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Dragon's Maze

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Dragon's Maze: 164 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
51 Advent of the Wurm Instant  search
11 AEtherling Creature  search
121 Alive / Well Sorcery  search
122 Armed / Dangerous Sorcery  search
52 Armored Wolf-Rider Creature  search
53 Ascended Lawmage Creature  search
31 Awe for the Guilds Sorcery  search
136 Azorius Cluestone Artifact  search
146 Azorius Guildgate Land  search
21 Bane Alley Blackguard Creature  search
41 Battering Krasis Creature  search
123 Beck / Call Sorcery  search
54 Beetleform Mage Creature  search
T1*League Bird [Token] [Dragon's Maze League] Token Creature  search
55 Blast of Genius Sorcery  search
56 Blaze Commando Creature  search
57 Blood Baron of Vizkopa Creature  search
22 Blood Scrivener Creature  search
58 Boros Battleshaper Creature  search
137 Boros Cluestone Artifact  search
147 Boros Guildgate Land  search
1 Boros Mastiff Creature  search
124 Breaking / Entering Sorcery  search
124* Breaking / Entering [Dragon's Maze Launch] Sorcery  search
59 Bred for the Hunt Enchantment  search
60 Bronzebeak Moa Creature  search
61 Carnage Gladiator Creature  search
125 Catch / Release Sorcery  search
32 Clear a Path Sorcery  search
62 Council of the Absolute Creature  search
23 Crypt Incursion Instant  search
63 Deadbridge Chant Enchantment  search
64 Debt to the Deathless Sorcery  search
65 Deputy of Acquittals Creature  search
138 Dimir Cluestone Artifact  search
148 Dimir Guildgate Land  search
126 Down / Dirty Sorcery  search
66 Dragonshift Instant  search
67 Drown in Filth Sorcery  search
T1 Elemental [Token] Token Creature  search
68 Emmara Tandris Legendary Creature  search
69 Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch Legendary Creature  search
127 Far / Away Instant  search
24 Fatal Fumes Instant  search
70 Feral Animist Creature  search
128 Flesh / Blood Sorcery  search
71 Fluxcharger Creature  search
72 Gaze of Granite Sorcery  search
129 Give / Take Sorcery  search
73 Gleam of Battle Enchantment  search
74 Goblin Test Pilot Creature  search
139 Golgari Cluestone Artifact  search
149 Golgari Guildgate Land  search
140 Gruul Cluestone Artifact  search
150 Gruul Guildgate Land  search
75 Gruul War Chant Enchantment  search
2 Haazda Snare Squad Creature  search
76 Haunter of Nightveil Creature  search
12 Hidden Strings Sorcery  search
25 Hired Torturer Creature  search
141 Izzet Cluestone Artifact  search
151 Izzet Guildgate Land  search
77 Jelenn Sphinx Creature  search
78 Korozda Gorgon Creature  search
79 Krasis Incubation Enchantment  search
42 Kraul Warrior Creature  search
80 Lavinia of the Tenth Legendary Creature  search
81 Legion's Initiative Enchantment  search
3 Lyev Decree Sorcery  search
82 Master of Cruelties Creature  search
83 Maw of the Obzedat Creature  search
26 Maze Abomination Creature  search
43 Maze Behemoth Creature  search
13 Maze Glider Creature  search
33 Maze Rusher Creature  search
4 Maze Sentinel Creature  search
152 Maze's End Land  search
152* Maze's End [Dragon's Maze Pre-Release] Land  search
84 Melek, Izzet Paragon Legendary Creature  search
84* Melek, Izzet Paragon [Dragon's Maze Gameday Prize] Legendary Creature  search
44 Mending Touch Instant  search
14 Mindstatic Instant  search
85 Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker Legendary Creature  search
86 Morgue Burst Sorcery  search
15 Murmuring Phantasm Creature  search
45 Mutant's Prey Instant  search
87 Nivix Cyclops Creature  search
88 Notion Thief Creature  search
89 Obzedat's Aid Sorcery  search
16 Opal Lake Gatekeepers Creature  search
142 Orzhov Cluestone Artifact  search
153 Orzhov Guildgate Land  search
46 Phytoburst Sorcery  search
90 Pilfered Plans Sorcery  search
Pre-1 Plains [Dragon's Maze Pre-Release] Basic Land  search
91 Plasm Capture Instant  search
27 Pontiff of Blight Creature  search
34 Possibility Storm Enchantment  search
130 Profit / Loss Instant  search
92 Progenitor Mimic Creature  search
131 Protect / Serve Instant  search
35 Punish the Enemy Instant  search
93 Putrefy Instant  search
36 Pyrewild Shaman Creature  search
143 Rakdos Cluestone Artifact  search
28 Rakdos Drake Creature  search
154 Rakdos Guildgate Land  search
94 Ral Zarek Planeswalker  search
132 Ready / Willing Instant  search
95 Reap Intellect Sorcery  search
96 Render Silent Instant  search
96* Render Silent [Dragon's Maze Buy A Box] Instant  search
47 Renegade Krasis Creature  search
5 Renounce the Guilds Instant  search
97 Restore the Peace Instant  search
6 Riot Control Instant  search
37 Riot Piker Creature  search
98 Rot Farm Skeleton Creature  search
38 Rubblebelt Maaka Creature  search
17 Runner's Bane Enchantment  search
99 Ruric Thar, the Unbowed Legendary Creature  search
48 Saruli Gatekeepers Creature  search
100 Savageborn Hydra Creature  search
101 Scab-Clan Giant Creature  search
7 Scion of Vitu-Ghazi Creature  search
144 Selesnya Cluestone Artifact  search
155 Selesnya Guildgate Land  search
102 Showstopper Instant  search
145 Simic Cluestone Artifact  search
156 Simic Guildgate Land  search
103 Sin Collector Creature  search
29 Sinister Possession Enchantment  search
104 Sire of Insanity Creature  search
49 Skylasher Creature  search
39 Smelt-Ward Gatekeepers Creature  search
105 Species Gorger Creature  search
106 Spike Jester Creature  search
8 Steeple Roc Creature  search
9 Sunspire Gatekeepers Creature  search
107 Tajic, Blade of the Legion Legendary Creature  search
108 Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts Legendary Creature  search
50 Thrashing Mossdog Creature  search
109 Tithe Drinker Creature  search
133 Toil / Trouble Sorcery  search
18 Trait Doctoring Sorcery  search
110 Trostani's Summoner Creature  search
110* Trostani's Summoner [Dragon's Maze Gameday Participant] Creature  search
134 Turn / Burn Instant  search
30 Ubul Sar Gatekeepers Creature  search
19 Uncovered Clues Sorcery  search
111 Unflinching Courage Enchantment  search
112 Varolz, the Scar-Striped Legendary Creature  search
113 Viashino Firstblade Creature  search
114 Voice of Resurgence Creature  search
115 Vorel of the Hull Clade Legendary Creature  search
10 Wake the Reflections Sorcery  search
116 Warleader's Helix Instant  search
117 Warped Physique Instant  search
40 Weapon Surge Instant  search
135 Wear / Tear Instant  search
20 Wind Drake Creature  search
118 Woodlot Crawler Creature  search
119 Zhur-Taa Ancient Creature  search
120 Zhur-Taa Druid Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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