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The Steward's Fear

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The Steward's Fear: 31 cards
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10 A Good Harvest Event  search
24 A Knife in the Back Treachery  search
28 A Prisoner Objective  search
26 A Scrap of History Objective  search
8 Anfalas Herdsman Ally  search
11 Conspiracy Quest  search
15 Daughter of Beruthiel Enemy  search
6 Ethir Swordsman Ally  search
25 False Lead Treachery  search
3 Gaining Strength Event  search
5 Gondorian Shield Attachment  search
1 Hirluin the Fair Hero  search
21 Houses of the Dead Location  search
4 Knights of the Swan Ally  search
9 Mithrandir's Advice Event  search
31 Poisoned Counsels Objective  search
7 Ring of Barahir Attachment  search
19 Roots of Mindolluin Location  search
27 Secret Map Objective  search
18 Sewers Location  search
20 Storehouse Location  search
17 Telemnar's Bane Enemy  search
13 The Confrontation Quest  search
22 The Fourth Star Location  search
12 The Grand Design Quest  search
16 The Hand of Castamir Enemy  search
14 Underworld Dissident Enemy  search
29 Unholy Alliance Objective  search
23 Unwelcome Discovery Treachery  search
30 Up in Flames Objective  search
2 Warrior of Lossarnach Ally  search

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