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Structure Deck: Yugi (Japanese)

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Structure Deck: Yugi (Japanese): 48 cards
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23 Angel's Gift Spell/Magic Card    search
8 Bafometu Monster / Effect    search
40 Beaver Warrior Monster    search
5 Buster Blader Monster / Effect    search
18 Card Destruction Spell/Magic Card    search
22 Change of Heart Spell/Magic Card    search
38 Chimera the Winged Phantom Beast Monster / Effect    search
48 Compensation of Blood Trap Card / Continuous    search
10 Cyber Jar Monster / Effect    search
25 Cyclone Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play    search
28 Dark Hole Spell/Magic Card    search
15 Dark Magician Monster    search
YU-01 Dark Magician Girl Monster / Effect  Super Rare  search
45 Emissary of Obliteration Spell/Magic Card    search
24 Fissure Spell/Magic Card    search
4 Gafar Demon Monster / Effect    search
44 Gaia Power Spell/Magic Card / Field    search
2 Gaia The Fierce Knight Monster    search
16 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts Monster    search
9 Giant Rat Monster / Effect    search
17 Giant Soldier of Stone Monster    search
35 Hexagram Curse Trap Card    search
46 Hurricane Spell/Magic Card    search
7 Kuriboh Monster / Effect    search
32 Magic Barrier Force Trap Card    search
29 Magic Box of Death Spell/Magic Card    search
37 Magic Jammer Trap Card / Counter    search
43 Magic Unlock Spell/Magic Card    search
31 Magical Cylinder Trap Card    search
33 Magical Hats Trap Card    search
41 Magician of Black Chaos Monster / Ritual    search
12 Magnet Warrior Alpha Monster    search
13 Magnet Warrior Beta Monster    search
14 Magnet Warrior Gamma Monster    search
20 Monster Reborn Spell/Magic Card    search
27 Multiply Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play    search
11 Penguin Soldier Monster / Effect    search
26 Polymerization Spell/Magic Card    search
21 Pot of Greed Spell/Magic Card    search
30 Premature Burial Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
36 Reserves Trap Card    search
3 Retrained Elven Swordsman Monster / Effect    search
42 Ritual of Black Chaos Spell/Magic Card / Ritual    search
19 Sealing Swords of Light Spell/Magic Card    search
34 Shift Warp Trap Card    search
39 Silver Fang Monster    search
47 Truth's Eye Trap Card / Continuous    search
6 Valkyrion Magnet Monster / Effect    search

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