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4th Edition

4th Edition: 520 cards
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349-500 Adan El-Mesir Regent  Common  search
081-500 Adderswamp Holding  Uncommon  search
282-500 Adon Cleric  Common  search
509-520 Agis's Cairn Holding  Very Rare  search
418-500 Aid Cleric Spell  Common  search
192-500 Ailarond Horn Magical Item  Common  search
118-500 Airship Event  Uncommon  search
280-500 Amaril Cleric  Common  search
273-500 Ambassador Carrague Wizard  Common  search
305-500 Amber Cleric  Common  search
152-500 Ambush Event  Uncommon  search
303-500 Amethyst Hero  Common  search
352-500 Ancient Dead, The Monster  Common  search
415-500 Animal Friendship Cleric Spell  Common  search
480-500 Annam Cleric  Rare  search
337-500 Ansalong Psionicist  Common  search
070-500 Anytown, Anywhere Realm  Rare  search
343-500 Apocalypse Monster  Common  search
306-500 Aquamarina Cleric  Common  search
060-500 Arak Realm  Uncommon  search
285-500 Arch-Druid Cleric  Rare  search
318-500 Arden Glimrock Cleric  Common  search
094-500 Arkhold Holding  Uncommon  search
351-500 Arlando El-Adaba Regent  Common  search
208-500 Armies of Bloodstone Ally  Common  search
396-500 Armor Wizard Spell  Common  search
200-500 Arrow of Slaying Magical Item  Common  search
225-500 Ashathra Ally  Common  search
221-500 Assassins Ally  Common  search
146-500 Assault of Magic Event  Uncommon  search
269-500 Athasian Cistern Fiend Monster  Common  search
230-500 Athasian Sloth Ally  Common  search
457-500 Axe of Dwarvish Lords Artifact  Common  search
498-500 Backwaters, The Rule  Common  search
187-500 Badge of the Wolf Nomads Magical Item  Common  search
191-500 Bagpipes of Drawmij, The Magical Item  Common  search
478-500 Bahgtru Monster  Rare  search
145-500 Balance of Power Event  Uncommon  search
163-500 Banner of the Two-Eyed God Magical Item  Common  search
129-500 Barbarian's Revenge!, The Event  Uncommon  search
512-520 Barbaric Allies Ally  Very Rare  search
111-500 Barter Holding  Uncommon  search
041-500 Battle-Fens, The Realm  Rare  search
332-500 Beala Psionicist  Common  search
159-500 Bess's Revenge Event  Uncommon  search
511-520 Between a Rock and a Hard Place Event  Very Rare  search
135-500 Black Bess Event  Uncommon  search
046-500 Black Spear Tribes Realm  Rare  search
375-500 Black Tentacles Wizard Spell  Common  search
098-500 Black Waters Holding  Uncommon  search
074-500 Blackstaff Tower Holding  Uncommon  search
440-500 Blind Side! Unarmed Combat  Common  search
518-520 Blingdenstone Symbol of Power Cleric Spell  Very Rare  search
373-500 Blink Wizard Spell  Common  search
057-500 Blood Sea of Istar Realm  Uncommon  search
446-500 Bloodform Blood Ability  Common  search
059-500 Bluet Spur Realm  Rare  search
429-500 Body Weaponry Psionic Power  Common  search
051-500 Boeruine Realm  Uncommon  search
105-500 Boeruine Trading Guild Holding  Uncommon  search
360-500 Bog Monster, The Monster  Common  search
434-500 Boot to the Head Unarmed Combat  Common  search
061-500 Borca Realm  Rare  search
316-500 Borin Moradinson Cleric  Common  search
268-500 Borys the Dragon Monster  Common  search
476-500 Brandobaris Hero  Rare  search
153-500 Brave Heart Event  Uncommon  search
357-500 Bride of Malice Wizard  Common  search
237-500 Brine Dragon Ally  Common  search
127-500 Bruce's Revenge Event  Uncommon  search
141-500 Call to Arms Event  Uncommon  search
075-500 Candlekeep Holding  Uncommon  search
260-500 Captain Kazhal Hero  Common  search
