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Fighter's Collection 2013

Fighter's Collection 2013: 35 cards
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FC01-S09 Asura Kaiser Nova Grappler  SP  search
FC01-016 Battle Maiden, Izunahime Genesis  RRR  search
FC01-018 Battle Maiden, Mihikarihime Genesis  RRR  search
FC01-017 Battle Maiden, Sahohime Genesis  RRR  search
FC01-020 Bellicosity Dragon Kagero  RRR  search
FC01-019 Berserk Dragon Kagero  RRR  search
FC01-012 Black Sage, Charon Shadow Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-S02 Blaster Blade Royal Paladin  SP  search
FC01-S05 Blaster Dark Shadow Paladin  SP  search
FC01-S03 CEO Amaterasu Oracle Think Tank  SP  search
FC01-006 Dandelion Musketeer, Mirkka Neo Nectar  RRR  search
FC01-S08 Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion Narukami  SP  search
FC01-S07 Dragonic Overlord Kagero  SP  search
FC01-023 Eradicator, Demolition Dragon Narukami  RRR  search
FC01-003 Eradicator, Electric Shaper Dragon Narukami  RRR  search
FC01-021 Eradicator, Thunderboom Dragon Narukami  RRR  search
FC01-009 Fellowship Jewel Knight, Tracie Royal Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-S06 Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel Gold Paladin  SP  search
FC01-S01 King of Knights, Alfred Royal Paladin  SP  search
FC01-014 Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth Gold Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-008 Knight of Silence, Gallatin Royal Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-013 Liberator of Silence, Gallatin Gold Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-015 Little Liberator, Marron Gold Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-010 Little Sage, Marron Royal Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-S04 Phantom Blaster Dragon Shadow Paladin  SP  search
FC01-005 Pretty Celeb, Charlotte Bermuda Delta  RRR  search
FC01-022 Red River Dragoon Narukami  RRR  search
FC01-001 Steel Spear Liberator, Bleoberis Gold Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-011 Stinging Jewel Knight, Sherrie Royal Paladin  RRR  search
FC01-004 Story Teller Dark Irregulars  RRR  search
FC01-026 Tear Knight, Theo Aqua Force  RRR  search
FC01-007 Unrivaled Brush Wielder, Ponga Great Nature  RRR  search
FC01-024 Velvet Voice, Raindear Bermuda Delta  RRR  search
FC01-025 Water General of Wave-like Spirals, Benedict Aqua Force  RRR  search
FC01-002 Wisdom Keeper, Metis Genesis  RRR  search
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