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Act V- The War of Sol'ra

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Act V- The War of Sol'ra: 266 cards
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2141 ... out of mind. Action  Common  search
2026 ...and beyond Action  Common  search
1882 Act of Peace Action  Uncommon  search
2083 Affinity Action  Common  search
1910 Agmundar's Rage Action  Rare  search
2329 Agonda shell Item - Armor  Rare  search
2050 Agoraphobia Action  Common  search
2391 Allegiance Spell - war  Rare  search
1846 Allergy Action  Common  search
2161 Alyce Character  Uncommon  search
2163 Alyce Character  Uncommon  search
2165 Alyce Character  Uncommon  search
1896 Amethyst Blizzard Action  Common  search
2148 Annoyance Action  Uncommon  search
2080 Ardrakar the Dragon Knight Character  Rare  search
2103 Ardrakar the Dragon Knight Character  Rare  search
2104 Ardrakar the Dragon Knight Character  Rare  search
2221 Artificial intelligence Item - Other  Uncommon  search
1986 Attracts Lightning Spell - Lightning  Rare  search
1911 Ayir Character  Common  search
1912 Ayir Character  Common  search
1913 Ayir Character  Common  search
1929 Ayir Character  Iced  search
2092 Azure Item - Weapon - One handed - Sword  Uncommon  search
2007 Berserker Tactic Action  Common  search
2396 Beyond vision Spell - Mental  Common  search
2153 Black fang skin Item - Armor  Common  search
2327 Blind test Action  Common  search
2608 Blind test Action  Artwork  search
1973 Booby Trap Action  Uncommon  search
2276 Brawl Action  Rare  search
2321 Brutus Character  Uncommon  search
2341 Brutus Character  Uncommon  search
2342 Brutus Character  Uncommon  search
2093 Burning Item - Weapon - Two handed - Sword  Rare  search
1847 Camouflage Action  Rare  search
2278 Cerebral crook Item - Weapon - One handed - Staff  Rare  search
2297 Chalice, Nehantic blade Item - Weapon - One handed - Sword  Rare  search
2289 Chaotic destiny Spell - Nehantic - Corruption  Common  search
1952 Cheksathet's Vision Action  Legendary  search
1848 Cohesion Action  Common  search
2330 Count the points Theurgy - Destiny  Common  search
1975 Creative Inventions Action  Common  search
2034 Cursed Black Armor Item - Armor  Rare  search
2090 Cut and thrust! Spell - Draconic  Common  search
2098 Cutirrel Pet - Magic  Common  search
2099 Darkat Pet - Offensive  Uncommon  search
2032 Deceit Action  Common  search
2145 Defend your territory. Action  Rare  search
1808 Demon's Rage Action  Common  search
1806 Demonic Explosion Action  Uncommon  search
1810 Demonic-Blade Item - Weapon - One handed - Sword  Uncommon  search
2325 Difference of opinion Action  Rare  search
2048 Disloyalty Spell - Nehantic  Common  search
2296 Divide and rule Action  Rare  search
2273 Doloreann Character  Uncommon  search
2283 Doloreann Character  Uncommon  search
2284 Doloreann Character  Uncommon  search
2334 Double clay Spell - Nature  Common  search
2392 Dragon fury Spell - Draconic  Common  search
2038 Ecstasy Action  Rare  search
1987 Electroshock Spell - Lightning  Uncommon  search
1899 Evil Eye Action  Common  search
2210 Experimental weapon Item - Weapon - Two handed - powder  Uncommon  search
2158 Fabulous destiny Theurgy - Destiny  Rare  search
1976 Facing the Demon Action  Uncommon  search
2214 Fake Action  Common  search
2287 Fatal Countdown Action  Uncommon  search
1903 Fight Fire with Fire Spell - Fire  Uncommon  search
2394 Fire ring Spell - Fire  Uncommon  search
2220 Firecracker chain Item - Other  Rare  search
1796 Fortune and Glory Action  Uncommon  search
2006 Frost pillar Action  Uncommon  search
1895 Frostbite Action  Common  search
2003 Frozen spirit Action  Rare  search
1978 Fusillade Action  Common  search
1990 Galenof Cocktail Item - Potion  Common  search
2335 Germination Spell - Nature  Common  search
2215 Gift of immortality Action  Common  search
2039 Grief Character  Rare  search
2041 Grief Character  Rare  search
2043 Grief Character  Rare  search
1989 Grog Pirate Item - Potion  Common  search
2216 Guard the temple Action  Uncommon  search
2222 Guem tear Item - Jewel  Rare  search
1852 Guerrilla Action  Common  search
