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Core Set

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Core Set: 180 cards
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117 Acidic Arrows Strike  Ultra Rare  search
81 Air Cage Strike  Common  search
96 Air Shriek Strike  Common  search
60 Airswitch Monsuno  Rare  search
F19 Airswitch Action Figure  Common  search
123 Aurora Barrage Strike  Uncommon  search
6 Backslash Monsuno  Rare  search
F6 Backslash Action Figure  Common  search
107 Ballistic Repeator Strike  Common  search
54 Bashing Siege Strike  Common  search
103 Beam Barrage Strike  Common  search
134 Beam Blaster Strike  Uncommon  search
17 Beam Force Strike  Uncommon  search
13 Black Bullet Monsuno  Rare  search
F5 Blackbullet Action Figure  Common  search
93 Blazing Bullets Strike  Uncommon  search
40 Blind Wing Strike  Rare  search
98 Body Blades Strike  Common  search
150 Body Bullet Strike  Uncommon  search
50 Body Wall Strike  Rare  search
142 Bolt Bombardment Strike  Common  search
59 Boost Monsuno  Rare  search
F23 Boost Action Figure  Common  search
141 Bren's Combat Strike  Uncommon  search
48 Burst Barrage Strike  Rare  search
89 Cannon Shock Strike  Rare  search
19 Chaotic Claws Strike  Common  search
2 Charger Monsuno  Rare  search
F3 Charger Action Figure  Common  search
153 Charlemagne's Strike Strike  Ultra Rare  search
135 Chase's Strike Strike  Ultra Rare  search
24 Clawed Maelstrom Strike  Uncommon  search
108 Collapsing Defense Strike  Common  search
18 Collapsing Drill Attack Strike  Common  search
148 Constriction Restriction Strike  Ultra Rare  search
126 Crashing Shock Strike  Common  search
55 Crashing Terror Strike  Uncommon  search
64 Crossbolt Monsuno  Rare  search
F18 Crossbolt Action Figure  Common  search
43 Cursed Spiral Strike  Rare  search
83 Deadly Dust Strike  Uncommon  search
118 Dispersion Blast Strike  Ultra Rare  search
147 Dr. Klipse's Strike Strike  Ultra Rare  search
74 Dragon Fire Strike  Common  search
11 Driftblade Monsuno  Rare  search
F4 Driftblade Action Figure  Common  search
101 Electric Barrage Strike  Common  search
71 Electronade Cannon Strike  Uncommon  search
139 Elemental Armor Strike  Uncommon  search
52 Elemental Bunker Strike  Uncommon  search
70 Elemental Claw Strike  Common  search
F22 Elemental Lock Action Figure  Common  search
110 Elemental Shield Strike  Common  search
124 Energy Spike Strike  Common  search
35 Energy Wave Strike  Uncommon  search
86 Evil Extension Strike  Rare  search
5 Evo Monsuno  Rare  search
F9 Evo Action Figure  Common  search
90 Fang Barrage Strike  Uncommon  search
31 Faultless Siege Strike  Uncommon  search
28 Fearsome Flex Strike  Common  search
85 Feather Fury Strike  Rare  search
62 Firewalker Monsuno  Rare  search
F17 Firewalker Action Figure  Common  search
78 Flame Fortress Strike  Common  search
34 Flight Blast Strike  Common  search
132 Flying Fury Strike  Common  search
155 Fortified Brace Strike  Uncommon  search
80 Frontal Ward Strike  Uncommon  search
4 Glowblade Monsuno  Rare  search
F12 Glowblade Action Figure  Common  search
14 Grappling Blast Strike  Common  search
73 Hades Howl Strike  Common  search
27 Hades Sting Strike  Common  search
156 Hammer Strike Strike  Common  search
144 Hellfire Blast Strike  Common  search
127 Hellish Hurricane Strike  Common  search
23 Hurriclaw Strike  Common  search
67 Hydro Monsuno  Rare  search
F21 Hydro Action Figure  Common  search
138 Image Daze Strike  Uncommon  search
111 Infernal Spear Strike  Common  search
133 Inferno Cannon Strike  Uncommon  search
38 Inner Shine Strike  Rare  search
122 Jaw Of Light Strike  Uncommon  search
121 Jinja's Combat Strike  Common  search
129 Laser Taser Strike  Uncommon  search