131-500 Caravan, The Event  Uncommon  search
050-500 Cariele Realm  Uncommon  search
119-500 Cataclysm! Event  Uncommon  search
505-520 Caves of Mystery Holding  Very Rare  search
482-500 Cegilune Monster  Rare  search
100-500 Celestial Jewel of Sarimie, The Holding  Uncommon  search
035-500 Celik Realm  Uncommon  search
447-500 Charm Aura Blood Ability  Common  search
374-500 Charm Monster Wizard Spell  Common  search
347-500 Chernevik Regent  Common  search
196-500 Chimes of Chelerie Magical Item  Common  search
436-500 Choke Hold Unarmed Combat  Common  search
348-500 Cidre Bint Corina Regent  Common  search
495-500 Circle of Life Rule  Common  search
247-500 Clay Golem Ally  Common  search
281-500 Clerics of Malar Cleric  Common  search
452-500 Codex of the Infinite Planes Artifact  Common  search
416-500 Command Cleric Spell  Common  search
368-500 Cone of Cold Wizard Spell  Common  search
010-500 Coral Kingdom, The Realm  Rare  search
477-500 Corellon Larethian Wizard  Rare  search
065-500 Council Aerie Realm  Uncommon  search
437-500 Counter Unarmed Combat  Common  search
156-500 Covert Aid Event  Uncommon  search
402-500 Creeping Doom Cleric Spell  Uncommon  search
201-500 Crossbow of Accuracy Magical Item  Common  search
369-500 Crushing Fist Wizard Spell  Common  search
515-520 Crystal Dome, The Event  Very Rare  search
454-500 Cup of Al-Akbar Artifact  Common  search
307-500 Cyclops Monster  Common  search
202-500 Dagger of Venom Magical Item  Common  search
007-500 Daggerdale Realm  Uncommon  search
006-500 Damara Realm  Uncommon  search
112-500 Dance of the Red Death Holding  Uncommon  search
069-500 Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga Realm  Uncommon  search
188-500 Dark Haven Magical Item  Common  search
136-500 Dead Magic Zone Event  Uncommon  search
376-500 Death Fog Wizard Spell  Common  search
381-500 Death Link Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
151-500 Death of a Hero, The Event  Uncommon  search
355-500 Death Ship, The Monster  Common  search
377-500 Death Spell Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
137-500 Deflection Event  Uncommon  search
055-500 Delving, The Realm  Rare  search
298-500 Diamond Wizard  Common  search
400-500 Dispel Cleric Spell  Common  search
370-500 Dispel Magic Wizard Spell  Common  search
252-500 Displacer Beast Ally  Common  search
263-500 Dracolich Monster  Common  search
198-500 Dragon Drums Magical Item  Common  search
039-500 Dragon's Crown Mountains Realm  Rare  search
519-520 Dragon's Eye Symbol of Power Wizard Spell  Very Rare  search
139-500 Dragons Rebellious Event  Uncommon  search
177-500 Dragonslayer Magical Item  Common  search
276-500 Drawmij Wizard  Common  search
246-500 Dreaded Ghost, The Ally  Common  search
319-500 Drider Monster  Common  search
253-500 Drizzt Do'Urden Hero  Common  search
181-500 Drow Slippers Magical Item  Common  search
020-500 Duchy of Tenh Realm  Rare  search
099-500 Dungeon of Gulg Holding  Uncommon  search
403-500 Earthquake Cleric Spell  Uncommon  search
470-500 Elemental Avatar of Air Cleric  Rare  search
469-500 Elemental Avatar of Earth Cleric  Rare  search
472-500 Elemental Avatar of Fire Cleric  Rare  search
471-500 Elemental Avatar of Water Cleric  Rare  search
287-500 Elemental Cleric Cleric  Common  search
442-500 Elemental Control Blood Ability  Common  search
214-500 Elf Galleon Ally  Common  search
271-500 Elminster the Mage Wizard  Common  search
387-500 Elminster's Evasion Wizard Spell  Common  search
232-500 Elven Archer Ally  Common  search
