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Set 23

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Set 23: 97 cards
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11 Amethysnake Spirit  Common  search
28 Anagpanzer Spirit  Common  search
46 Atlaisoldier Spirit  Common  search
80 Back Attack Spell  Uncommon  search
14 Bone-Ceros Spirit  Common  search
42 Caprinmel Spirit  Common  search
35 Clubman-AT Spirit  Rare  search
79 Counter Sword Spell  Common  search
82 Dancing Sword Spell  Uncommon  search
75 Dead Sword Spell  Common  search
84 Deep Sea Illusion Spell  Common  search
73 Dino Reborn Spell  Common  search
48 Falcopanther Spirit  Common  search
23 Grace Caterpiller Spirit  Common  search
78 Grass Bind Spell  Common  search
6 Guardian-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
59 Hanmyoru Brave  Common  search
66 Hydra-Arms Brave  Common  search
9 Kokasutorikera Spirit  Common  search
47 Migo Spirit  Common  search
21 Mushatanuki Spirit  Common  search
34 Nega-Typhon Spirit  Master Rare  search
97 Phantom Jeter Spirit  Common  search
61 Phantom Jetter Brave  Common  search
77 Quickly Sword Spell  Rare  search
17 Shadow-Aldius Spirit  Common  search
3 Shining-Bladra Spirit  Common  search
7 Silver-Wurm Spirit  Common  search
4 Souen-Dragoon Spirit  Common  search
83 Spinning Sword Spell  Uncommon  search
74 Sword Raid Spell  Rare  search
50 The AbyssalSwordsSaint Shubu-Nigura Spirit  Rare  search
90 The AbyssalTwinDragon Hasturk Spirit  X Rare  search
38 The AdventureAngelia Turel Spirit  Rare  search
39 The Adventurer Adopentan Spirit  Common  search
41 The Angelia of Light Dariel Spirit  Common  search
64 The AnnihilationAngelia Nephilim Brave  Uncommon  search
89 The ArcAngelia Avrielle Spirit  X Rare  search
33 The ArmoredSwordsSaint Minotauros Spirit  Uncommon  search
62 The AuroraBlade Soulbreaker Brave  Rare  search
32 The BlackGoddess Nemhain Spirit  Common  search
51 The Blacksmith Beta Spirit  Common  search
56 The BlazeMoonBlade Scarlet-Moon Brave  Uncommon  search
49 The BoarMan Boaboa Spirit  Common  search
69 The Bug-Inviting Bewitching Flower Tower Nexus  Uncommon  search
87 The ButterflyEmpress Grace-Papillon Spirit  X Rare  search
37 The DancingWitch Maya Spirit  Common  search
16 The DeathGodSwordsSaint Darkness-Mare Spirit  Rare  search
58 The DemonSword Deathscythe Brave  Uncommon  search
2 The DinosaurSwordsSaint Dracorex Spirit  Rare  search
85 The DragonShineDeity Shining-Dragon-Overray Spirit  X Rare  search
93 The DragonShineDeity Shining-Dragon-Overray Spirit  X Rare  search
93a The DragonShineDeity Shining-Dragon-Overray Spirit  X Rare  search
67 The Eternal Deity Capital Nexus  Common  search
1 The FanBladeDragon Dimetron Spirit  Common  search
22 The FireShinobi Hashibiro Spirit  Master Rare  search
92 The FlashSoulBlade Lightning-Shion Brave  X Rare  search
92a The FlashSoulBlade Lightning-Shion Brave  X Rare  search
27 The FortressWorm Fort-Caucasus Spirit  Uncommon  search
36 The GreatImperialMachine ISS Spirit  Common  search
30 The GunStrikeKnight Maclir Spirit  Common  search
63 The HaloBlade Angelhalo Brave  Rare  search
31 The HeavenSwordsSaint Finvel Spirit  Master Rare  search
44 The IceFireSwordsSaint Sphiel Spirit  Uncommon  search
29 The ImperialMachine Ranger No. 6 Spirit  Common  search
60 The JadeKodachi Nichirinmaru Brave  Master Rare  search
5 The MeteorSwordsSaint Shootingstar Spirit  Uncommon  search
8 The NebulaDragon Andromeda-Dragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
24 The NightButterflySwordsSaint Morphonight Spirit  Rare  search
65 The OceanEmperorBlade Triwave Brave  Rare  search
54 The OceanEmperorGiantSoldier Atraia-Golem Spirit  Uncommon  search
40 The PuppeteerAngelia Mariel Spirit  Common  search
70 The Rocket City Nexus  Common  search
43 The ShadowMoonSwordsSaint Amalthea Spirit  Master Rare  search
25 The ShinobiBird Juichi Spirit  Common  search
71 The St. Mikafar Cathedral Nexus  Common  search
55 The SunBlade Cardinal-Sun Brave  Uncommon  search
52 The SwordsSaintGeneral Firanda Spirit  Master Rare  search
26 The SwordsSaintMasterShinobi Jiraiya Spirit  Uncommon  search
91 The True Sword of Judgment Truth-Eden Brave  X Rare  search
88 The TwinGunMachineDeity Dirum-Dyna Spirit  X Rare  search
68 The Underground Empire of Lies Nexus  Common  search
45 The WaterDragonDeity Galgios Spirit  Common  search
19 The WaterShinobi Gamon Spirit  Common  search
15 The WhiteRiderDragon White-Pendragon Spirit  Common  search
86 The WhiteSnakeEmperor Aldius-Viper Spirit  X Rare  search
94 The WhiteSnakeEmperor Aldius-Viper Spirit  X Rare  search
13 The WhiteSnakeSwordsSaint Albinaga Spirit  Master Rare  search
18 The WickedBoneDragonEmperor Bone-Titanoks Spirit  Uncommon  search
12 The WolfKnight Loup-Gar Spirit  Common  search
81 Thunder Wall Spell  Common  search
53 Timbertoll Spirit  Common  search
76 Vanishing Core Spell  Common  search
72 Warning of the Heaven Shrine Nexus  Uncommon  search
10 Wingwinder Spirit  Uncommon  search
20 Yoroibatta Spirit  Common  search
57 Zaguna-Orix Brave  Common  search

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