125 Lava Skin Strike  Uncommon  search
30 Leg Lock Strike  Uncommon  search
68 Librax Monsuno  Rare  search
F16 Librax Action Figure  Common  search
119 Light Shield Strike  Common  search
22 Lightning Bash Strike  Common  search
100 Lightning Claw Strike  Common  search
1 Lock Monsuno  Rare  search
F1 Lock Action Figure  Common  search
65 Longfang Monsuno  Rare  search
F14 Longfang Action Figure  Common  search
104 Machete Melee Strike  Common  search
97 Malevolent Hoax Strike  Common  search
20 Mantle Shield Strike  Uncommon  search
146 Medea's Combat Strike  Rare  search
21 Mega Ram Strike  Common  search
106 Molecule Disruptor Strike  Common  search
87 Molten Mayhem Strike  Rare  search
7 Moonfire Monsuno  Rare  search
F7 Moonfire Action Figure  Common  search
113 Negation Field Strike  Common  search
128 Negation Plasma Strike  Common  search
140 Omega Blast Strike  Ultra Rare  search
99 Omni Blades Strike  Common  search
131 Orbital Lightning Strike  Common  search
36 Paralysis Dart Strike  Uncommon  search
149 Phonic Force Strike  Uncommon  search
115 Phonic Shield Strike  Common  search
154 Plasma Barrage Strike  Ultra Rare  search
92 Plasma Bolt Strike  Uncommon  search
109 Plasma Rain Strike  Common  search
69 Poisonwing Monsuno  Rare  search
F24 Poisonwing Action Figure  Common  search
39 Power Bash Strike  Rare  search
72 Power Charger Strike  Uncommon  search
37 Power Fortress Strike  Uncommon  search
95 Pyro Seige Strike  Uncommon  search
3 Quickforce Monsuno  Rare  search
F2 Quickforce Action Figure  Common  search
112 Reaper's Claw Strike  Common  search
76 Reflection Bolt Strike  Common  search
32 Restraining Siege Strike  Uncommon  search
12 Riccoshot Monsuno  Rare  search
F11 Riccoshot Action Figure  Common  search
45 Roaring Rage Strike  Rare  search
41 Roll Shield Strike  Rare  search
46 Screaming Maelstrom Strike  Rare  search
49 Seismic Charge Strike  Rare  search
61 Shadowhornet Monsuno  Rare  search
F20 Shadowhornet Action Figure  Common  search
151 Shield Cannon Strike  Ultra Rare  search
145 Shock Flame Strike  Common  search
120 Shockwing Strike  Common  search
137 Shooting Battery Strike  Uncommon  search
105 Sin Deflection Strike  Common  search
53 Sinister Shield Strike  Common  search
63 Skysite Monsuno  Rare  search
8 Snapclaw Monsuno  Rare  search
F13 Snapclaw Action Figure  Common  search
75 Sonic Strike  Common  search
91 Sonic Blast Strike  Uncommon  search
79 Sonic Mind Scream Strike  Common  search
51 Sonic Rain Strike  Common  search
114 Speed Blade Strike  Common  search
9 Spiderwolf Monsuno  Rare  search
F10 Spiderwolf Action Figure  Common  search
10 Spikelash Monsuno  Rare  search
F8 Spikelash Action Figure  Common  search
15 Spinning Wall Strike  Common  search
94 Stasis Sting Strike  Uncommon  search
25 Stunning Snare Strike  Uncommon  search
143 Tail Strike Strike  Uncommon  search
26 Taser Blades Strike  Uncommon  search
29 Terror Tail Strike  Common  search
42 Thunder Barrage Strike  Rare  search
84 Tracer Assault Strike  Rare  search
16 Trade Strikes Strike  Common  search
77 Trance Wave Strike  Uncommon  search
33 Turbo Strike Strike  Uncommon  search
88 Tuskarang Strike  Rare  search
47 Underground Ambush Strike  Rare  search
102 Vocal Assault Strike  Common  search
82 Weather Whipper Strike  Common  search
44 Web Snare Strike  Rare  search
66 Whipper Monsuno  Rare  search
F15 Whipper Action Figure  Common  search
58 Wild Dust Surge Strike  Ultra Rare  search
56 Wild Lava Slash Strike  Ultra Rare  search
57 Wild Storm Rush Strike  Ultra Rare  search
130 Wing Blade Strike  Uncommon  search
152 Wing Shield Strike  Uncommon  search
116 Wing Slash Strike  Uncommon  search
136 Wing Wall Strike  Uncommon  search

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