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Love Live! Trial Deck

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Love Live! Trial Deck: 26 cards
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LL-W24-T06 "Meanie" Kotori Character  TD  search
LL-W24-110 "Oh,Love&Peace!" u's Character  TD  search
LL-W24-103 "Wonderful Rush" Eli Ayase Character  TD  search
LL-W24-106 "Wonderful Rush" Hanayo Koizumi Character  TD  search
LL-W24-109 "Wonderful Rush" Honoka Kousaka Character  TD  search
LL-W24-109S "Wonderful Rush" Honoka Kousaka Character  SR  search
LL-W24-109SP "Wonderful Rush" Honoka Kousaka Character  SP  search
LL-W24-108 "Wonderful Rush" Kotori Minami Character  TD  search
LL-W24-108R "Wonderful Rush" Kotori Minami Character  RRR  search
LL-W24-104 "Wonderful Rush" Maki Nishikino Character  TD  search
LL-W24-101 "Wonderful Rush" Nico Yazawa Character  TD  search
LL-W24-105 "Wonderful Rush" Nozomi Toujou Character  TD  search
LL-W24-107 "Wonderful Rush" Rin Hoshizora Character  TD  search
LL-W24-102 "Wonderful Rush" Umi Sonoda Character  TD  search
LL-W24-102R "Wonderful Rush" Umi Sonoda Character  RRR  search
LL-W24-T07 Everyone Tree Climbing Event  TD  search
LL-W24-T08 First Feelings Climax  TD  search
LL-W24-T02 Honoka, Daughter of a Japanese Candy Store Character  TD  search
LL-W24-T05 Honoka, Second-Year Student at Otonokizaka Academy Character  TD  search
LL-W24-T03 Kotori, Daughter of the Trustee Chairperson Character  TD  search
LL-W24-T04 Umi, Archery Club Character  TD  search
LL-W24-T01 Umi, Explosion of Fantasizing Character  TD  search
LL-W24-112a We Are Now Waiting In The Shining Light Climax  TD  search
LL-W24-112b We Are Now Waiting In The Shining Light Climax  TD  search
LL-W24-112c We Are Now Waiting In The Shining Light Climax  TD  search
LL-W24-111 Wonderful Rush Climax  TD  search

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