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Nightstalkers: 125 cards
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036-100 "Simpkin "The Weasel" Furzear Thief  Uncommon  search
091-100 Aging Unarmed Combat  Common  search
085-100 Alarm Wizard Spell  Common  search
009-25 Amulet of Undead Aura Magical Item  Very Rare  search
081-100 Ancient Dracolich Ally  Rare  search
010-25 Arcane Formula for a Lich Magical Item  Very Rare  search
029-100 Artemis Entreri Thief  Uncommon  search
014-100 Assassin's Guild Holding  Common  search
055-100 Back Stab Thief Skill  Common  search
011-25 Bag of Beans Magical Item  Very Rare  search
002-100 Bandit Kingdom, The Realm  Uncommon  search
080-100 Beggar Ally  Rare  search
083-100 Bigby's Dexterous Digits Wizard Spell  Common  search
026-100 Black Death, The Event  Common  search
089-100 Blessed Abundance Cleric Spell  Common  search
051-100 Book of the Dead Artifact  Rare  search
021-100 Boss Wants a Cut, The Event  Uncommon  search
003-25 Busted! Event  Very Rare  search
070-100 Caller in Darkness Psionicist  Uncommon  search
078-100 Cat Burglar Ally  Common  search
092-100 Cause Despair Unarmed Combat  Common  search
100-100 Cause Disease Unarmed Combat  Rare  search
093-100 Cause Fear Unarmed Combat  Common  search
094-100 Cause Paralysis Unarmed Combat  Common  search
018-100 Cavern of Ancient Knowledge Holding  Rare  search
007-25 Celestial Lights Event  Very Rare  search
060-100 Climb Walls Thief Skill  Common  search
025-100 Complete Surprise Event  Rare  search
064-100 Concealed Weapon Thief Skill  Uncommon  search
004-25 Confused Hunchback Event  Very Rare  search
095-100 Constitution Drain Unarmed Combat  Common  search
086-100 Corruption of the Flesh Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
066-100 Crawling Claws Monster  Common  search
002-25 Crime Does Not Pay Rule  Very Rare  search
007-100 Cromlin Realm  Uncommon  search
046-100 Dancing Sword Magical Item  Common  search
006-25 Dark Dreams Event  Very Rare  search
005-25 Dark Prophesy Event  Very Rare  search
030-100 Daryth of Calimshan Thief  Common  search
022-100 Dawn of the Dead Event  Common  search
024-25 Den of Thieves Realm  Very Rare  search
061-100 Detect Noise Thief Skill  Common  search
039-100 Donval Thief  Common  search
040-100 El-Hadid Thief  Uncommon  search
005-100 Falkovnia Realm  Rare  search
088-100 Find Traps Cleric Spell  Common  search
013-100 Forgotten Crypt Holding  Common  search
049-100 Gauntlets of Dexterity Magical Item  Uncommon  search
023-25 Gib Aklem Psionicist  Very Rare  search
022-25 Gib Drawsemaj Cleric  Very Rare  search
019-25 Gib Hcivonad Hero  Very Rare  search
021-25 Gib Irod Wizard  Very Rare  search
018-25 Gib Lhadsemlo Monster  Very Rare  search
020-25 Gib Reltub Thief  Very Rare  search
016-100 Giustenal Ruins Holding  Rare  search
001-25 Good Truimphs in the End Rule  Very Rare  search
084-100 Guardian Mist Wizard Spell  Common  search
076-100 Guild Master Ally  Common  search
012-100 Guild Shop Holding  Common  search
028-100 Guildmaster, The Thief  Rare  search
011-100 Haunted Graveyard Holding  Rare  search
052-100 Heart of Darkness Artifact  Common  search
017-100 Hellgate Keep Holding  Uncommon  search
054-100 Herald of Mei Lung Artifact  Common  search
059-100 Hide in Shadows Thief Skill  Uncommon  search
032-100 Jacqueline Renier Thief  Common  search
038-100 Jamlin Thief  Uncommon  search
034-100 Julio, Master Thief of Haslic Thief  Common  search
075-100 Kaisharga Ally  Common  search
041-100 Kelda Auslawsen Thief  Common  search
097-100 Level Drain Unarmed Combat  Rare  search
023-100 Long Arm of the Law, The Event  Rare  search
082-100 Loric the Fence Ally  Uncommon  search
025-25 Mad Scientist's Laboratory Realm  Very Rare  search
098-100 Magic Resistance Unarmed Combat  Uncommon  search
045-100 Mask Thief  Rare  search
003-100 Mintarn Realm  Common  search
008-25 Mirror of Corruption Artifact  Very Rare  search
090-100 Monster Mount Cleric Spell  Common  search
017-25 Moonbeast Monster  Very Rare  search
020-100 Moonlight Madness Event  Common  search
042-100 Moriad Thief  Common  search
057-100 Move Silently Thief Skill  Common  search
073-100 Negative Planar Energy Rule  Rare  search
004-100 Nelanther Realm  Common  search
067-100 Nemon Hotep Cleric  Common  search
044-100 Orcus Monster  Rare  search
013-25 Pavlov's Bell Magical Item  Very Rare  search
019-100 Paying Your Dues Event  Common  search
037-100 Phostrek Thief  Common  search
056-100 Pick Pockets Thief Skill  Common  search
087-100 Power of Faith Cleric Spell  Rare  search
015-100 Pristine Tower, The Holding  Uncommon  search
077-100 Raaig Ally  Common  search
099-100 Rapid Regeneration Unarmed Combat  Common  search
033-100 Ratik Ubel Thief  Common  search
062-100 Read Languages Thief Skill  Common  search
006-100 Richemulot Realm  Uncommon  search
014-25 Ring of Lycanthropy Magical Item  Very Rare  search
047-100 Rod of Zombie Mastery Magical Item  Common  search
058-100 Set Traps Thief Skill  Common  search
012-25 Shadowcloak Magical Item  Very Rare  search
068-100 Shera the Wise Wizard  Common  search
031-100 Storm Silverhand Thief  Uncommon  search
096-100 Strength Drain Unarmed Combat  Common  search
074-100 Sure Thing, A Rule  Rare  search
010-100 Thieve's Guild Holding  Uncommon  search
027-100 Three Card Monte Event  Rare  search
053-100 Trumpet of Doom Artifact  Rare  search
035-100 Turin Deathstalker Thief  Rare  search
043-100 Uldo Dracobane Thief  Rare  search
008-100 UnderCerilia Realm  Common  search
063-100 Use Poison Thief Skill  Uncommon  search
009-100 Vampire's Realm, The Realm  Uncommon  search
071-100 Vampire, The Regent  Rare  search
016-25 Varney the Vampire Wizard  Very Rare  search
001-100 Vast Swamp, The Realm  Rare  search
024-100 Wail of the Banshee Event  Uncommon  search
050-100 Wand of Bone Magical Item  Rare  search
065-100 Werebear Monster  Rare  search
072-100 Wereshark Monster  Common  search
048-100 Whip of Disarming Magical Item  Uncommon  search
069-100 Winslow the Lich Wizard  Uncommon  search
015-25 Zombie Hero  Very Rare  search
079-100 Zombie Horde Ally  Uncommon  search
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