150-500 Elven Rebirth Event  Uncommon  search
299-500 Emerald Wizard  Common  search
467-500 Emerald Throne, The Artifact  Common  search
058-500 Enstar Realm  Rare  search
419-500 Enthrall Cleric Spell  Common  search
162-500 Escape from the Abyss Event  Uncommon  search
390-500 ESP Wizard Spell  Common  search
056-500 Estwilde Realm  Uncommon  search
508-520 Ethereal Champion Hero  Very Rare  search
308-500 Ettin Monster  Rare  search
030-500 Euripis Realm  Uncommon  search
497-500 Event Wheel, The Rule  Common  search
008-500 Evermeet Realm  Uncommon  search
453-500 Eye and Hand of Vecna Artifact  Common  search
320-500 Eye Tyrant Monster  Common  search
496-500 Fair Fight! Rule  Common  search
405-500 Faith-Magic Zone Cleric Spell  Common  search
167-500 Falcon Figurine Magical Item  Common  search
128-500 Fast Talking! Event  Uncommon  search
372-500 Fear Wizard Spell  Common  search
443-500 Fear Blood Ability  Common  search
484-500 Ferrix Wizard  Rare  search
310-500 Fire Giant Monster  Common  search
420-500 Fire Trap Cleric Spell  Common  search
363-500 Fireball Wizard Spell  Common  search
049-500 Five Peaks, The Realm  Uncommon  search
238-500 Flaming Fist Ally  Common  search
501-520 Flash Flood Event  Very Rare  search
359-500 Fleeing Adventurers Hero  Common  search
235-500 Flesh Golem Ally  Common  search
361-500 Flight Wizard Spell  Common  search
494-500 Forbidden Knowledge Rule  Common  search
160-500 Foreign Wars Event  Uncommon  search
034-500 Forest Ridge, The Realm  Rare  search
309-500 Formorian Giant Monster  Common  search
085-500 Fortification: Bailey Holding  Uncommon  search
089-500 Fortification: Barricade Holding  Uncommon  search
083-500 Fortification: Bastion Holding  Uncommon  search
090-500 Fortification: Breastwork Holding  Uncommon  search
088-500 Fortification: Bulwark Holding  Uncommon  search
086-500 Fortification: Curtain Wall Holding  Uncommon  search
087-500 Fortification: Inner Wall Holding  Uncommon  search
084-500 Fortification: Parapet Holding  Uncommon  search
082-500 Fortification: Rampart Holding  Uncommon  search
022-500 Free and Independent City of Dyvers Realm  Uncommon  search
327-500 Funerea Hero  Common  search
016-500 Furyondy Realm  Rare  search
227-500 Galek Ally  Common  search
161-500 Gales at Sea Event  Uncommon  search
473-500 Garl Glittergold Hero  Rare  search
185-500 Gauntles of Golem Strength Magical Item  Common  search
178-500 Gauntlets of Swimming Magical Item  Common  search
168-500 Ghost Crystal Magical Item  Common  search
013-500 Giant's Run Mountains Realm  Rare  search
042-500 Giantdowns, The Realm  Uncommon  search
183-500 Girdle of Storm Giant Strength Magical Item  Common  search
223-500 Gladiators Ally  Common  search
314-500 Gloaranor Cleric  Common  search
120-500 Good Fortune Event  Uncommon  search
096-500 Grak's Pool Holding  Uncommon  search
479-500 Great Mother Monster  Rare  search
018-500 Greyhawk Ruins Realm  Uncommon  search
108-500 Grovnekvic Forest Holding  Uncommon  search
458-500 Guenhwyvar Artifact  Common  search
029-500 Gulg Realm  Uncommon  search
062-500 Gundarak Realm  Uncommon  search
222-500 Halfling Mercenaries Ally  Common  search
184-500 Hammer of the Gods Magical Item  Common  search
194-500 Harp of Kings, The Magical Item  Common  search
254-500 Harpers, The Hero  Common  search
344-500 Harpy, The Regent  Common  search
071-500 Haven of the Undead Realm  Uncommon  search
444-500 Healing Blood Ability  Common  search
421-500 Heat Metal Cleric Spell  Common  search
021-500 Hell Furnaces Realm  Uncommon  search
