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Black Knives

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Black Knives: 310 cards
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248 2-Handed Sword Item  Common  search
114 Aenne the Tempest Deverenian Character  Rare  search
158 Alesandressa Elf Character  Rare  search
180 Alia Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
249 Amulet of Force Item  Rare  search
250 Anandale's Armor Item  Rare  search
181 Angus Hammerfall Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
159 Artheon Elf Character  Uncommon  search
1 Assassination Action  Rare  search
136 Avalanche Dwarf Character  Common  search
137 Axe Dwarf Character  Common  search
182 Azamereth Flamekeeper Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
2 Backstab Action  Uncommon  search
251 Bag of Holding Item  Rare  search
3 Ball Lightning Action  Common  search
226 Ballista Crew Nothrog Character  Common  search
252 Balmtear's Potion Item  Rare  search
4 Banish the Wound Action  Uncommon  search
183 Baqbou Umbala Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
5 Bar Fight Action  Rare  search
291 Baraxton's Signet Item  Fixed  search
138 Basalt Gargoyle Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
184 Basil Nemis Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
6 Battle Plans Action  Rare  search
116 Baudwyn Troubador Deverenian Character  Common  search
175 Behlial Elf Character  Fixed  search
7 Below the Helm Action  Uncommon  search
202 Belsamoreth Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
253 Belt of Heroes Item  Uncommon  search
8 Between the Ribs Action  Rare  search
117 Bishop Koenraad Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
211 Black Tom of Corinth Mercenary Character  Fixed  search
203 Blackwind Mercenary Character  Rare  search
9 Blast Action  Common  search
10 Bless Action  Common  search
11 Blind Action  Uncommon  search
12 Blink Action  Uncommon  search
254 Bloodstained Dagger Item  Uncommon  search
255 Bloodsteed Item  Uncommon  search
13 Bloodthirsty Action  Uncommon  search
256 Blue Willow Wand Item  Common  search
257 Bracers of Archery Item  Common  search
258 Bracers of Hember Item  Rare  search
259 Bracers of Ogre Power Item  Rare  search
260 Breastplate of Power Item  Rare  search
204 Brine Fiend Mercenary Character  Common  search
118 Bruin Lenoire Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
261 Bruntor's Helm Item  Uncommon  search
14 Bull Strength Action  Common  search
15 Burning Hands Action  Common  search
119 Cador Deverenian Character  Common  search
290 Calix's Signet Item  Fixed  search
16 Calm Action  Uncommon  search
17 Caltrops Action  Uncommon  search
115 Cardinal Scelus Deverenian Character  Rare  search
227 Catapult Crew Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
18 Cause Fear Action  Common  search
19 Chain Lightning Action  Rare  search
262 Chain Mail Item  Uncommon  search
20 Charge Action  Uncommon  search
21 Charm Person Action  Uncommon  search
185 Chinua Ukwa Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
139 Claw Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
22 Cleave Action  Rare  search
23 Come Get Some Action  Common  search
160 Cordeos Elf Character  Rare  search
120 Count Damien Deverenian Character  Rare  search
24 Critical Strike Action  Uncommon  search
25 Crush Action  Common  search
263 Crystalsphere Staff Item  Rare  search
26 Cure Lethal Wounds Action  Rare  search
27 Cure Serious Wounds Action  Uncommon  search
161 Daedelia     search
264 Dagger Item  Common  search
228 Dakat Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
186 Darian Windson Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
121 Darius Deverenian Character  Common  search
140 Darkness Dwarf Character  Common  search
28 Death Blow Action  Common  search
29 Death Rune Action  Uncommon  search
30 Decay Action  Common  search
205 Demon of Kvar Mercenary Character  Rare  search
265 Deverenian Hound Item  Rare  search
206 Devon Harper Mercenary Character  Common  search
31 Dispel Magic Action  Uncommon  search
32 Distraction Action  Common  search
33 Distrust Action  Common  search
34 Divine Guidance Action  Rare  search
35 Divine Intervention Action  Uncommon  search
36 Dodge Action  Uncommon  search
207 Doppleganger Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
127 Duchess Brymin Deverenian Character  Fixed  search
266 Dwarven Hammer Item  Uncommon  search
187 Edouard Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
122 Elaneor Tremayne Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
162 Elenitakis Elf Character  Uncommon  search
163 Ellyah Elf Character  Rare  search
37 Extensions Action  Rare  search
141 Faith Dwarf Character  Common  search
164 Fethinos Elf Character  Common  search
