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Class Starter 2013: Horde Druid

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Class Starter 2013: Horde Druid: 24 cards
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10 Abasha Windstorm Ally  Uncommon  search
11 Alyna Sunshower Ally  Common  search
20 Archival Purposes Quest  Common  search
2 Blessing of Cenarius Instant Ability  Common  search
12 Dark Cleric Jocasta Ally  Uncommon  search
3 Entangling Growth Instant Ability  Common  search
21 Entrenched Quest  Common  search
22 Escape from Durnholde Quest  Common  search
4 Innervate Instant Ability  Rare  search
13 Izzy Quizfiz Ally  Common  search
14 Jumahko Thundersky Ally  Common  search
24 Lightning in a Bottle Quest  Common  search
1 Mahona, Hand of the Earthmother Hero  Uncommon  search
5 Mark of Goldrinn Ability  Common  search
6 Mark of Life Instant Ability  Common  search
7 Mark of Malorne Ability  Common  search
15 Moro Wildmesa Ally  Common  search
16 Seraxa Brightmix Ally  Rare  search
8 Starfire Ability  Rare  search
23 The Essence of Enmity Quest  Common  search
17 Vazu'jin Ally  Common  search
9 Wrath Ability  Common  search
18 Wrex Ally  Common  search
19 Yana'mi Ally  Common  search

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