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Stalingrad II

Stalingrad II: 79 cards
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ST-174 15cm sIG 33 Bison H (1942) Self-propelled Howitzer  search
ST-199 37 mm anti-tank gun (Italy) (1937) Anti-tank gun  search
ST-200 8cm GrWr 34 (1934) Mortar  search
ST-062 Ammunition Depot Special resource  search
ST-169 Ammunition Depot Special resource  search
ST-096 Anti-tanks ambush Special card  search
ST-189 Aviation Plant Special resource  search
ST-195 BA-6 (1935) Armored car  search
ST-209 Bf-109F (ace) (1941) Fighter  search
ST-072 Bomb rack Improvement  search
ST-086 Churchill IV (1941) Heavy tank  search
ST-093 Combatant, to take revenge! Special card  search
ST-190 Convoy PQ 17 Special card  search
ST-089 Cossacks (1942) Cavalry  search
ST-204 Die Heldentat Special card  search
ST-179 Diversion Special card  search
ST-097 Exploit Special card  search
ST-206 Fallschirmjager (Airborne force) (1942) Heavy infantry  search
ST-177 Fog Special card  search
ST-069 Forced marching Special card  search
ST-180 Forced marching Special card  search
ST-077 Forest Battlefield condition / Location  search
ST-063 Frontline concert Special card  search
ST-103 Guards T-34/76 (1941) Medium tank  search
ST-068 Hit to the infrastructures Special card  search
ST-101 Il-2 (1941) Ground-attack aircraft  search
ST-178 Ju-52 (1930) Special resource  search
ST-080 Lend-Lease Special resource  search
ST-091 M-30 122 mm (1938) Howitzer  search
ST-083 M3 Grant (1941) Medium tank  search
ST-181 Marching battalion Special unit  search
ST-084 Matilda II (1939) Medium tank  search
ST-074 Military engineers (1942) Line infantry  search
ST-184 Military engineers (1942) Line infantry  search
ST-102 Mistake target Special card  search
ST-201 Motorized reconnaissance group (1942) Armored car  search
ST-070 Movement on wheels Battlefield condition  search
ST-182 Panic Special card  search
ST-193 Platoon of submachine gunners (1942) Line infantry  search
ST-075 Pontoniers (1942) Special unit  search
ST-094 Propaganda team Special unit  search
ST-087 PzKpfw III Ausf. G (1941) Medium tank  search
ST-198 PzKpfw III Ausf. L (1942) Medium tank  search
ST-088 PzKpfw IV Ausf. D (1941) Medium tank  search
ST-210 PzKpfw IVG SS div "WIKING" (1942) Medium tank  search
ST-081 Radist Special unit  search
ST-191 Radist Special unit  search
ST-173 Raid to the Ammunition Depot Battlefield condition  search
ST-098 Raid to the Oil tanks Battlefield condition  search
ST-073 Re-formation camp Special unit  search
ST-183 Re-formation camp Special unit  search
ST-067 Recon team Light infantry  search
ST-176 Reconnaissance group (1942) Light infantry  search
ST-066 Regrouping Special card  search
ST-171 Regrouping Special card  search
ST-078 River Battlefield condition / Location  search
ST-187 River Battlefield condition / Location  search
ST-203 Rocade roads Special unit  search
ST-099 Sappers (1942) Heavy infantry  search
ST-205 Sappers (1942) Heavy infantry  search
ST-071 Shtrafbat (1942) Line infantry  search
ST-082 SMERSH Special unit  search
ST-186 Steppe Battlefield condition / Location  search
ST-197 StuG III Ausf. E (1941) Assault gun  search
ST-192 Sudden river crossing Special card  search
ST-207 Synthetic fuel Plant Special resource  search
ST-202 T-34/76 (1942) Medium tank  search
ST-085 T-40 (1941) Light tank  search
ST-196 T-70 (1942) Light tank  search
ST-079 Tank plant Special resource  search
ST-188 Tank plant Special resource  search
ST-095 The Stalingrad Cauldron Battlefield condition  search
ST-208 To the direct fire! Battlefield condition  search
ST-076 Town Battlefield condition / Location  search
ST-185 Town Battlefield condition / Location  search
ST-100 U-2 (1927) Night bomber  search
ST-092 Universal Carrier Mk I (1942) Heavy infantry on Armoured personnel carrier  search
ST-090 Wooden-ground pillbox (1942) Fortification  search
ST-194 Wooden-ground pillbox (1942) Fortification  search
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