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002-100 Abhorrence of Shapechangers Magical Item  Rare  search
001-100 Adjatha, the Spell Drinker Magical Item  Uncommon  search
016-20 Antimagic Cloud Rule  Very Rare  search
054-100 Aquatic Elf Monster  Uncommon  search
034-100 Avangion's Protection Cleric Spell  Common  search
020-20 Avatar's Edict Rule  Very Rare  search
007-20 Bando's Whitestone Artifact  Very Rare  search
096-100 Banishment Psionic Power  Common  search
017-100 Bilago Lumen Psionicist  Uncommon  search
041-100 Bonemaster, Avatar of Nerull Cleric  Rare  search
010-20 Borah's Ring Magical Item  Very Rare  search
065-100 Brandobaris's Inversion Rule  Rare  search
026-100 Breshkll Logon Psionicist  Common  search
038-100 Caravan Raiders Event  Common  search
075-100 Cause Decay Psionic Power  Common  search
064-100 Chameleon Power Psionic Power  Common  search
024-100 Colum Calder Psionicist  Uncommon  search
067-100 Complete Healing Psionic Power  Common  search
084-100 Control Flames Psionic Power  Common  search
074-100 Control Wind Psionic Power  Common  search
019-20 Cosmic Intervention Rule  Very Rare  search
053-100 Crabman Monster  Uncommon  search
097-100 Create Object Psionic Power  Common  search
001-20 Crystal Sphere Realm  Very Rare  search
037-100 Dark Negation Event  Rare  search
009-100 Davron Parscall Psionicist  Uncommon  search
018-100 Dawn d'Ereath Psionicist  Common  search
100-100 Dimentional Door Psionic Power  Common  search
006-100 Dragonsbane Magical Item  Uncommon  search
060-100 Earth Elemental Monster  Uncommon  search
066-100 Energy Containment Psionic Power  Common  search
006-20 Fate's Promise Magical Item  Very Rare  search
049-100 Giant Space Hamster Ally  Uncommon  search
088-100 Gift of the Avatar Rule  Rare  search
052-100 Gith Monster  Uncommon  search
091-100 Graft Weapon Psionic Power  Common  search
063-100 Grippli Monster  Uncommon  search
022-100 Havrum Riddle Psionicist  Uncommon  search
039-100 Icedawn, Avatar of Auril Cleric  Rare  search
083-100 Intellect Fortress Psionic Power  Common  search
089-100 Intensify Psionic Power  Common  search
004-20 Inverter, The Artifact  Very Rare  search
055-100 Ixitxachitl Monster  Uncommon  search
016-100 Jacenelle Traen Psionicist  Common  search
025-100 Kelaser Redbelt Psionicist  Uncommon  search
012-100 Kelsur Brighteye Psionicist  Common  search
021-100 Kerm of Tyr Psionicist  Common  search
079-100 Kiri, Avatar of Kiri-Jolith Cleric  Rare  search
056-100 Kirre Monster  Uncommon  search
042-100 Lady of Fate, Avatar of Istus Cleric  Rare  search
099-100 Life Draining Psionic Power  Common  search
058-100 Living Wall Monster  Rare  search
057-100 Locathah Champion Monster  Uncommon  search
023-100 Lyr of the Mists Psionicist  Common  search
094-100 Magnify Psionic Power  Common  search
027-100 Masara d'Will Psionicist  Common  search
092-100 Melt Stone Cleric Spell  Common  search
081-100 Mental Barrier Psionic Power  Common  search
087-100 Mind of the Avatar Rule  Rare  search
072-100 Mind Shield Psionic Power  Common  search
077-100 Mind Thrust Psionic Power  Common  search
046-100 Mirror, Mirror Cleric Spell  Common  search
043-100 Misfortune, Avatar of Ralishaz Cleric  Rare  search
073-100 Molecular Agitation Psionic Power  Common  search
070-100 Molecular Rearrangement Psionic Power  Common  search
062-100 Mountain Giant Monster  Uncommon  search
031-100 Necromantic Wave Event  Common  search
032-100 Night of the Blue Moon Event  Rare  search
040-100 Nightsinger, Avatar of Shar Cleric  Rare  search
035-100 Nullification Event  Common  search
086-100 Nullify Magic Rule  Rare  search
051-100 Phase Out Wizard Spell  Common  search
019-100 Phridge Psionicist  Common  search
017-20 Poisoned Water Rule  Very Rare  search
050-100 Polymorph Other Wizard Spell  Common  search
007-100 Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Psionic Power  Common  search
095-100 Probability Travel Psionic Power  Common  search
015-20 Psionatrix Rule  Very Rare  search
093-100 Psionic Blast Psionic Power  Common  search
014-20 Psionicist Anklet Magical Item  Very Rare  search
013-20 Psionicist Bracelet Magical Item  Very Rare  search
098-100 Psychic Lock Psionic Power  Common  search
029-100 Psychic Storm Event  Common  search
085-100 Psychic Storm Rule  Rare  search
008-20 Quill Pen of the Planes Artifact  Very Rare  search
015-100 Rafe Racker Psionicist  Uncommon  search
013-100 Rand the Bowyer Psionicist  Uncommon  search
028-100 Rayden Valers Psionicist  Uncommon  search
076-100 Repugnance Psionic Power  Common  search
002-20 Rock of Bral Holding  Very Rare  search
011-100 Roghal Baen Psionicist  Uncommon  search
047-100 Rope Trick Cleric Spell  Common  search
005-20 Royal Conscription/Tax Levy Event  Very Rare  search
030-100 Sandstorm Event  Common  search
078-100 Sea Queen, Avatar of Zeboim Cleric  Rare  search
020-100 Seluna Darkenstar Psionicist  Uncommon  search
014-100 Seveia Shadowmaster Psionicist  Common  search
080-100 Shadair Mesker Cleric  Uncommon  search
011-20 Shawl of Mordenheim Magical Item  Very Rare  search
012-20 Sirrion's Brooch Magical Item  Very Rare  search
045-100 Sirrion, Avatar Cleric  Rare  search
061-100 Skriaxit, Composit Elemental Monster  Rare  search
048-100 Stasis Cleric Spell  Common  search
090-100 Summon Planar Creature Psionic Power  Common  search
004-100 Sword of Blackflame Magical Item  Uncommon  search
003-100 Sword of the Avoreen Magical Item  Rare  search
008-100 Sword of the Black Rose Magical Item  Rare  search
005-100 Sword of the High King Magical Item  Rare  search
059-100 Tako Monster  Uncommon  search
009-20 Tantelear, The Artifact  Very Rare  search
071-100 Telekinesis Psionic Power  Common  search
069-100 Teleport Trigger Psionic Power  Common  search
044-100 Tempest, Avatar of Zeboim Cleric  Rare  search
082-100 Tower of Iron Will Psionic Power  Common  search
036-100 Tuigan Invasion Event  Rare  search
018-20 Ultimate Rule Card, The Rule  Very Rare  search
003-20 Unipsi Artifact  Very Rare  search
068-100 Wheel of Fate Rule  Rare  search
010-100 Yorgia Sandow Psionicist  Common  search
033-100 Zepherwind Event  Rare  search
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