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The Great Fleet

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The Great Fleet: 20 cards
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22 Arbor Queen Location  search
39 Battle for the Shield Islands Event  search
29 Black Betha Location  search
35 Doran's Scheme Plot  search
24 Ironborn Marauder Character  search
23 Lionstar Location  search
26 Longship Golden Storm Location  search
34 Meadowlark Location  search
40 Naval Superiority Plot  search
30 Northern Sailor Character  search
21 Paxter Redwyne Character  search
36 Pentoshi Deckhand Character  search
33 Quentyn Martell Character  search
27 River Runner Character  search
38 Selmy's Scheme Plot  search
28 Ser Davos Seaworth Character  search
25 The Reader Character  search
37 Vhagar Location  search
31 White Harbor Captain Character  search
32 White Harbor Dromon Location  search

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