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Special Edition

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Special Edition: 324 cards
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1 2X-7KPR (Tooex) Character  search
56 A Bright Center To The Universe Effect  search
57 A Day Long Remembered Effect  search
83 A Real Hero Interrupt  search
313 Air-2 Racing Swoop Vehicle  search
2 Ak-rev Character  search
163 Alderaan Operative Character  search
58 Alert My Star Destroyer! Effect  search
84 All Power To Weapons Interrupt  search
244 All Wings Report In Interrupt  search
3 Anoat Operative [DS] Character  search
164 Anoat Operative [LS] Character  search
245 Antilles Maneuver Interrupt  search
165 ASP-707 (Ayesspee) Character  search
302 B-wing Attack Fighter Starship  search
246 Balanced Attack Interrupt  search
59 Bantha Herd Effect  search
4 Barquin D'an Character  search
166 Ben Kenobi Character  search
85 Blast Points Used Interrupt  search
60 Blown Clear Effect  search
5 Boba Fett Character  search
6 Boelo Character  search
139 Bossk In Hound's Tooth Starship  search
167 Bothan Spy Character  search
272 Bothawui Location  search
168 Bothawui Operative Character  search
7 Brangus Glee Character  search
169 Bren Quersey Character  search
170 Bron Burs Character  search
171 Camie Character  search
134 Carbon Chamber Testing / My Favorite Decoration Objective  search
8 Chyler Character  search
172 Clak'dor VII Operative Character  search
217 Cloud City Celebration Effect  search
61 Cloud City Occupation Effect  search
107 Cloud City: Casino [DS] Location  search
273 Cloud City: Casino [LS] Location  search
274 Cloud City: Core Tunnel Location  search
108 Cloud City: Downtown Plaza [DS] Location  search
275 Cloud City: Downtown Plaza [LS] Location  search
109 Cloud City: Interrogation Room Location  search
276 Cloud City: North Corridor Location  search
110 Cloud City: Port Town District Location  search
111 Cloud City: Upper Walkway Location  search
112 Cloud City: West Gallery [DS] Location  search
277 Cloud City: West Gallery [LS] Location  search
173 Colonel Feyn Gospic Character  search
149 Combat Cloud Car Vehicle  search
62 Come Here You Big Coward! Effect  search
174 Commander Wedge Antilles Character  search
86 Coordinated Attack Interrupt  search
175 Corellia Operative Character  search
218 Corellian Engineering Corporation Effect  search
9 Corporal Grenwick Character  search
10 Corporal Prescott Character  search
11 Corulag Operative Character  search
219 Coruscant Celebration Effect  search
113 Coruscant [DS] Location  search
278 Coruscant [LS] Location  search
114 Coruscant: Docking Bay [DS] Location  search
115 Coruscant: Imperial City Location  search
116 Coruscant: Imperial Square Location  search
87 Counter Surprise Assault Interrupt  search
117 Dagobah [DS] Location  search
297 Dantooine Base Operations / More Dangerous Than You Realize Objective  search
12 Dantooine Operative Character  search
247 Darklighter Spin Interrupt  search
13 Darth Vader, Dark Lord Of The Sith Character  search
140 Death Squadron Star Destroyer Starship  search
141 Death Star Assault Squadron Starship  search
279 Death Star [LS] Location  search
118 Death Star: Detention Block Control Room [DS] Location  search
280 Death Star: Detention Block Corridor [LS] Location  search
176 Debnoli Character  search
119 Desert [DS] Location  search
281 Desert [LS] Location  search
63 Desilijic Tattoo Effect  search
248 Desperate Tactics Interrupt  search
64 Destroyed Homestead Effect  search
150 Dewback Vehicle  search
249 Direct Assault Interrupt  search
157 Disruptor Pistol [DS] Weapon  search
319 Disruptor Pistol [LS] Weapon  search
220 Docking And Repair Facilities Effect  search
14 Dodo Bodonawieedo Character  search
250 Don't Tread On Me Interrupt  search
221 Down With The Emperor! Effect  search
158 Dr. Evazan's Sawed-off Blaster Weapon  search
222 Draw Their Fire Effect  search
65 Dreaded Imperial Starfleet Effect  search
177 Droid Merchant Character  search
151 Dune Walker Vehicle  search
320 Echo Base Trooper Rifle Weapon  search
178 Elyhek Rue Character  search
223 Entrenchment Effect  search
15 Eriadu Operative Character  search
120 Executor: Docking Bay Location  search
282 Farm Location  search
159 Feltipern Trevagg's Stun Rifle Weapon  search
66 Firepower Effect  search
