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Dungeons!: 125 cards
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008-25 Aliki Thief  Very Rare  search
072-100 Amulet of Spell Turning Magical Item  Rare  search
068-100 Amulet of the Dragon King Magical Item  Uncommon  search
096-100 Animate Gargoyle Wizard Spell  Rare  search
024-100 Azure Tower of Onad the Fallen, The Dungeon  Rare  search
094-100 Ball Lightning Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
059-100 Ballista Artifact  Rare  search
023-100 Bats in the Belfry Dungeon  Rare  search
058-100 Battering Ram Artifact  Uncommon  search
010-100 Belly of the Beast, The Dungeon  Common  search
025-100 Beneath Castle Drawmij Dungeon  Uncommon  search
036-100 Bitter Knoll Realm  Common  search
005-25 Black Hand Thieves' Guild Holding  Very Rare  search
055-100 Boiling Oil Artifact  Rare  search
031-100 Border Garrison Realm  Rare  search
030-100 Border Post Realm  Uncommon  search
061-100 Borer Artifact  Rare  search
054-100 Bottomless Horror Ally  Uncommon  search
069-100 Breath Charm Magical Item  Common  search
085-100 Broad Jump Thief Skill  Rare  search
017-25 Builder, The Hero  Very Rare  search
060-100 Cannon Ball Artifact  Rare  search
014-100 Carrock of High Magicks Dungeon  Rare  search
062-100 Catapult Artifact  Common  search
022-25 Chaos Lord Regent  Very Rare  search
029-100 Cities of the Sun Realm  Common  search
092-100 City Shield Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
071-100 Clockwork Ogre Magical Item  Uncommon  search
082-100 Con Game Thief Skill  Rare  search
098-100 Conjure Greater Fire Elemental Wizard Spell  Common  search
079-100 Create Minion Blood Ability  Common  search
067-100 Crystal Dragon Figurine Magical Item  Uncommon  search
044-100 Dearlyn Ambersong Wizard  Common  search
081-100 Death Field Blood Ability  Uncommon  search
004-25 Dissolution Wizard Spell  Very Rare  search
099-100 Divine Assistance Cleric Spell  Common  search
004-100 Domain of Takhisis, Queen of Darkness Dungeon  Common  search
025-25 Dor Amberglow Hero  Very Rare  search
028-100 Dragon's Refuge, The Realm  Uncommon  search
075-100 Drain Will Psionic Power  Uncommon  search
095-100 Drawmij's Beneficent Polymorph Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
002-100 Dungeon of the King Dungeon  Common  search
076-100 Eat Dirt! Unarmed Combat  Common  search
006-25 Elminster's Intuition Event  Very Rare  search
024-25 Elyk the Bard Thief  Very Rare  search
015-100 Enchanted Land, The Dungeon  Common  search
010-25 Enter Darkness Together Event  Very Rare  search
091-100 Extension I Wizard Spell  Common  search
043-100 Feral Halfling Hero  Uncommon  search
009-100 Field of the Battle Lord Dungeon  Rare  search
003-25 Fighting Dirty! Thief Skill  Very Rare  search
038-100 Fire Dragon Monster  Rare  search
066-100 Flask of Curses Magical Item  Common  search
007-25 Fool's Paradise Event  Very Rare  search
034-100 Forgotten Ruins, The Realm  Common  search
087-100 Fortune Telling Thief Skill  Common  search
088-100 Gather Information Thief Skill  Common  search
023-25 Giant Troll Ally  Very Rare  search
027-100 Guildhall, The Dungeon  Common  search
016-25 Handmine Event  Very Rare  search
042-100 Hapless Halfling, The Thief  Common  search
050-100 Hero Slayer Ally  Common  search
035-100 Hidden Village, The Realm  Common  search
021-25 Highmaster Illithios Psionicist  Very Rare  search
086-100 Hijacking Thief Skill  Rare  search
047-100 Hook Horror Ally  Common  search
089-100 Intimidation Thief Skill  Uncommon  search
041-100 Jasper Hero  Uncommon  search
006-100 Labyrinth of Castle Greyhawk Dungeon  Rare  search
003-100 Lair of Dregoth, the Undead Dragon-King Dungeon  Uncommon  search
083-100 Legal Loophole Thief Skill  Common  search
009-25 Lilac Hesabon Hero  Very Rare  search
013-25 Llama King, The Hero  Very Rare  search
048-100 Lurker in the Earth Ally  Uncommon  search
074-100 Magic Draining Field Psionic Power  Common  search
053-100 Master Illithid Ally  Uncommon  search
001-100 Mausoleum of the Zombie Master Dungeon  Common  search
013-100 Maze of the Guild Dungeon  Common  search
080-100 Melt Bone Blood Ability  Uncommon  search
021-100 Might of the Blood Right Dungeon  Common  search
097-100 Minions of Darkness Wizard Spell  Common  search
014-25 Necba the Wrathmaker Thief  Very Rare  search
057-100 Net of Ensnaring Artifact  Rare  search
037-100 Ogre, The Hero  Uncommon  search
008-100 Palace of the Celestial Light Dungeon  Common  search
070-100 Pearl Pegasus Magical Item  Rare  search
011-100 Pit of the Mind Lord Dungeon  Common  search
020-25 Poor Oriental Lord Thief  Very Rare  search
020-100 Powers from the Savage Land Dungeon  Common  search
002-25 Pretty Magical Ring Magical Item  Very Rare  search
052-100 Psion Sucker Ally  Common  search
073-100 Psionic Disintegration Psionic Power  Rare  search
016-100 Purveyor of Events Dungeon  Uncommon  search
019-25 Rary's Apprentice Wizard  Very Rare  search
011-25 Recorder of Yť Cind Artifact  Very Rare  search
026-100 Return of the Dwarven King Dungeon  Common  search
032-100 Ruins of Lololia, The Realm  Rare  search
015-25 Shan, Karate Master Hero  Very Rare  search
056-100 Siege Ladder Artifact  Uncommon  search
063-100 Siege Machine Artifact  Common  search
040-100 Skulker Thief  Rare  search
049-100 Skull Tumor Ally  Rare  search
018-25 Slorath's Gloves Artifact  Very Rare  search
022-100 Song of the Dragonlance Dungeon  Rare  search
093-100 Spectral Dragon Wizard Spell  Common  search
019-100 Spells from the Grave Dungeon  Rare  search
017-100 Spells of the Archmage Dungeon  Common  search
018-100 Spells of the Friar Dungeon  Common  search
078-100 Supernatural Strength Unarmed Combat  Common  search
064-100 Sword of Sharpness Magical Item  Common  search
012-25 Telarie Willowind Hero  Very Rare  search
012-100 Torture Room, The Dungeon  Common  search
033-100 Tower by the Sea Realm  Common  search
090-100 Trailing Thief Skill  Common  search
065-100 Triton Throne, The Magical Item  Common  search
046-100 Troglodyte Ally  Common  search
084-100 Tumble Out of Danger Thief Skill  Uncommon  search
045-100 Tyvorg the Frost Giant Cleric  Common  search
007-100 Under Castle Strahd Dungeon  Common  search
005-100 Undermountain Dungeon  Common  search
077-100 Vital Blow Unarmed Combat  Uncommon  search
100-100 What Comes Around Goes Around Rule  Common  search
051-100 White Weird, The Ally  Rare  search
001-25 Winner's Trophy Artifact  Very Rare  search
039-100 Zaranda Star Regent  Common  search
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