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Heirs of Numenor

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Heirs of Numenor: 76 cards
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12 A Watchful Peace Event  search
19 Alcaron's Scroll Objective  search
68 Ambush in Ithilien Quest  search
71 Approaching Cair Andros Quest  search
31 Battering Ram Event  search
8 Behind Strong Walls Event  search
1 Beregond Hero  search
29 Blocking Wargs Treachery  search
13 Blood of Numenor Attachment  search
2 Boromir Hero  search
74 Breakthrough at the Approach Quest  search
75 Breakthrough at the Citadel Quest  search
25 Celador Objective  search
4 Citadel Custodian Ally  search
38 City Street Location  search
24 Collateral Damage Treachery  search
10 Damrod Ally  search
7 Defender of Rammas Ally  search
18 Envoy of Pelargir Ally  search
3 Errand-rider Ally  search
67 Escape to the Quays Quest  search
66 Fighting in the Streets Quest  search
50 Forest Bat Enemy  search
53 Haradrim Elite Enemy  search
23 Harbor Storehouse Location  search
20 Harbor Thug Enemy  search
14 Hunter of Lamedon Ally  search
26 Ithilien Guardian Objective  search
28 Ithilien Road Location  search
15 Ithilien Tracker Ally  search
56 Lieutenant of Mordor Enemy  search
11 Light the Beacons Event  search
41 Local Trouble Treachery  search
43 Lossarnach Bandit Enemy  search
48 Lost Companion Treachery  search
40 Lost in the City Treachery  search
45 Lurking in Shadows Treachery  search
39 Market Square Location  search
16 Master of Lore Ally  search
49 Morgul Spider Event  search
54 Mumak Enemy  search
5 Mutual Accord Event  search
57 Orc Arbalesters Enemy  search
63 Orc Arsonist Enemy  search
36 Orc Assault Treachery  search
62 Orc Rabble Enemy  search
30 Orc Scramblers Enemy  search
58 Orc Vanguard Enemy  search
59 Orc War Camp Location  search
46 Overgrown Trail Location  search
22 Pelargir Docks Location  search
37 Pickpocket Enemy  search
17 Ranger Spikes Attachment  search
73 Reinforcing the Banks Quest  search
64 Scourge of Mordor Treachery  search
47 Secluded Glade Location  search
32 Siege Raft Enemy  search
27 Southron Company Enemy  search
69 Southron Counter-attack Quest  search
52 Southron Mercenaries Enemy  search
55 Southron Support Treachery  search
9 Spear of the Citadel Attachment  search
34 The Approach Location  search
35 The Banks Location  search
33 The Citadel Location  search
72 The Defense Quest  search
70 The Hidden Way Quest  search
76 The Last Battle Quest  search
21 The Leaping Fish Location  search
65 The Leaping Fish Quest  search
60 The Master's Malice Treachery  search
61 The Power of Mordor Treachery  search
44 Umbar Assassin Enemy  search
51 Watcher in the Wood Treachery  search
6 Wealth of Gondor Event  search
42 Zealous Traitor Enemy  search

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