179 Firin Morett Character  search
251 First Aid Interrupt  search
67 First Strike Effect  search
152 Flare-S Racing Swoop Vehicle  search
88 Flawless Marksmanship Used Or Lost Interrupt  search
54 Floating Refinery Device  search
121 Fondor Location  search
122 Forest [DS] Location  search
283 Forest [LS] Location  search
16 Gela Yeens Character  search
180 General McQuarrie Character  search
303 Gold 3 Starship  search
304 Gold 4 Starship  search
305 Gold 6 Starship  search
224 Goo Nee Tay Effect  search
17 Greeata Character  search
181 Grondorn Muse Character  search
182 Harc Seff Character  search
252 Harvest Interrupt  search
89 Heavy Fire Zone Used Interrupt  search
253 Heroes Of Yavin Interrupt  search
225 Heroic Sacrifice Effect  search
298 Hidden Base / Systems Will Slip Through Your Fingers Objective  search
254 Hit And Run Interrupt  search
183 Hol Okand Character  search
55 Homing Beacon Device  search
226 Hoth Sentry Effect  search
135 Hunt Down And Destroy The Jedi / Their Fire Has Gone Out Of The Universe Objective  search
90 Hunting Party Used Interrupt  search
91 I Can't Shake Him! Used Interrupt  search
18 Iasa, The Traitor Of Jawa Canyon Character  search
19 IM4-099 (Eyeemmfour) Character  search
227 Imperial Atrocity Effect  search
136 Imperial Occupation / Imperial Control Objective  search
68 Imperial Propaganda Effect  search
92 In Range Used Interrupt  search
228 Incom Corporation Effect  search
184 Incom Engineer Character  search
160 Intruder Missile [DS] Starship Weapon  search
321 Intruder Missile [LS] Starship Weapon  search
137 ISB Operations / Empire's Sinister Agents Objective  search
255 It's Not My Fault! Interrupt  search
20 Jabba Character  search
69 Jabba's Influence Effect  search
142 Jabba's Space Cruiser Starship  search
93 Jabba's Through With You Used Interrupt  search
94 Jabba's Twerps Interrupt  search
185 Joh Yowza Character  search
123 Jungle [DS] Location  search
284 Jungle [LS] Location  search
314 Kalit's Sandcrawler Vehicle  search
21 Kashyyyk Operative [DS] Character  search
186 Kashyyyk Operative [LS] Character  search
22 Kessel Operative Character  search
187 Ketwol Character  search
23 Kiffex Operative [DS] Character  search
188 Kiffex Operative [LS] Character  search
189 Kirdo III Operative Character  search
229 Koensayr Manufacturing Effect  search
49 Krayt Dragon Creature  search
124 Kuat Location  search
70 Kuat Drive Yards Effect  search
322 Lando's Blaster Rifle Weapon  search
230 Legendary Starfighter Effect  search
323 Leia's Blaster Rifle Weapon  search
190 Lieutenant Lepira Character  search
191 Lieutenant Naytaan Character  search
192 Lieutenant Tarn Mison Character  search
24 Lobel Character  search
25 Lobot [DS] Character  search
256 Local Defense Interrupt  search
299 Local Uprising / Liberation Objective  search
26 Lyn Me Character  search
193 Major Palo Torshan Character  search
27 Makurth Character  search
231 Maneuvering Flaps Effect  search
95 Masterful Move Used Interrupt  search
232 Mechanical Failure Effect  search
233 Meditation Effect  search
306 Medium Bulk Freighter Starship  search
194 Melas Character  search
300 Mind What You Have Learned / Save You It Can Objective  search
195 Moisture Farmer Character  search
28 Nal Hutta Operative Character  search
196 Neb Dulo Character  search
29 Nebit Character  search
30 Niado Duegad Character  search
234 Nick Of Time Effect  search
71 No Bargain Effect  search
257 Old Times Interrupt  search
258 On Target Interrupt  search
50 One-Arm Creature  search
72 Oppressive Enforcement Effect  search
31 Ord Mantell Operative Character  search
259 Organized Attack Interrupt  search
143 OS-72-1 In Obsidian 1 Starship  search
32 OS-72-10 Character  search
144 OS-72-2 In Obsidian 2 Starship  search
33 Outer Rim Scout Character  search
96 Overwhelmed Interrupt  search
153 Patrol Craft [DS] Vehicle  search
315 Patrol Craft [LS] Vehicle  search
73 Planetary Subjugation Effect  search
161 Ponda Baba's Hold-out Blaster Weapon  search
215 Portable Scanner Device  search
260 Power Pivot Interrupt  search
261 Precise Hit Interrupt  search
74 Pride Of The Empire Device  search
197 Princess Organa Character  search
97 Put All Sections On Alert Interrupt  search
34 R2-A5 (Artoo-Ayfive) Character  search
198 R3-A2 (Arthree-Aytoo) Character  search
