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Set 22

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Set 22: 98 cards
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83 Abyss Break Spell  Rare  search
41 Al-Mi'raj Spirit  Common  search
2 Alphataceratops Spirit  Common  search
20 Araigoya Spirit  Common  search
47 Atlach-Nacha Spirit  Common  search
78 Binding Branch Spell  Common  search
65 Blue-Arms Brave  Common  search
17 Bone-Bear Spirit  Common  search
10 Bone-Dile Spirit  Common  search
28 Calibera Spirit  Uncommon  search
21 Chuunin-Tsubame Spirit  Common  search
66 Coral-Jaguar Brave  Uncommon  search
79 Crystal Field Spell  Uncommon  search
98 Crystal Field Spell  Uncommon  search
35 DarkBison Spirit  Common  search
29 DarkDober Spirit  Common  search
81 Dreaming Butterfly Spell  Uncommon  search
74 Flame Disaster Spell  Uncommon  search
8 Gearattacker-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
73 Generate Fire Spell  Common  search
19 Genin-Suzume Spirit  Common  search
26 Ghost-Mantis Spirit  Common  search
42 Harpy-Girl Spirit  Master Rare  search
54 Imperial-Hydra Spirit  Rare  search
33 Jakou-Cat Spirit  Master Rare  search
24 Jounin-Tonbi Spirit  Uncommon  search
22 Kabutozemi Spirit  Common  search
37 Kamuweasel Spirit  Common  search
4 Khopeshpterus Spirit  Common  search
82 Life Revolution Spell  Rare  search
23 Mega-Neura Spirit  Rare  search
15 Mummy-Phant Spirit  Common  search
59 Ootoki Kite Brave  Common  search
63 Pentan Brave Brave  Common  search
80 Phase Change Spell  Rare  search
5 Photon-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
1 Pistojasaurus Spirit  Common  search
3 Prophet-Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
51 Pumauros Spirit  Common  search
84 Resolution Spell  Common  search
38 Rollmaimai Spirit  Common  search
58 Saw-Snake Brave  Common  search
60 Scissor Catcus Brave  Uncommon  search
13 Segurousnake Spirit  Common  search
77 Shining Shadow Spell  Common  search
57 Skull-Garuda Brave  Common  search
75 Soul Ripper Spell  Rare  search
64 Sweets Fighter Brave  Common  search
7 The ArmoredDragon Edmontsword Spirit  Uncommon  search
72 The Atraia Sea Empire Nexus  Uncommon  search
62 The BeastBomb Manatee-Marauder Brave  Master Rare  search
6 The BlackSwordDragon Rexbeat-Saura Spirit  Uncommon  search
9 The BladeStar Messiah-Dragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
53 The CalamityGeneral Ngurias Spirit  Common  search
12 The CorpseDemon Imp Spirit  Uncommon  search
31 The CrystalDragon Sillimanite Spirit  Rare  search
11 The DarkArtsWarrior Shax Spirit  Common  search
88 The DarkKingMachineBeast Darkness-Griffon Spirit  X Rare  search
88a The DarkKingMachineBeast Darkness-Griffon Spirit  X Rare  search
18 The DemonKing Balor Spirit  Rare  search
89 The EvilSacredBeast Chaos-Pegasuros Spirit  X Rare  search
89a The EvilSacredBeast Chaos-Pegasuros Spirit  X Rare  search
89b The EvilSacredBeast Chaos-Pegasuros Spirit  X Rare  search
92 The FantasyHeavenBlade Twilight-Fantasia Brave  X Rare  search
92a The FantasyHeavenBlade Twilight-Fantasia Brave  X Rare  search
70 The Floating Island on the Mercury Sea Nexus  Common  search
44 The HeavenBladeMaster Kiriel Spirit  Rare  search
69 The Hidden Village of Light Fang Nexus  Common  search
43 The HolyAngelia Etoile Spirit  Common  search
91 The HurricaneTwinBlade Kamui-Hayate Brave  X Rare  search
91a The HurricaneTwinBlade Kamui-Hayate Brave  X Rare  search
36 The IceBladeMaster Morrigan Spirit  Uncommon  search
61 The ImperialMachine Hullnote No. 1 Brave  Common  search
32 The ImperialMachine Mariner No.2 Spirit  Common  search
56 The KillerArmoredDragon Rugops Brave  Uncommon  search
87 The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru Spirit  X Rare  search
87a The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru Spirit  X Rare  search
27 The LittleConquerorBird Sonsahawk Spirit  Uncommon  search
39 The MadBeast Toutetsu Spirit  Common  search
14 The Magician Hakuja Spirit  Uncommon  search
68 The Mausoleum of Ten Thousand Spirits Nexus  Common  search
86 The NetherThreeGiants Thunder-Million Spirit  X Rare  search
52 The OldBladeMaster Tigris Spirit  Rare  search
85 The PrimitiveKing Gigano-Rex Spirit  X Rare  search
71 The Rose Garden Dyed in Red Nexus  Common  search
67 The Sacred Sword of the Mountain Rage Nexus  Common  search
50 The SeaEmperor Ivan Spirit  Master Rare  search
90 The SeaEmperorGiant Duranzam Spirit  X Rare  search
49 The SeaPrince Eon Spirit  Uncommon  search
45 The SpaceTimeWitch Grandes Spirit  Common  search
55 The StarDragon Stardust-Caliburn Brave  Rare  search
34 The TacticSacred Conan-Barr Spirit  Rare  search
30 The TransparentGleamTurtle Matamata Spirit  Common  search
40 The TreasureGuard Zlatorog Spirit  Common  search
25 The WindBladeMaster Muramasa Spirit  Master Rare  search
16 The WitchBladeMaster Prisila Spirit  Master Rare  search
48 The ZealousGiant Dean Spirit  Common  search
76 Triple Deadly Spell  Common  search

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