Siamese Pot Seller Z/X  search
B01-063 Skeleton Dog Bone Keeper Z/X  search
B01-039 Soaring Racing Shot Event  search
B01-036 Speed of Sound Castle, Darmastadium Z/X  SR  search
B01-021 Steel Castle Astatine Z/X  search
B01-029 Steel Castle Europium Z/X  UC  search
B01-024 Steel Castle Technetium Z/X  search
B01-034 Sword Sniper Rigel Z/X  SR  search
B01-094 Sword Warrior Rindou Z/X  SR  search
B01-002 Swordsmith Ittou Z/X  search
B01-035 t - A03 Aspidiske Z/X  UC  search
B01-007 The Sun's Messenger Yatagarasu Z/X  search
B01-090 Tidy Lemon Balm Z/X  UC  search
B01-098 Unify Earth Event  search
B01-085 Uninhibited Sickle and Chain Balsam Z/X  search
B01-032 Union of Consumer Electronics Tantalum Z/X  UC  search
B01-010 Unrivaled Talent, Ishida Mitsunari Z/X  SR  search
B01-062 Wandering Head Crusher Z/X  search
B01-028 y - S02 Alioth Z/X  search

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