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Battle of the Aspects

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Battle of the Aspects: 113 cards
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T-32 Aesa Ally  Uncommon  search
T-46 Ambassador Chromie Ally  Epic  search
T-11 Arcane Reflection Ability  Uncommon  search
T-38 Aresan Bloodshield Ally  Uncommon  search
T-2 Army of Undeath Ability  Rare  search
T-20 Assassin's Grace Ability  Common  search
18 Assault Aspects Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-67 Ataraxis, Cudgel of the Warmaster Equipment  Common  search
13 Barrel Roll Deathwing Ability  Common  search
T-47 Benedictus, the Twilight Father Ally  Epic  search
T-60 Blackfang Battleweave Tunic Equipment  Common  search
T-61 Blackhorn's Mighty Bulwark Equipment  Uncommon  search
T-14 Blessing of the Just Ability  Uncommon  search
14 Blistering Tentacle Deathwing Ability  Common  search
T-48 Champion of Life Ally  Uncommon  search
T-49 Champion of Time Ally  Uncommon  search
T-15 Condemn Ability  Common  search
19 Congealing Blood Deathwing Event  Common  search
20 Contagious Blood Deathwing Event  Common  search
21 Corrupting Parasite Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-62 Cowl of Dying Light Equipment  Common  search
T-16 Crusader's Armament Ability  Rare  search
22 Crush Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-26 Curse of the Void Ability  Common  search
23 Death's Deal Deathwing Event  Common  search
1 Deathwing the Destroyer Hero  Rare  search
2 Deathwing the Destroyer Hero  Rare  search
3 Deathwing the Destroyer Hero  Rare  search
4 Deathwing the Destroyer Hero  Rare  search
24 Debilitating Corruption Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-63 Deep Earth Mantle Equipment  Common  search
T-27 Demonic Torrent Ability  Uncommon  search
25 Destroyer's Challenge Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-44 Echo of Baine Ally  Rare  search
T-45 Echo of Jaina Ally  Rare  search
T-23 Elemental Balance Ability  Uncommon  search
17 Elementium Armor Deathwing Equipment  Common  search
15 Elementium Bolt Deathwing Ability  Common  search
11 Elementium Terror Deathwing Ally  Common  search
T-33 Ellie Tinkervoid Ally  Common  search
26 Explosive Heat Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-68 Fangs of the Father Equipment  Rare  search
27 Fiery Corruption Deathwing Event  Common  search
28 Fiery Madness Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-12 Flame Charge Ability  Common  search
29 Focused Assault Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-34 Galabak Barrelmark Ally  Common  search
T-35 Ganvar Singebeard Ally  Uncommon  search
T-3 Grim Fate Ability  Common  search
T-69 Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Equipment  Rare  search
8 Hagara the Stormbinder Deathwing Ally  Common  search
T-21 Helplessness Ability  Rare  search
30 Hemorrhage Deathwing Event  Common  search
12 Hideous Amalgamation Deathwing Ally  Common  search
T-8 Impaling Shot Ability  Common  search
31 Incinerating Bolt Deathwing Event  Common  search
32 Inferno Pulse Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-13 Infinite Brilliance Ability  Rare  search
T-28 Karuzak Ally  Rare  search
T-22 Knife Throw Ability  Uncommon  search
T-39 Krax Gravesteel Ally  Rare  search
T-50 Lord Afrasastrasz Ally  Epic  search
T-40 Malazar Eldarch Ally  Uncommon  search
T-5 Mark of Cenarius Ability  Uncommon  search
T-70 Maw of the Dragonlord Equipment  Rare  search
T-17 Mind Wipe Ability  Uncommon  search
T-41 Mixi Crankhaven Ally  Common  search
5 Morchok Deathwing Ally  Common  search
T-1 Murozond, The Lord of the Infinite Master Hero  Epic  search
16 Mutated Corruption Deathwing Ability  Common  search
T-42 Naroku Sunsteppe Ally  Common  search
T-36 Nasala Silvertree Ally  Rare  search
T-64 Necrotic Boneplate Gauntlets Equipment  Common  search
T-29 Nether Vision Ability  Common  search
T-71 No'Kaled, the Elements of Death Equipment  Rare  search
33 Oozing Blood Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-18 Persuasive Resurrection Ability  Rare  search
34 Punishing Blood Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-9 Punishing Shot Ability  Common  search
35 Rage of the Destroyer Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-30 Raging Stance Ability  Rare  search
T-24 Scorching Totem Ability  Common  search
T-31 Shockburst Ability  Common  search
T-43 Shumu'zun Ally  Common  search
T-51 Sky Captain Swayze Ally  Rare  search
T-72 Souldrinker Equipment  Rare  search
T-19 Subdue Ability  Common  search
36 Summon Boss Deathwing Event  Common  search
37 Swarm of Blood Deathwing Event  Common  search
38 Tentacle Swipe Deathwing Event  Common  search
T-66 The Dragon Soul Equipment  Epic  search
T-52 Thrall the World-Shaman Ally  Epic  search
T-73 Ti'tahk, the Steps of Time Equipment  Common  search
T-65 Timepiece of the Bronze Flight Equipment  Common  search
T-25 Totemic Cleanse Ability  Common  search
T-10 Tracker's Mark Ability  Uncommon  search
T-53 Twilight Assassin Ally  Common  search
T-54 Twilight Frost Evoker Ally  Common  search
T-55 Tyrygosa the Blue Ally  Rare  search
9 Ultraxion Deathwing Ally  Common  search
T-37 Valathar Blackstorm Ally  Common  search
T-56 Valeera Ally  Rare  search
T-6 Verdant Vengeance Ability  Rare  search
T-4 Vile Strike Ability  Uncommon  search
T-74 Visage of the Destroyer Equipment  Uncommon  search
T-75 Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth Equipment  Rare  search
6 Warlord Zon'ozz Deathwing Ally  Common  search
10 Warmaster Blackhorn Deathwing Ally  Common  search
T-7 Will of Cenarius Ability  Common  search
T-57 Wrathion Ally  Rare  search
T-58 Wyrmrest Captain Ally  Uncommon  search
T-59 Wyrmrest Protector Ally  Uncommon  search
7 Yor'sahj the Unsleeping Deathwing Ally  Common  search
Total price for whole set:

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