216-500 Hell Hound Ally  Common  search
255-500 Helm Hero  Rare  search
441-500 Heroic Effort Unarmed Combat  Common  search
257-500 Hettman Tsurin Hero  Common  search
207-500 Holy Avenger Magical Item  Common  search
179-500 Horn of Blasting Magical Item  Common  search
211-500 Hornhead Saurial Ally  Common  search
140-500 Hurricane! Event  Uncommon  search
132-500 Ice Storm Event  Uncommon  search
005-500 Icewind Dale Realm  Uncommon  search
213-500 Intellect Devourer Ally  Common  search
209-500 Iron Legion, The Ally  Common  search
334-500 Iserik Hero  Common  search
325-500 Isika Hero  Common  search
067-500 Isle of Beacon Point, The Realm  Uncommon  search
488-500 Iuz, Avatar of Evil Monster  Rare  search
433-500 Jab Unarmed Combat  Common  search
302-500 Jacinth Hero  Common  search
037-500 Jagged Cliffs, The Realm  Uncommon  search
338-500 Jarek Halvs Psionicist  Common  search
203-500 Javelin of Lightning Magical Item  Common  search
329-500 Jella Psionicist  Common  search
340-500 Kai'Rik'Tik Psionicist  Common  search
279-500 Kalid-na Wizard  Rare  search
483-500 Kanchelsis Wizard  Rare  search
117-500 Keep of the Dead Holding  Uncommon  search
116-500 Kestrel's Keep Holding  Uncommon  search
248-500 Ki-Rin Ally  Common  search
331-500 Kit'Kit'Kin Psionicist  Common  search
288-500 Klik-Ka'Cha Cleric  Common  search
270-500 Korgunard the Avangion Monster  Common  search
122-500 Labor of Legend Event  Uncommon  search
068-500 Lair of the Eye Tyrant Realm  Rare  search
036-500 Lake Island Realm  Uncommon  search
143-500 Land Ho! Event  Uncommon  search
149-500 Land Rebels, The Event  Uncommon  search
293-500 Larn Wizard  Common  search
038-500 Last Sea, The Realm  Uncommon  search
430-500 Lend Health Psionic Power  Common  search
391-500 Leomund's Trap Wizard Spell  Common  search
356-500 Lesser Mummy, The Cleric  Common  search
195-500 Leviathan Horn, The Magical Item  Common  search
080-500 Lhespenbog Holding  Uncommon  search
265-500 Lich Conclave Monster  Common  search
364-500 Lightning Bolt Wizard Spell  Common  search
382-500 Limited Wish Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
294-500 Livekor Monster  Common  search
506-520 Living Earth, The Event  Very Rare  search
422-500 Locate Object Cleric Spell  Common  search
489-500 Lolth, the Spider Avatar Monster  Rare  search
095-500 Lost Oasis Holding  Uncommon  search
236-500 Loup-Garou Ally  Common  search
193-500 Lyre of Arvanaith Magical Item  Common  search
204-500 Mace of Disruption Magical Item  Common  search
109-500 Madding Springs Holding  Uncommon  search
353-500 Madman Enraged Hero  Common  search
345-500 Magian, The Regent  Rare  search
365-500 Magic Missle Wizard Spell  Common  search
448-500 Major Resistance Blood Ability  Common  search
323-500 Malaruat Hero  Common  search
324-500 Maleficent Hero  Common  search
322-500 Malleyahl Hero  Common  search
317-500 Mallin Dimmerswill Cleric  Common  search
233-500 Marauder Ally  Common  search
242-500 Marilith Tanar'ri Ally  Common  search
500-500 Master Strategist, The Rule  Common  search
499-500 Master the Magic Rule  Common  search
267-500 Mature Gold Dragon Monster  Common  search
463-500 Medusa Throne, The Artifact  Common  search
001-500 Menzoberranzan Realm  Uncommon  search
335-500 Merik Hero  Common  search
326-500 Merika Hero  Common  search
245-500 Mermaid Ally  Common  search
431-500 Metamorphosis Psionic Power  Uncommon  search
182-500 Midnight's Mask of Disguise Magical Item  Common  search
487-500 Midnight, Goddess of Magic Wizard  Rare  search