208 Fett Anjaran Mercenary Character  Rare  search
38 Final Stand Action  Rare  search
39 Finesse Action  Common  search
40 Fireball Action  Uncommon  search
209 Fireridge Cyclops Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
41 Flame Arrows Action  Uncommon  search
188 Frederik Lahr Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
42 Fumble Action  Common  search
43 Giant Growth     search
44 Gift From Above Action  Uncommon  search
267 Glyph of Fate Item  Rare  search
142 Gnorrow Yaw Dwarf Character  Fixed  search
229 Gorzhek Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
45 Great Cleave Action  Rare  search
46 Grey Elf's Gratitude Action  Rare  search
268 Griffon of Misear Item  Uncommon  search
230 Grukth Nothrog Character  Common  search
143 Guardian Dwarf Character  Common  search
165 Gueniveure Elf Character  Uncommon  search
189 Halberdier Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
144 Hammer Dwarf Character  Common  search
269 Hammer of Peronor Item  Rare  search
47 Hamstring Action  Common  search
270 Handaxe Item  Common  search
166 Hassimal Elf Character  Uncommon  search
288 Hate's Signet Item  Fixed  search
271 Havat-lahn Stance Item  Uncommon  search
272 Healing Potion Item  Uncommon  search
273 Heavy Crossbow Item  Common  search
292 Hember's Signet Item  Fixed  search
48 Holy Energy Action  Rare  search
274 Horn of Fog Item  Common  search
231 Husuk Nothrog Character  Rare  search
49 I Have Your Back Action  Common  search
50 Ice Bolt Action  Uncommon  search
51 If You Still Breathe... Action  Rare  search
123 Imperial Guard Deverenian Character  Rare  search
52 Improvised Weapon Action  Common  search
53 Inferno Action  Rare  search
275 Invisibility Potion Item  Uncommon  search
190 Jack Casey Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
54 Jack of All Trades Action  Rare  search
167 Jigoral Elf Character  Common  search
210 Johan Halfblood Mercenary Character  Rare  search
55 Jump Action  Common  search
232 Kenia Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
212 Keridwen Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
168 Kether Elf Character  Common  search
191 Keziah Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
145 King Xod Dwarf Character  Rare  search
146 Knowledge Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
147 Kohn Peacehand Dwarf Character  Rare  search
234 L'Sara Nothrog Character  Common  search
124 Lady Beatrix Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
125 Lady Meleagrance Deverenian Character  Common  search
169 Lathos Elf Character  Rare  search
213 Lazarus Saul Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
56 Leadership Action  Uncommon  search
57 Leveled! Action  Common  search
58 Lightning Bolt Action  Uncommon  search
192 Logan Ebonwoulfe Free Kingdom Character  Fixed  search
276 Long Sword Item  Uncommon  search
126 Lord Anguisant Deverenian Character  Common  search
277 Loyal Nag Item  Uncommon  search
59 Loyalty's Reward Action  Rare  search
170 Lucien Stormcrow Elf Character  Common  search
235 Maakh Nothrog Character  Common  search
236 Maddawc Nothrog Character  Common  search
60 Madriga's Defense Action  Uncommon  search
171 Magheline Elf Character  Uncommon  search
214 Maidenhair Serpent Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
278 Main Gauche Item  Common  search
61 Mass Blessing Action  Rare  search
128 Master Anandale Deverenian Character  Rare  search
193 Maxmillian Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
62 Meet at the Inn!     search
63 Meteor Storm     search
279 Mixed Potion Item  Common  search
280 Narawat Ring Item  Uncommon  search
281 Nehil Item  Common  search
64 Nice Try Action  Uncommon  search
65 Nimble Fingers Action  Common  search
172 Noenare Elf Character  Uncommon  search
66 Not Fast Enough Action  Common  search
282 Nothrog Armor Item  Uncommon  search
67 Only Ruined My Shield Action  Common  search
237 Orazhuk Nothrog Character  Rare  search
238 Orochoff Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
68 Out of the Shadows Action  Uncommon  search
69 Overhand Block Action  Common  search
70 Overrun Action  Common  search
173 Palethis Elf Character  Common  search
239 Phar'Dunn Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
283 Phonstone Item  Uncommon  search
284 Pike Item  Common  search
148 Poison Dwarf Character  Rare  search
285 Poison Dagger Item  Rare  search
71 Poisoned Blade Action  Rare  search
286 Portable Hole Item  Rare  search
72 Power Word: Kill Action  Rare  search
149 Prince Alaric Dwarf Character  Rare  search
129 Princess Dashkova Deverenian Character  Rare  search
73 Prismatic Spray Action  Rare  search
74 Push Action  Uncommon  search
75 Put to the Test Action  Common  search
194 Rahku Mennanakh Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
