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Starter Deck Vol.3: Kurosaki Mikado & Aoba Chitose

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Starter Deck Vol.3: Kurosaki Mikado & Aoba Chitose: 27 cards
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C06-016 Aoba Chitose Player  search
C06-026 Bamboo Shoot Beetle, Bamboo Horn Z/X  UC  search
C06-011 Battle Axe Workshop, Bardiche Z/X  search
C06-022 Beastman, Were-Koala Z/X  UC  search
C06-003 Brilliant War Hero, Alexander Z/X  SR  search
C06-013 Cheerful Sun God, Apollon Agana Belea Z/X  search
C06-019 Concealed Shuriken, Otogirisou Z/X  search
C06-007 Crimson Fang Ruby Howl Z/X  PR  search
C06-012 Crimson Spinning Arm, Salamander Z/X  PR  search
C06-023 Easygoing Rurijissa Z/X  UC  search
C06-028 Feuille is Always Energetic! Event  UC  search
C06-015 Giant Beast of Riot, Behemoth Z/X  UC  search
C06-027 Giant Beast, Were-Rhino Z/X  search
C06-008 Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmi Z/X  search
C06-009 Goddess of Hunting, Artemis Z/X  search
C06-006 Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite Z/X  search
C06-004 Green Samurai, Rindou Z/X  SR  search
C06-010 Iron Pyrite, Pyrite Tortoise Z/X  UC  search
C06-001 Kurosaki Mikado Player  SR  search
C06-017 Laundry Beastman, Were-Racoon Z/X  search
C06-025 Malicious Iron Whip, Kaede Z/X  search
C06-021 Merry Dandelion Z/X  search
C06-024 Ninja Birdman, Were-Eagle Z/X  PR  search
C06-020 Plain Octagonal Pole, Natsume Z/X  search
C06-005 Sword Craftsman, Ittou Z/X  search
C06-014 Valiant Mithril, Mithril Lion Z/X  UC  search
C06-018 Walking Stevia Z/X  search

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