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Gargantia Booster Pack

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Gargantia Booster Pack: 116 cards
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GG-S23-070 Amy in Swimsuit Character  search
GG-S23-053 Amy, Bright Smiles Character  search
GG-S23-053R Amy, Bright Smiles Character  RRR  search
GG-S23-057 Amy, Dancer Character  search
GG-S23-057S Amy, Dancer Character  SR  search
GG-S23-055 Amy, Full of Interest Character  search
GG-S23-060 Amy, Impressed Character  search
GG-S23-056 Amy, Life on the Ship Character  search
GG-S23-051 Amy, Messenger / メッセンジャー エイミー Character  RR  search
GG-S23-051R Amy, Messenger / メッセンジャー エイミー Character  RRR  search
GG-S23-052 Amy, Realized Feelings / 気付いた想い エイミー Character  RR  search
GG-S23-052P Amy, Realized Feelings / 気付いた想い エイミー Character  SP  search
GG-S23-059 Amy, Running Up Character  search
GG-S23-061 Amy, Smiling / 微笑む エイミー Character  search
GG-S23-061S Amy, Smiling / 微笑む エイミー Character  SR  search
GG-S23-054 Amy, Surprising Meeting Character  search
GG-S23-054S Amy, Surprising Meeting Character  SR  search
GG-S23-058 Bebel, Admiration for the Universe Character  search
GG-S23-007 Bellows, Carnival Character  search
GG-S23-016 Bellows, Disappointed Character  search
GG-S23-006 Bellows, Offering Advice Character  search
GG-S23-011 Bellows, One Request Character  search
GG-S23-009 Bellows, Puzzled Eyes Character  search
GG-S23-002 Bellows, Salvager Character  RR  search
GG-S23-004 Bellows, Surprised Look / 驚きの目 べローズ Character  search
GG-S23-074 Ceremony of Friendship Climax  CC  search
GG-S23-039 Chamber in Battle Character  search
GG-S23-037 Chamber, Calm Day Character  search
GG-S23-030 Chamber, Carrying Luggage / 荷運び中 チェインバー Character  search
GG-S23-029 Chamber, Fishing Character  search
GG-S23-034 Chamber, Gathering Fresh Water Character  search
GG-S23-043 Chamber, Gravity Waver Character  search
GG-S23-038 Chamber, Hunting Whalesquid Character  search
GG-S23-038S Chamber, Hunting Whalesquid Character  SR  search
GG-S23-027 Chamber, Machine Caliber / マシンキャリバー チェインバー Character  RR  search
GG-S23-027P Chamber, Machine Caliber / マシンキャリバー チェインバー Character  SP  search
GG-S23-084 Chamber, Mission to Fulfill Character  search
GG-S23-026 Chamber, Own Conclusion Character  RR  search
GG-S23-036 Chamber, Responding Character  search
GG-S23-036S Chamber, Responding Character  SR  search
GG-S23-031 Chamber, Tinplate General / ブリキの大将 チェインバー Character  search
GG-S23-031R Chamber, Tinplate General / ブリキの大将 チェインバー Character  RRR  search
GG-S23-099 Confronting Pirates Climax  CC  search
GG-S23-048 Deflector Beam Climax  CR  search
GG-S23-071 Dried Foods Event  search
GG-S23-072 Escape! Event  search
GG-S23-008 Fairlock, Fleet Commander Character  search
GG-S23-073 Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet / 翠星のガルガンティア Climax  CR  search
GG-S23-065 Grace, Following Amy Character  search
GG-S23-064 Happy Amy / 喜ぶエイミー Character  search
GG-S23-096 Hidden Truth Event  search
GG-S23-095 Hideauze Character  search
GG-S23-094 Hideauze, Process of Evolution Character  search
GG-S23-014 Joe, Working / 仕事中 ジョー Character  search
GG-S23-093 Kugel, Fake Reunion Character  search
GG-S23-086 Kugel, Superior Character  search
GG-S23-033 Ledo & Chamber, Falling from the sky Character  search