199 R3-T2 (Arthree-Teetoo) Character  search
35 Raithal Operative Character  search
200 Ralltiir Freighter Captain Character  search
138 Ralltiir Operations / In The Hands Of The Empire Objective  search
201 Ralltiir Operative Character  search
262 Rapid Fire Interrupt  search
36 Rappertunie Character  search
263 Rebel Ambush Interrupt  search
75 Rebel Base Occupation Effect  search
235 Rebel Fleet Effect  search
310 Red 10 Starship  search
307 Red 7 Starship  search
308 Red 8 Starship  search
309 Red 9 Starship  search
98 Relentless Pursuit Interrupt  search
285 Rendezvous Point Location  search
125 Rendili Location  search
76 Rendili StarDrive Effect  search
301 Rescue The Princess / Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself Objective  search
77 Return To Base Effect  search
286 Roche Location  search
51 Rock Wart Creature  search
316 Rogue 4 Vehicle  search
154 Ronto [DS] Vehicle  search
317 Ronto [LS] Vehicle  search
37 RR'uruurrr Character  search
202 Ryle Torsyn Character  search
38 Rystall Character  search
237 S-foils Effect  search
99 Sacrifice Used Interrupt  search
318 Sandspeeder Vehicle  search
39 Sandtrooper Character  search
52 Sarlacc Creature  search
236 Scrambled Transmission Effect  search
214 Scurrier Creature  search
78 Secret Plans Effect  search
145 Sentinel-Class Landing Craft Starship  search
203 Sergeant Edian Character  search
204 Sergeant Hollis Character  search
40 Sergeant Major Bursk Character  search
41 Sergeant Major Enfield Character  search
42 Sergeant Merril Character  search
43 Sergeant Narthax Character  search
44 Sergeant Torent Character  search
162 SFS L-s9.3 Laser Cannons Weapon  search
100 Short-range Fighters Used Interrupt  search
79 Sienar Fleet Systems Effect  search
238 Slayn & Korpil Facilities Effect  search
264 Slight Weapons Malfunction Interrupt  search
205 Soth Petikkin Character  search
126 Spaceport City [DS] Location  search
287 Spaceport City [LS] Location  search
127 Spaceport Docking Bay [DS] Location  search
288 Spaceport Docking Bay [LS] Location  search
128 Spaceport Prefect's Office Location  search
129 Spaceport Street [DS] Location  search
289 Spaceport Street [LS] Location  search
311 Spiral Starship  search
265 Star Destroyer! Interrupt  search
266 Stay Sharp! Interrupt  search
267 Steady Aim Used Or Lost Interrupt  search
80 Strategic Reserves Effect  search
268 Suppressive Fire Interrupt  search
101 Surface Defense Interrupt  search
130 Swamp [DS] Location  search
290 Swamp [LS] Location  search
45 Swoop Mercenary Character  search
46 Sy Snootles Character  search
269 T-47 Battle Formation Interrupt  search
81 Tarkin's Bounty Effect  search
239 Tatooine Celebration Effect  search
82 Tatooine Occupation Effect  search
291 Tatooine: Anchorhead Location  search
292 Tatooine: Beggar's Canyon Location  search
293 Tatooine: Jabba's Palace [LS] Location  search
131 Tatooine: Jawa Canyon [DS] Location  search
294 Tatooine: Jawa Canyon [LS] Location  search
132 Tatooine: Krayt Dragon Pass Location  search
295 Tatooine: Tosche Station Location  search
102 Tauntaun Skull Used Interrupt  search
206 Tawss Khaa Character  search
240 The Planet That It's Farthest From Effect  search
207 Thedit Character  search
208 Theron Nett Character  search
103 They're Coming In Too Fast! Used Interrupt  search
270 They're Tracking Us Interrupt  search
104 They've Shut Down The Main Reactor Used Interrupt  search
209 Tibrin Operative Character  search
146 TIE Defender Mark I Starfighter  search
210 TK-422 Character  search
105 Trooper Sabacc [DS] Used Interrupt  search
271 Trooper Sabacc [LS] Interrupt  search
241 Uh-oh! Effect  search
47 Umpass-stay Character  search
48 Ur'Ru'r Character  search
155 URoRRuR'R'R's Bantha Vehicle  search
211 Uutkik Character  search
147 Vader's Personal Shuttle Starship  search
148 Vengeance Starship  search
133 Wakeelmui Location  search
106 Watch Your Back! Interrupt  search
242 Weapons Display Effect  search
243 Wise Advice Effect  search
156 Wittin's Sandcrawler Vehicle  search
53 Womp Rat Creature  search
212 Wookiee Character  search
216 Wrist Comlink Device  search
312 X-wing Assault Squadron Starship  search
324 X-wing Laser Cannon Weapon  search
213 Yavin 4 Trooper Character  search
296 Yavin 4: Massassi Headquarters Location  search

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