291-500 Migrane Cleric  Common  search
274-500 Mike the Wolf Nomad Wizard  Common  search
066-500 Milborne Realm  Rare  search
212-500 Mind Flayer Ally  Common  search
426-500 Mindlink Psionic Power  Common  search
432-500 Mindwipe Psionic Power  Common  search
333-500 Minerva Psionicist  Common  search
342-500 Minervan Psionicist  Common  search
386-500 Mirror Image Wizard Spell  Common  search
392-500 Misdirection Wizard Spell  Common  search
044-500 Mistmoor, The Realm  Uncommon  search
076-500 Mithral Hall Holding  Uncommon  search
220-500 Mogadisho's Horde Marches On Ally  Common  search
072-500 Monastery of Perdien the Damned Realm  Rare  search
148-500 Monstrous Intervention Event  Uncommon  search
077-500 Moonwell Holding  Uncommon  search
315-500 Moralin Cleric  Common  search
339-500 Moraster Psionicist  Common  search
275-500 Mordenkainen Wizard  Common  search
091-500 Mud Palace, The Holding  Uncommon  search
073-500 Mulmaster Holding  Uncommon  search
124-500 Mutiny! Event  Uncommon  search
330-500 Myalasia Psionicist  Common  search
210-500 Myrmidons Ally  Common  search
517-520 Mystic Passage Psionic Power  Very Rare  search
004-500 Myth Drannor Realm  Uncommon  search
078-500 Nagawater Holding  Uncommon  search
461-500 Nature's Throne Artifact  Common  search
176-500 Necklace, The Magical Item  Common  search
261-500 Neeva Hero  Common  search
423-500 Negative Plane Protection Cleric Spell  Common  search
284-500 Nenioc Cleric  Common  search
313-500 Nernal Cleric  Common  search
169-500 Net of Entrapment Magical Item  Common  search
502-520 Netherese Symbol of Power Wizard Spell  Very Rare  search
031-500 New Guistenal Realm  Rare  search
229-500 Night Runners Ally  Common  search
064-500 Nightmare Lands Realm  Rare  search
239-500 Ninjas Ally  Common  search
490-500 Nobody Wins! Rule  Common  search
015-500 Nyrond Realm  Uncommon  search
459-500 Obsidian Man of Urik Artifact  Common  search
093-500 Ogo Holding  Uncommon  search
244-500 Ogre Mage Ally  Common  search
170-500 Orb of Power Magical Item  Common  search
507-520 Painted Hills, The Realm  Very Rare  search
190-500 Pan's Pipes Magical Item  Common  search
103-500 Peaceful Seas of Nesirie Holding  Uncommon  search
304-500 Pearl Cleric  Common  search
312-500 Pellgrade the Inexorable Wizard  Common  search
262-500 Pereghost, The Monster  Common  search
019-500 Perrenland Realm  Uncommon  search
450-500 Persuasion Blood Ability  Common  search
142-500 Phantasmal Wolf Event  Uncommon  search
428-500 Phobia Amplification Psionic Power  Common  search
289-500 Photed Hero  Common  search
101-500 Points East Trading Company Holding  Uncommon  search
514-520 Poor Man's Fort Holding  Very Rare  search
493-500 Power of Faith, The Rule  Common  search
380-500 Power Word, Silence Wizard Spell  Common  search
378-500 Power Word, Stun Wizard Spell  Common  search
427-500 Precognition Psionic Power  Common  search
388-500 Prismatic Sphere Wizard Spell  Common  search
144-500 Provocation Event  Uncommon  search
147-500 Psionic Contrition Event  Uncommon  search
240-500 Psuedodragon Ally  Common  search
336-500 Pyre Hero  Common  search
350-500 Rahil the Falcon Regent  Common  search
401-500 Raise Dead Cleric Spell  Common  search
438-500 Rake! Unarmed Combat  Common  search
011-500 Raurin Realm  Uncommon  search
393-500 Ray of Enfeeblement Wizard Spell  Common  search
389-500 Re-target Wizard Spell  Common  search
040-500 Realm of the White Witch Realm  Uncommon  search
113-500 Red Jack Holding  Uncommon  search
114-500 Red Tide Holding  Uncommon  search
