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Encounter at Amon Dîn

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Encounter at Amon Dîn: 25 cards
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59 Book of Eldacar Attachment  search
75 Burning Farmhouse Location  search
78 Burnt Homestead Treachery  search
74 Craven Eagle Enemy  search
69 Dead Villagers Objective  search
57 Denethor Ally  search
71 Ghulat Enemy  search
60 Gondorian Discipline Event  search
76 Gondorian Hamlet Location  search
65 Hobbit-sense Event  search
63 Ithilien Archer Ally  search
64 Ithilien Pit Attachment  search
70 Lord Alcaron Objective  search
58 Lord of Morthond Attachment  search
72 Marauding Orc Enemy  search
61 Minas Tirith Lampwright Ally  search
73 Orc Ravager Enemy  search
80 Panicked! Treachery  search
56 Pippin Hero  search
67 Protect the Villagers Quest  search
68 Rescued Villagers Objective  search
66 Savagery of the Orcs Quest  search
77 Secluded Farmhouse Location  search
62 Small Target Event  search
79 Trapped Inside Treachery  search

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