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The Captain's Command

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The Captain's Command: 20 cards
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96 Anointed by the Mother Event  search
81 Arbor Guardsman Character  search
100 Aurane Waters Character  search
93 Blood Magic Ritual Attachment  search
95 Dagger Lake Galley Location  search
99 Desperate Measures Event  search
94 Guided by Quaithe Event  search
83 Iron Fleet Scout Location  search
82 Iron Islands Brigand Character  search
97 Judged by the Father Event  search
85 Khorane Sathmantes Character  search
84 Lyseni Pirate Character  search
88 Manderly's Scheme Plot  search
98 Nurtured by the Crone Event  search
89 Planky Town Orphan Character  search
90 Salty Dornishman Character  search
91 Ser Cletus Yronwood Character  search
92 Ser Rolly Duckfield Character  search
87 White Harbor Location  search
86 Wylla Manderly Character  search

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