481-500 Remnis Monster  Rare  search
451-500 Ren's Crystal Ball Artifact  Common  search
503-520 Rengarth Oracle Cleric Spell  Very Rare  search
053-500 Reorxcrown Mountains Realm  Uncommon  search
445-500 Resistance Blood Ability  Common  search
435-500 Reversal Unarmed Combat  Common  search
385-500 Reverse Gravity Wizard Spell  Common  search
052-500 Rhuobhe Realm  Rare  search
259-500 Rikus Hero  Common  search
455-500 Ring of Winter, The Artifact  Common  search
171-500 Rings of All Seeing Magical Item  Common  search
241-500 Roc Ally  Common  search
278-500 Rogue Defiler of Tyr Wizard  Common  search
321-500 Roper Monster  Common  search
224-500 Rowan Ally  Common  search
301-500 Ruby Hero  Common  search
002-500 Ruins of Zentil Keep Realm  Rare  search
491-500 Rule Lawyer's Delight Rule  Common  search
297-500 Rumples Wizard  Common  search
251-500 Rust Monster Ally  Common  search
277-500 Sadira Wizard  Common  search
328-500 Salurana Psionicist  Common  search
398-500 Sanctuary Cleric Spell  Common  search
104-500 Sarimie's Temple of Fortune Holding  Uncommon  search
199-500 Scarab of Protection Magical Item  Common  search
205-500 Scimitar of Speed Magical Item  Common  search
504-520 Sea of Dust Realm  Very Rare  search
155-500 Secret War Event  Uncommon  search
250-500 Selkie Ally  Common  search
003-500 Sembia Realm  Uncommon  search
395-500 Sepia Snake Sigil Wizard Spell  Common  search
346-500 Serpent Regent  Common  search
404-500 Shadow Engines Cleric Spell  Common  search
362-500 Shapechange Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
234-500 Shaqat Beetles Ally  Common  search
110-500 Shark Reef Holding  Uncommon  search
290-500 Sharla Wizard  Common  search
033-500 Shault Realm  Uncommon  search
286-500 Shayira Cleric  Common  search
295-500 Shayla Hero  Common  search
173-500 Shield of Annihilation Magical Item  Common  search
172-500 Shield of Destruction Magical Item  Common  search
174-500 Shield of Devastation Magical Item  Common  search
175-500 Shield of Wickedness Magical Item  Common  search
417-500 Shillelagh Cleric Spell  Common  search
054-500 Shining Lands Realm  Rare  search
123-500 Siege! Event  Uncommon  search
048-500 Sielwode, The Realm  Uncommon  search
228-500 Silt Stalkers Ally  Common  search
097-500 Silver Spring Holding  Uncommon  search
063-500 Sithicus Realm  Uncommon  search
217-500 Skeletal Lord Ally  Common  search
218-500 Skeletal Minion Ally  Common  search
126-500 Slave Revolt! Event  Uncommon  search
133-500 Solid Fog Event  Uncommon  search
092-500 South Ledopolus Holding  Uncommon  search
379-500 Spell Turning Wizard Spell  Common  search
189-500 Spellbook Magical Item  Common  search
043-500 Sphinx, The Realm  Uncommon  search
023-500 Spindrift Islands Realm  Uncommon  search
296-500 Ssilcroth Monster  Common  search
165-500 Staff of Conjuring Magical Item  Common  search
164-500 Staff of Striking Magical Item  Common  search
014-500 Sterich Realm  Uncommon  search
397-500 Sticks to Snakes Cleric Spell  Common  search
394-500 Stinking Cloud Wizard Spell  Common  search
264-500 Stone Giant Monster  Common  search
024-500 Stonefist Hold Realm  Uncommon  search
107-500 Straits of Aerele Shipping Holding  Uncommon  search
226-500 Stug Ally  Common  search
425-500 Superior Invisibility Psionic Power  Common  search
121-500 Surprise Raid Event  Uncommon  search
424-500 Switch Personality Psionic Power  Common  search
513-520 Sylvan Pool, The Holding  Very Rare  search
283-500 Sysania Cleric  Common  search