174 Rathe Elf Character  Fixed  search
76 Relentless Action  Rare  search
77 Reserves Action  Common  search
287 Riding Horse Item  Uncommon  search
78 Righteous Faith Action  Common  search
293 Ring of Vorn Item  Uncommon  search
294 Robe of the Wind Item  Rare  search
150 Rock Crawlers Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
295 Rod of Roaring Flames Item  Rare  search
195 Rora Blackmane Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
240 Rren'the Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
79 Rune of Swift Striking Action  Uncommon  search
215 Sabith Yscar Mercenary Character  Common  search
80 Sacrifice Action  Common  search
216 Sakarian Giant Mercenary Character  Common  search
196 Sali Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
81 Sand in Your Eyes Action  Common  search
151 Saul Tombcarver Dwarf Character  Rare  search
296 Scale Mail Item  Uncommon  search
82 Scavenge Action  Common  search
197 Serah ni Fhionn Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
241 Sethusk Nothrog Character  Rare  search
217 Shade Harpy Mercenary Character  Common  search
297 Shade Lion Item  Uncommon  search
83 Shatter Action  Uncommon  search
152 Shield Dwarf Character  Common  search
84 Shield Bash Action  Uncommon  search
218 Shield Wall Mercenary Character  Common  search
298 Signon's Armor Item  Rare  search
289 Signon's Signet Item  Fixed  search
130 Sir Diotram Deverenian Character  Common  search
131 Sir Euain Deverenian Character  Common  search
198 Sir Robert the Vigilant Free Kingdom Character  Fixed  search
153 Sky Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
132 Slayer the Unkind Deverenian Character  Fixed  search
85 Smite Action  Uncommon  search
299 Soft Leather Armor Item  Uncommon  search
219 Sorscha Mercenary Character  Rare  search
86 Speed of the Gods Action  Uncommon  search
300 Spell Book Item  Uncommon  search
87 Spite Action  Uncommon  search
133 Squire Kelanor Deverenian Character  Common  search
220 SS-saurth Mercenary Character  Common  search
301 Staff Item  Uncommon  search
302 Staff of War Item  Rare  search
154 Stalwart Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
88 Stinking Cloud Action  Rare  search
155 Stone Dwarf Character  Common  search
156 Strongarm Dwarf Character  Rare  search
89 Summon Avatar Action  Rare  search
90 Summon Champion Action  Rare  search
91 Summon Guardian Action  Common  search
92 Summon Imp Action  Common  search
93 Summon Monster Action  Rare  search
94 Swift Action  Common  search
303 Symbol of Kor Item  Common  search
95 Take Advantage Action  Common  search
96 Tales at the Inn Action  Rare  search
233 Taoth Nothrog Character  Rare  search
242 Taoth's Axemen Nothrog Character  Common  search
97 Taunt Action  Common  search
304 Tears of the Storm Item  Rare  search
98 Teleport Action  Rare  search
99 Test of Faith Action  Rare  search
100 The Better Part of Valor Action  Rare  search
101 The Gauntlet Action  Rare  search
305 The King's Lady Item  Rare  search
221 The Quest Beast Mercenary Character  Rare  search
134 Theoloc Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
102 Throw Action  Common  search
222 Thunic Wyvern Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
306 Timber Wolf Item  Rare  search
243 Timmuk Nothrog Character  Common  search
199 Timothy Windson Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
103 To Fight Another Day Action  Uncommon  search
104 Too Fast to See Action  Rare  search
223 Toren Yscar Mercenary Character  Rare  search
105 Trample Action  Uncommon  search
106 True Aim Action  Common  search
157 Truth Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
244 Tsinanok Nothrog Character  Common  search
107 Turn Undead Action  Common  search
108 Turned to Stone Action  Rare  search
224 Tyren Ruskin Mercenary Character  Common  search
245 Urg Nothrog Character  Common  search
246 Uthanak Nothrog Character  Fixed  search
200 Uther Killer-of-Bears Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
135 Uthival Tremayne Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
225 Vahdrok the Crippler Mercenary Character  Rare  search
176 Valanthe Elf Character  Uncommon  search
247 Varg Nothrog Character  Rare  search
109 Virtue Action  Rare  search
201 Vogurn Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
307 Vorpal Blade Item  Rare  search
110 Wall of Air Action  Uncommon  search
111 Web Action  Uncommon  search
112 Whirlwind Action  Rare  search
113 Whirlwind Attack Action  Rare  search
177 Whispershot Elf Character  Common  search
178 Wythien Elf Character  Uncommon  search
308 Wyvernskin Robe Item  Rare  search
309 Wyvernsting Bow Item  Rare  search
179 Yanthorine Elf Character  Common  search
310 Yedraw's Tooth Item  Rare  search

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