2328 Gust Spell - Air  Rare  search
2607 Gust Spell - Air  Artwork  search
2226 Heal the guardians Theurgy - Faith  Common  search
2282 Heartrending dilemma Spell - Time  Uncommon  search
2274 Heroic act Action  Uncommon  search
2339 Hom'chai effigy Item - Jewel  Uncommon  search
1838 Hundawa Character  Rare  search
1841 Hundawa Character  Rare  search
1844 Hundawa Character  Rare  search
2008 Ice Axe Item - Weapon - One handed - Axe  Uncommon  search
2397 Ice crystals Action  Uncommon  search
1897 Icy Aura Action  Common  search
1884 Impale Action  Common  search
2291 In the name of Nehant Spell - Nehantic  Uncommon  search
2336 Indigestion Spell - Shadow  Uncommon  search
2027 Infected Wound Action  Common  search
2004 Inspire fear Action  Common  search
2149 Interlude Action  Uncommon  search
2160 Iro, the Imperial champion Character  Legendary  search
2162 Iro, the Imperial champion Character  Legendary  search
2164 Iro, the Imperial champion Character  Legendary  search
2151 Iron wall Action  Common  search
2326 It adds up Action  Common  search
1950 Kapokek's Jaw Action  Common  search
2320 Keep-the-totems Character  Rare  search
2343 Keep-the-totems Character  Rare  search
2344 Keep-the-totems Character  Rare  search
2288 Kiss of Nehant Spell - Nehantic  Common  search
2091 Knight's honour Spell - Draconic  Rare  search
1889 Kokrem Character  Uncommon  search
1890 Kokrem Character  Uncommon  search
1891 Kokrem Character  Uncommon  search
1894 Kokrem Character  Iced  search
2152 Kotoba Shadow Action  Uncommon  search
2398 Kotori Kage Character  Uncommon  search
2400 Kotori Kage Character  Uncommon  search
2402 Kotori Kage Character  Uncommon  search
2087 Leaf tornado Action  Uncommon  search
1977 Let my guns talk ! Action  Uncommon  search
2001 Let my guns talk ! Action  Collector  search
1885 Lies Action  Uncommon  search
2395 Light blow Spell - Light  Uncommon  search
1799 Lightning Thrower Item - Weapon - One handed - Staff  Common  search
2387 Magic servant Action  Uncommon  search
2380 Makeshift weapon Action  Common  search
2384 Mark of the Crow Action  Rare  search
1856 Mask of Quercus Item - Armor  Common  search
1861 Mask of Quercus Item - Armor  Common  search
2399 Master-Mage Pilkim Character  Legendary  search
2401 Master-Mage Pilkim Character  Legendary  search
2403 Master-Mage Pilkim Character  Legendary  search
2213 Masterpiece Action  Uncommon  search
1991 Meister Galene Character  Uncommon  search
1994 Meister Galene Character  Uncommon  search
1997 Meister Galene Character  Uncommon  search
2322 Mine! Action  Rare  search
1840 Moarg Character  Common  search
1843 Moarg Character  Common  search
1862 Moarg Character  Common  search
2292 My name is legion Spell - Nehantic - Corruption  Rare  search
2049 Narcissism Spell - Nehantic - Corruption  Rare  search
1904 Nashi Character  Uncommon  search
1905 Nashi Character  Uncommon  search
1906 Nashi Character  Uncommon  search
2154 Needle-launcher Item - Other  Rare  search
2029 Nehant’s inspiration Action  Uncommon  search
2055 Nehant’s inspiration Action  Collector  search
2293 Nehantic Receptacle Character  Legendary  search
2294 Nehantic Receptacle Character  Legendary  search
2295 Nehantic Receptacle Character  Legendary  search
2030 Nemesis Action  Uncommon  search
1850 Net Traps Action  Common  search
1818 Neutralization Spell - Light  Rare  search
2051 Nightmare Character  Uncommon  search
2053 Nightmare Character  Uncommon  search
2054 Nightmare Character  Uncommon  search
1898 Northern Lights Action  Common  search
2005 Ode to war Action  Common  search
2084 Offering to the World-Tree Action  Rare  search
1809 One Hit, One Dead Action  Rare  search
2086 Osmosis Action  Common  search
2150 Out of sight... Action  Common  search
1980 Outlaw Action  Rare  search
1981 Outrage Action  Common  search
2286 Overconfidence Spell - Nehantic - Corruption  Rare  search
2211 P.L.O.P Item - Weapon - One handed - Powder  Common  search
2040 Pain Character  Common  search
2042 Pain Character  Common  search
2044 Pain Character  Common  search
2036 Paranoia Action  Uncommon  search
2331 Pickpocket Pet  Common  search
2100 Piguy Pet - Protective  Rare  search
