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Assault on Osgiliath

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Assault on Osgiliath: 26 cards
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98 Ancient Harbor Location  search
106 Counter-attack Treachery  search
101 East Quarter Location  search
81 Faramir Hero  search
89 Forest Patrol Event  search
85 Gondorian Fire Attachment  search
84 Knight of Minas Tirith Ally  search
87 Map of Earnil Attachment  search
83 Men of the West Event  search
90 Palantir Attachment  search
86 Pelargir Shipwright Ally  search
104 Pinned Down Treachery  search
88 Ranger Bow Attachment  search
91 Retake the City Quest  search
102 Ruined Square Location  search
103 Ruined Tower Location  search
95 Southron Commander Enemy  search
94 Southron Phalanx Enemy  search
105 Street Fighting Treachery  search
82 Sword of Morthond Attachment  search
97 The King's Library Location  search
99 The Old Bridge Location  search
92 Uruk Lieutenant Enemy  search
93 Uruk Soldier Enemy  search
96 West Gate Location  search
100 West Quarter Location  search

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