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New Ruler (Japanese)

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New Ruler (Japanese): 59 cards
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32 "Necro Valley, Sleeping Valley of the Pharaoh" Spell/Magic Card / Field    search
42 Age's Curse Trap Card    search
47 Battle Plan Erasing Trap Trap Card / Counter    search
35 Black Snake's Toxin Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
CYHO-JP015 Borrelsword Dragon Monster / Effect / Link  Rare  search
33 Buster Launcher Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
44 Clap of Thunder Trap Card    search
41 Coffin Merchant Trap Card / Continuous    search
46 Confusing Battle Trap Card    search
CYHO-JP017 Crystron Needlefiber Monster / Effect / Link  Rare  search
CYHO-JP010 Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion Monster / Effect / Link  Rare  search
4 Dark Jelly Monster / Effect    search
27 Dark Mentor Spell/Magic Card    search
50 Dragon's Blood Trap Card    search
2 Giant Kabasaurus Monster    search
15 Gravekeeper Assassin Monster / Effect    search
7 Gravekeeper Detective Monster / Effect    search
13 Gravekeeper General Monster / Effect    search
9 Gravekeeper Guardian Monster / Effect    search
14 Gravekeeper Gunman Monster / Effect    search
10 Gravekeeper Liuetenant Monster / Effect    search
8 Gravekeeper Mystic Monster / Effect    search
12 Gravekeeper Observer Monster / Effect    search
11 Gravekeeper Tagalong Monster / Effect    search
6 Hell's Polymer Monster / Effect    search
17 Jackal Paladin Monster    search
43 Key to the Door of Hell Trap Card / Counter    search
51 Lava Golem Monster / Effect    search
54 Life Line Trap Card / Continuous    search
16 Man with the Eye of Ujat Monster / Effect    search
1 Master Kionshi Monster    search
38 Metamorphosis Spell/Magic Card    search
45 Narrow Pathway Trap Card / Continuous    search
25 Night Mare Monster / Effect    search
5 Nudorua Monster / Effect    search
34 Pictograph Tablet Spell/Magic Card    search
53 Quiz Spell/Magic Card    search
40 Quiz of Reversal Spell/Magic Card    search
56 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Monster  search
29 Reputation Spell/Magic Card    search
39 Royal Sacrifice Spell/Magic Card    search
22 Shibiti's Guardian Monster / Effect    search
19 Ship in the Sunset Monster / Effect    search
28 Shotgun Shuffle Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
26 Slicing Nightmare Spirit Monster / Effect / Fusion    search
48 Spirit Ritual Trap Card    search
24 Spirit Soul Hunter Monster / Effect    search
37 Symbol of Courage Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
36 Terraform Spell/Magic Card    search
49 Territorial Invasion Trap Card    search
31 Time Capsule Spell/Magic Card    search
30 Torture Chamber of Nightmares Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
55 Torture Wheel Trap Card / Continuous    search
3 Tree Man 18 Monster    search
18 Unlucky Black Cat Monster / Effect    search
21 Unlucky Owl Monster / Effect    search
23 Viper Pod Monster / Effect    search
52 Viser Shock Monster / Effect    search
20 Wiseman Farcos Monster / Effect    search

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