2081 Pilferess Character  Uncommon  search
2105 Pilferess Character  Uncommon  search
2106 Pilferess Character  Uncommon  search
1985 Portable Heater Item - Armor  Common  search
1900 Pray to Spirits Action  Common  search
1854 Precision Shot Action  Uncommon  search
2227 Premonition Spell - Mental  Rare  search
1909 Prowess Action  Common  search
2217 Psychopump Action  Uncommon  search
1815 Pushing Action  Common  search
2218 Put the world to rights Action  Rare  search
2096 Quercus' awakening Spell - Nature  Uncommon  search
2385 Quick snack Action  Common  search
1864 Quintessence Spell - Guem  Rare  search
1984 Reboot the machine Action  Uncommon  search
1983 Recycling Action  Uncommon  search
1863 Regeneration Spell - Nature  Uncommon  search
1908 Ring of Nibelle Item - Jewel  Common  search
1901 Rosary of Serenity Item - Jewel  Rare  search
2204 S.A.R.A.H Character  Uncommon  search
2206 S.A.R.A.H Character  Uncommon  search
2208 S.A.R.A.H Character  Uncommon  search
1946 Sakina, Priest of Naptys Character  Common  search
1947 Sakina, Priest of Naptys Character  Common  search
1948 Sakina, Priest of Naptys Character  Common  search
1858 Sanctuary of Roots Spell - Nature  Uncommon  search
1814 Secret Weapon Action  Rare  search
2386 Sense of danger Action  Common  search
1953 Seven Years of Bad Luck Theurgy - Destiny  Common  search
1886 ShadowBlade Item - Weapon - One handed - Dagger  Rare  search
2028 Shatter dreams Action  Rare  search
1851 Shouldn't Have! Action  Common  search
1859 Sinking Spell - Earth  Common  search
1860 Skin of Stone Spell - Earth  Uncommon  search
2290 Skull of an azoriel Item - Jewel  Common  search
2393 Sliding Spell - Water  Rare  search
1883 Slit Throat Action  Common  search
2223 Sol’ra bumblebee Item - Jewel  Common  search
1792 Souchi Character  Uncommon  search
1793 Souchi Character  Uncommon  search
1794 Souchi Character  Uncommon  search
1800 Spoiled Fugu Item - Food  Common  search
2338 Squasher Item - Weapon - Two handed - Sledgehammer  Rare  search
1979 Staying the course Action  Common  search
1795 Stink Bomb Action  Uncommon  search
1951 Storm of Ptol'a Action  Uncommon  search
2095 Strangulation Spell - Nature  Common  search
1801 Successful Fugu Item - Food  Common  search
2159 Taichi sword Item - Weapon - One handed - Sword  Common  search
2037 Terror Spell - Nehantic - Corruption  Uncommon  search
2323 That's a real weapon! Action  Uncommon  search
2142 The Alpha Action  Rare  search
2390 The Pilgrim Item - Weapon - One handed - Staff  Rare  search
1797 The Plank! Action  Rare  search
1807 The price of flesh Action  Common  search
1857 The Rain Dance Spell - Nature  Uncommon  search
1865 The Rain Dance Spell - Nature  Collector  search
2146 The survival of the fittest Action  Common  search
2085 The warrior's heritage Action  Uncommon  search
2094 Thorn Item - Weapon - One handed - Flail  Uncommon  search
2097 Thorn Item - Weapon - One handed - Flail  Uncommon  search
2089 Thorny situation Action  Rare  search
2033 To infinity... Action  Common  search
2337 To our ancestors Action  Uncommon  search
2045 Torment Character  Rare  search
2388 Transmission of knowledge Action  Uncommon  search
1914 Ursyd Character  Rare  search
1915 Ursyd Character  Rare  search
1916 Ursyd Character  Rare  search
1928 Ursyd Character  Iced  search
2082 Vaerzar Character  Common  search
2101 Vaerzar Character  Common  search
2102 Vaerzar Character  Common  search
2157 Vicious circle Theurgy - Destiny  Uncommon  search
1798 Wallop Action  Common  search
2340 Wild buds Spell - Nature  Uncommon  search
1902 Winter Truce Action  Common  search
2381 WitchBlade trump Action  Rare  search
2212 Without cover Action  Rare  search
2332 Wolf paw Item - Weapon - Two handed - Axe  Uncommon  search
1820 Ylliana Character  Uncommon  search
1821 Ylliana Character  Uncommon  search
1822 Ylliana Character  Uncommon  search
2219 Your weakness is your strength Action  Common  search
2009 Yulven Character  Uncommon  search
2010 Yulven Character  Uncommon  search
2011 Yulven Character  Uncommon  search
2015 Yulven Character  Iced  search

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