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Booster 3: Advent of the 5 Dragon Emperors

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Booster 3: Advent of the 5 Dragon Emperors: 108 cards
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B03-009 9 Great Heroes, Lancelot Z/X  SR  search
B03-027 Amusement Union, Platinum Aurum Z/X  search
B03-106 Asuka Tennouji Player  PR  search
B03-039 Atria's Holiday Event  search
B03-059 Avenger of Tears Event  search
B03-107 Ayase Kamiyugi Player  PR  search
B03-105 Azumi Kagamihara Player  PR  search
B03-031 Barrette Rider, Schedar Z/X  search
B03-083 Beastman Were-Hedgehog Z/X  search
B03-090 Beastman Were-Hound Z/X  UC  search
B03-002 Beautiful Quartz, Quartz Crab Z/X  search
B03-061 Black Robber, Rauber Z/X  search
B03-060 Bobtail Cleaning Technique Event  UC  search
B03-094 Caraway of the Sleeping Forest Z/X  UC  search
B03-001 Castle-toppling Beauty, Chousen Z/X  search
B03-041 Ceramic Maker, Singapura Z/X  search
B03-054 Charismatic Persia Z/X  search
B03-108 Chitose Aoba Player  PR  search
B03-010 Country Eating Manticore Z/X  search
B03-011 Courageous Bear Samurai, Sakata Kintoki Z/X  UC  search
B03-040 Crimson Invasion Event  search
B03-074 Demon of Duel, Monomachia Z/X  search
B03-102 Demon of Mind, Animus Z/X  Z/XR  search
B03-069 Demon of Taciturn, Tacitus Z/X  UC  search
B03-071 Demon Princess of the Moonlight, Queen Kaguya Z/X  UC  search
B03-079 Disaster Blade Event  UC  search
B03-030 Drill Machine, Boring Z/X  search
B03-029 Duel Machine, Duel Z/X  search
B03-095 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Utpalaka Z/X  SR  search
B03-023 Evaporation Machine, Evaporation Z/X  UC  search
B03-026 Extreme Performer, Horustio Z/X  search
B03-086 Fearless Tonfa, Shakuyaku Z/X  search
B03-007 Ferocius Tiger's Eye Gem, Tiger Eye Z/X  UC  search
B03-038 First Type Combat Deployment Event  UC  search
B03-097 Flower Dragon, Ivy Wing Z/X  SR  search
B03-084 Flower Patterned Ladybug, Floral Bug Z/X  search
B03-005 Flying Malachite, Malachite Bat Z/X  search
B03-036 Gigantic Clock Berkelium Z/X  UC  search
B03-067 Girl of Illusion Path, Alice Z/X  search
B03-006 Goddess of Strategy, Athena Z/X  search
B03-089 Grasshopper King, King Hopper Z/X  search
B03-087 Handicrafting Oregano Z/X  search
B03-070 Headless Tank, Dullahan Z/X  UC  search
B03-057 Heaven Dragon, Holy Sky Z/X  SR  search
B03-055 Holy Beast Aura Coatl Z/X  UC  search
B03-047 Holy Beast Aura Unicorn Z/X  search
B03-043 Holy Beast, Aura Tapir Z/X  search
B03-020 Holy Sword That Waits to be Awakened Event  search
B03-093 Honest Nodachi, Hanasuou Z/X  search
B03-046 Illusion of Fantasy Z/X  search
B03-016 Iron Shoe Craftsman, Grieve Z/X  UC  search
B03-063 Jack-o'-Lantern the Pumpkin Ghost Z/X  search
B03-073 Jump in Car's Car's Z/X  search
B03-035 Keyboard, Wagner Z/X  UC  search
B03-075 Kick Away Break Striker Z/X  UC  search
B03-025 Laser Blade, Benetsnatch Z/X  search
B03-081 Laundry Beastman, Were-Racoon Z/X  search
B03-052 Lawbringer Annapurna Z/X  UC  search
B03-050 Lawbringer Ararat Z/X  UC  search
B03-053 Lawbringer Fitz Roy Z/X  search
B03-045 Lawbringer Grandes Jorasses Z/X  search
B03-056 Lawbringer Tirich Mir Z/X  search
B03-015 Lionheart King, Richard I Z/X  search
B03-100 Little Guardian Event  search
B03-049 Lost Detective, Russian Blue Z/X  search
B03-012 Maintenance Worker, Hindenburg Z/X  UC  search
B03-003 Majestic Cedar Stone, Bright Elephant Z/X  search
B03-037 Mechanical Dragon, Drive Pinion Z/X  SR  search
B03-078 Midnight Emperor Event  search
B03-104 Mikado Kurosaki Player  IGR  search
B03-103 Noble Queen, Laurier Z/X  Z/XR  search
B03-019 Nobunaga's Gun Event  UC  search
B03-028 Ogre Slayer, Momotarou Z/X  UC  search
B03-068 Ominous Traveler, Reisender Z/X  search
B03-008 One-Eyed Giant, Cyclops Z/X  search
B03-034 Original XIII Type.X "Mb29Ve" Z/X  SR  search
B03-004 Ornament Craftsman, Tiara Z/X  search
B03-017 Overlord Dragon, Cardinal Blade Z/X  SR  search
B03-033 Permanent Hidden Character, Asagi Z/X  search
B03-058 Phantom Shoot Event  UC  search
B03-021 Pole Performer, Lavery Z/X  search
B03-044 Puissance of Power Z/X  search
B03-042 Pur of Purity Z/X  search
B03-064 Revenant, Twilight Ash Z/X  search
B03-013 Root of Evil, Azi Dahaka Z/X  search
B03-077 Ruin Jail Dragon, Destiny Vein Z/X  SR  search
B03-066 Running Around Painful Wheel Z/X  search
B03-076 Seven Deadly Sins - Demon of Lust, Luxuria Z/X  SR  search
B03-085 Sheep Girl, Were-Sheep Z/X  UC  search
B03-048 Sleeping Snow White Z/X  UC  search
B03-096 Small Sword of Blinking Speed, Issun-Boshi Z/X  UC  search
B03-072 Snipping Pretty Z/X  UC  search
B03-032 Space Fortress, Strontium Z/X  UC  search
B03-088 Squirrel Girl, Were-Squirrel Z/X  search
B03-022 Steel Castle, Osmium Z/X  search
B03-091 Stern Hand Claws, Hyakujitsukou Z/X  search
B03-062 Strike of Blade, Klinge Z/X  search
B03-092 Strong Horn, Great Hercules Z/X  UC  search
B03-018 Sunset Intercept Event  search
B03-101 Super Transformed Gear KHD-8000 Z/X  Z/XR  search
B03-080 The Abyss Event  search
B03-098 Thorn Prison Event  UC  search
B03-099 Timber Force Event  search
B03-014 Tough Red Chalcedony, Carnelian Bear Z/X  UC  search
B03-024 Transformed Two Wheels, Flerovium Z/X  search
B03-051 Twelve Apostles - Aquarius Gambiel Z/X  SR  search
B03-082 Walking Stevia Z/X  search
B03-065 Wandering Skeleton, Bone Ship Z/X  search

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