GG-S23-078 Ledo & Chamber, Under the Sky / 大空の下 レド&チェインバー Character  search
GG-S23-078P Ledo & Chamber, Under the Sky / 大空の下 レド&チェインバー Character  SP  search
GG-S23-091 Ledo in the Cockpit Character  search
GG-S23-097 Ledo's Flute Event  search
GG-S23-089 Ledo, Adventurer Character  search
GG-S23-082 Ledo, Collapse of Will Character  search
GG-S23-077 Ledo, Farewell to Galactic Alliance of Humankind / 人類銀河同盟との訣別 レド Character  RR  search
GG-S23-077P Ledo, Farewell to Galactic Alliance of Humankind / 人類銀河同盟との訣別 レド Character  SP  search
GG-S23-081 Ledo, Farewell to the Favorite Ride Character  search
GG-S23-083 Ledo, Life on the Ship Character  search
GG-S23-079 Ledo, Meditating Character  search
GG-S23-079S Ledo, Meditating Character  SR  search
GG-S23-092 Ledo, Pondering Character  search
GG-S23-088 Ledo, Strong Glare Character  search
GG-S23-090 Ledo, Trial-And-Error Smile Character  search
GG-S23-080 Ledo, Unfamiliar Land / 見知らぬ土地 レド Character  search
GG-S23-080S Ledo, Unfamiliar Land / 見知らぬ土地 レド Character  SR  search
GG-S23-076 Ledo, Young Man From the Sky / 宇宙から来た少年 レド Character  RR  search
GG-S23-076R Ledo, Young Man From the Sky / 宇宙から来た少年 レド Character  RRR  search
GG-S23-035 Lukkage Yunboro Character  search
GG-S23-040 Lukkage, Great Pirate / 大海賊 ラケージ Character  search
GG-S23-044 Lukkage, Rebellion Character  search
GG-S23-032 Lukkage, Wave Riding Character  search
GG-S23-047 Maximize Neuro-plus-powered Event  search
GG-S23-069 Melty in Swimsuit Character  search
GG-S23-062 Melty, Making a Joke Character  search
GG-S23-066 Melty, Mischievous Kid / いたずらっ子 メルティ Character  search
GG-S23-015 Myta, Looking at the Sea of Fog Character  search
GG-S23-024 New Alliance Leader Climax  CC  search
GG-S23-019 Oldham, Doctor Character  search
GG-S23-042 Paraem, Lukkage's Attendent Character  search
GG-S23-041 Parinuri, Lukkage's Attendent Character  search
GG-S23-010 Pinion, Barbeque Party Character  search
GG-S23-012 Pinion, Escaped Character  search
GG-S23-013 Pinion, Frivolous One Character  search
GG-S23-017 Pinion, Memory of Older Brother Character  search
GG-S23-001 Ridget in Mourning Character  RR  search
GG-S23-005 Ridget in Swimsuit Character  search
GG-S23-018 Ridget, New Alliance Leader Character  search
GG-S23-020 Ridget, Questioning Character  search
GG-S23-003 Ridget, Vice Representative of the Fleet Character  search
GG-S23-003S Ridget, Vice Representative of the Fleet Character  SR  search
GG-S23-067 Saaya in Swimsuit Character  search
GG-S23-068 Saaya, Composed Girl Character  search
GG-S23-063 Saaya, Relaxing Character  search
GG-S23-021 Salvage Event  search
GG-S23-049 Shove It, Tinplate Bastard! Climax  CC  search
GG-S23-022 Sky Ladder / 天の梯子 Event  search
GG-S23-046 Steelplate Chamber Event  search
GG-S23-028 Striker, Battle Stance Character  search
GG-S23-045 Striker, Calling Itself God Character  search
GG-S23-098 The Last Supporting Enlightenment / 最後の支援啓発 Climax  CR  search
GG-S23-075 Thus, Come Back! Climax  CC  search
GG-S23-025 Treasure Island Seen in the Dream Climax  CC  search
GG-S23-050 Wave-Riding Lobster Climax  CC  search
GG-S23-087 Whalesquid Character  search
GG-S23-023 Whomever Catches Fish Gets Fresh Water Climax  CR  search
GG-S23-085 Young Hideauze Lifeform Character  search
GG-S23-100 Young Man from the Sky Climax  CC  search

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