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BS25: 91 cards
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50 Adamant-Golem Spirit  Uncommon  search
77 Binding Scale Spell  Rare  search
10 Bone-Sabertiger Spirit  Common  search
74 Brave Cremation Spell  Common  search
39 Calydon Spirit  Common  search
36 Ceryneiar Spirit  Common  search
24 Dandolion Spirit  Uncommon  search
5 Dark Matter Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
16 Darkwurm-Nova-Remnant Spirit  Rare  search
1 Debris-Zard Spirit  Common  search
44 Gekko-Golem Spirit  Common  search
81 Golden Counter Spell  Common  search
30 Grey Garm Spirit  Common  search
18 Hakubisword Spirit  Common  search
34 Hisui-Cannon-Dragon Spirit  Uncommon  search
22 Lucky Cat Spirit  Common  search
43 Mechanic-Corgi Spirit  Common  search
32 Mobile-Golem Spirit  Common  search
2 Moonbow-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
72 Neo-Aggressive-Rage Spell  Common  search
73 Neo-Call-Of-Lost Magic/Burst  Common  search
79 Neo-Dream Ribbon Magic/Burst  Rare  search
75 Neo-Poison Shoot Spell  Common  search
23 Night Ibis Spirit  Rare  search
80 Power Down Spell  Rare  search
83 Random Bomb Spell  Uncommon  search
21 Rikaospada Spirit  Master Rare  search
12 Rune Master Naga Spirit  Common  search
6 Ryuuman-Lightning Spirit  Master Rare  search
4 Ryuuman-Tiger Spirit  Common  search
19 SaberSeseri Spirit  Common  search
29 Star Drian Spirit  Common  search
31 Sunstone-Dragoon Spirit  Rare  search
82 Support Flag Spell  Common  search
27 Tank-Mobil-Hetzer Spirit  Common  search
35 The Angelia Wizel Spirit  Common  search
45 The ApprenticePirate Terry Spirit  Common  search
67 The Armored City of Shieldonia Nexus  Common  search
68 The Armored Dragon's Hunting Ground Nexus  Uncommon  search
84 The ArmoredDragonBattleship Enterprise Spirit  X Rare  search
48 The BattleBird Parakeet Spirit  Common  search
25 The BladeEmperorInsect Grande-Kuwaga Spirit  Common  search
7 The BurstFireElephant Maximus Spirit  Common  search
14 The ChevalLancer Erigale Spirit  Uncommon  search
65 The Dark Capital Antenora Nexus  Common  search
41 The DaughterAngelia Ashael Spirit  Master Rare  search
8 The DinosaurAircraftCarrier Apato Spirit  Uncommon  search
40 The Diva Raquel Spirit  Master Rare  search
15 The EvilBull Morax Spirit  Common  search
13 The EvilMarquis Focalor Spirit  Uncommon  search
33 The FatePrincessDeity Verthandy Spirit  Master Rare  search
66 The Fruit of Emerald Agrimony Nexus  Common  search
51 The GiantDeity Junius Spirit  Rare  search
49 The GiantMusketeer Clifford Spirit  Master Rare  search
47 The GiantSwordsman Archbold Spirit  Common  search
69 The Golden Wings of Pipe Organ Nexus  Common  search
17 The Hellwitch Aini Spirit  Master Rare  search
38 The Investigator Asia Spirit  Rare  search
9 The LeonKnight Arocain Spirit  Common  search
85 The OceanEmperorGiant Duran-Kidd Spirit  X Rare  search
42 The Paladin Pentan Spirit  Uncommon  search
64 The Planet Celtic Cross Nexus  Common  search
71 The Rare Metal Mine Nexus  Common  search
26 The Soldier Hrungnir Spirit  Common  search
46 The Survivor Buddy Spirit  Common  search
20 The Survivor Fugue Spirit  Common  search
3 The Survivor Neo-Ark Spirit  Common  search
28 The Survivor Ur-Defender Spirit  Common  search
11 The Survivor Visargo Spirit  Common  search
37 The SurvivorAngelia Mael Spirit  Common  search
70 The Three Headed Dragon Pirate Flag Nexus  Common  search
57 Ultimate-Amenborg Ultimate  Uncommon  search
54 Ultimate-Baculus Ultimate  Uncommon  search
87 Ultimate-Beelzebeat Ultimate  X Rare  search
55 Ultimate-Berith Ultimate  Uncommon  search
88 Ultimate-Byak-Garo Ultimate  X Rare  search
56 Ultimate-Caracolossom Ultimate  Uncommon  search
61 Ultimate-Cu-Sith Ultimate  Uncommon  search
53 Ultimate-Ex-Calibus Ultimate  Master Rare  search
86 Ultimate-Gai-Asura Ultimate  X Rare  search
62 Ultimate-Galadolg Ultimate  Uncommon  search
89 Ultimate-Grand-Woden Ultimate  X Rare  search
90 Ultimate-Isfiel Ultimate  X Rare  search
63 Ultimate-Lowen Ultimate  Uncommon  search
58 Ultimate-Monokerock Ultimate  Uncommon  search
91 Ultimate-Orichalcum-Golem Ultimate  X Rare  search
60 Ultimate-Salaty Ultimate  Rare  search
52 Ultimate-Siegwurm Ultimate  Rare  search
59 Ultimate-Yggdrasil Ultimate  Rare  search
78 White Crack Spell  Common  search
76 Wind Circle Magic/Burst  Common  search

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