106-500 Taeghan Outfitters Holding  Uncommon  search
439-500 Tail Slap Unarmed Combat  Uncommon  search
341-500 Talcon Psionicist  Rare  search
134-500 Tarrasque Event  Uncommon  search
045-500 Tarvan Waste Realm  Uncommon  search
017-500 Temple of Elemental Evil Realm  Uncommon  search
138-500 Temporal Stasis Event  Uncommon  search
102-500 Thorn Throne, The Holding  Uncommon  search
256-500 Thorvid Hero  Common  search
243-500 Thought Eater Ally  Common  search
462-500 Throne of Bone Artifact  Common  search
464-500 Throne of Ice Artifact  Common  search
468-500 Throne of the Drow Artifact  Common  search
460-500 Throne of the Gods, The Artifact  Common  search
510-520 Throne of the Mountain God Artifact  Very Rare  search
466-500 Throne of the Pharaohs Artifact  Common  search
465-500 Throne of the Seas Artifact  Common  search
047-500 Thurazor Realm  Uncommon  search
079-500 Tilverton Holding  Uncommon  search
492-500 Time of Troubles Rule  Common  search
383-500 Time Stop Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
354-500 Ting Ling Cleric  Common  search
485-500 Titania Wizard  Rare  search
158-500 Titans Walk the Earth Event  Uncommon  search
300-500 Topaz Wizard  Common  search
154-500 Torments of Sisyphus, The Event  Uncommon  search
516-520 Towers of Menzoberranzan Holding  Very Rare  search
125-500 Transformation! Event  Uncommon  search
219-500 Treants of the Grandwood Ally  Common  search
130-500 Treasure Event  Uncommon  search
115-500 Treasure Vault Holding  Uncommon  search
206-500 Trident of Fish Command Magical Item  Common  search
249-500 Troll Ally  Common  search
009-500 Trollmoors, The Realm  Uncommon  search
028-500 Tyr Realm  Uncommon  search
258-500 Tyrinon Hero  Common  search
215-500 Tyrol Ally  Common  search
025-500 Ull Realm  Uncommon  search
032-500 Ur Draxa Realm  Uncommon  search
474-500 Urdlen Monster  Rare  search
027-500 Urik Realm  Uncommon  search
026-500 Valley of the Mage Realm  Rare  search
272-500 Vangerdahast Wizard  Common  search
486-500 Verenestra Cleric  Rare  search
012-500 Vilhon Reach, The Realm  Uncommon  search
292-500 Vitralis Hero  Common  search
358-500 Vulture of the Core, The Monster  Common  search
366-500 Wall of Fire Wizard Spell  Common  search
371-500 Wall of Fog Wizard Spell  Common  search
367-500 Wall of Force Wizard Spell  Common  search
456-500 Wand of Orcus Artifact  Common  search
180-500 Wand of Wonder Magical Item  Common  search
166-500 War Banner Magical Item  Common  search
408-500 Ward of Erebus Cleric Spell  Common  search
411-500 Ward of Freedom Cleric Spell  Common  search
412-500 Ward of Ironguarding Cleric Spell  Common  search
410-500 Ward of Laius Cleric Spell  Common  search
409-500 Ward of Lancoon Cleric Spell  Common  search
407-500 Ward of Peace Cleric Spell  Common  search
413-500 Ward of Ruin Cleric Spell  Common  search
406-500 Ward of Sleep Cleric Spell  Common  search
414-500 Ward of the Erinyes Cleric Spell  Common  search
231-500 Wijon Ally  Common  search
399-500 Wind Walk Cleric Spell  Common  search
186-500 Winged Boots Magical Item  Common  search
266-500 Winged Horror Monster  Common  search
520-520 Winner's Cape, The Artifact  Very Rare  search
384-500 Wish Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
449-500 Wither Touch Blood Ability  Common  search
157-500 Wrath of the Immortals Event  Uncommon  search
197-500 Xeno-Xylophone Magical Item  Common  search
475-500 Yondalla the Provider Hero  Rare  search
311-500 Yumac the Cold Wizard  Rare  search
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