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Judge Promos

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Judge Promos: 99 cards
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G2003-2 Argothian Enchantress [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2004-1 Armageddon [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2004-2 Balance [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2001-2 Ball Lightning [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2011-1 Bitterblossom [Judge Promo] Enchantment  search
G2009-06 Bloodstained Mire [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2013-2 Bribery [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2009-05 Burning Wish [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2012-8 Command Tower [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2000-1 Counterspell [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2013-4 Crucible of Worlds [Judge Promo] Artifact  search
G2007-2 Cunning Wish [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2015-5 Damnation [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2011-6 Dark Confidant [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2009-01 Dark Ritual [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2007-5 Decree of Justice [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2008-3 Demonic Tutor [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2004-5 Deranged Hermit [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2011-7 Doubling Season [Judge Promo] Enchantment  search
G2015-6 Dualcaster Mage [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2014-08 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2011-04 Entomb [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2006-1 Exalted Angel [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2015-7 Feldon of the Third Path [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2009-07 Flooded Strand [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2012-2 Flusterstorm [Judge] Instant  search
G2014-04 Force of Will [Judge] Instant  search
G2014-14 Forest [Judge Promo] Basic Land  search
G1998-3 Gaea's Cradle [Judge Promo] Legendary Land  search
G2005-1 Gemstone Mine [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2013-8 Genesis [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2008-4 Goblin Piledriver [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2011-8 Goblin Welder [Judge] Creature  search
G2014-02 Greater Good [Judge Promo] Enchantment  search
G2006-2 Grim Lavamancer [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2001-3 Hammer of Bogardan [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2014-05 Hanna, Ship's Navigator [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2004-6 Hermit Druid [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2013-3 Imperial Recruiter [Judge] Creature  search
G2003-1 Intuition [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2014-11 Island [Judge Promo] Basic Land  search
G2014-01 Karador, Ghost Chieftain [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2012-6 Karakas [Judge] Legendary Land  search
G2012-4 Karmic Guide [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2010-5 Land Tax [Judge Promo] Enchantment  search
G1998-1 Lightning Bolt [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2003-3 Living Death [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2008-5 Living Wish [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2011-5 Mana Crypt [Judge] Artifact  search
G2009-02 Maze of Ith [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2006-3 Meddling Mage [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G1999-1 Memory Lapse [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2008-2 Mind's Desire [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2005-4 Mishra's Factory [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2010-6 Morphling [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2014-13 Mountain [Judge Promo] Basic Land  search
G2010-2 Natural Order [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2014-07 Nekusar, the Mindrazer [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2012-3 Noble Hierarch [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2001-4 Oath of Druids [Judge Promo] Enchantment  search
G2014-09 Oloro, Ageless Ascetic [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2008-1 Orim's Chant [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2013-5 Overwhelming Forces [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2006-4 Pernicious Deed [Judge Promo] Enchantment  search
G2010-3 Phyrexian Dreadnought [Judge Promo] Artifact Creature  search
G2004-4 Phyrexian Negator [Judge] Creature  search
G2014-10 Plains [Judge Promo] Basic Land  search
G2009-08 Polluted Delta [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2015-4 Ravages of War [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2007-1 Ravenous Baloth [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2005-2 Regrowth [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2014-03 Riku of Two Reflections [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2013-6 Show and Tell [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2010-1 Sinkhole [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2011-0 Sinkhole [Judge Promo] - Delete Sorcery  search
G2012-5 Sneak Attack [Judge Promo] Enchantment  search
G2005-3 Sol Ring [Judge Promo] Artifact  search
G2009-03 Stifle [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G1998-2 Stroke of Genius [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2009-04 Survival of the Fittest [Judge Promo] Enchantment  search
G2014-12 Swamp [Judge Promo] Basic Land  search
G2014-06 Sword of Feast and Famine [Judge Promo] Artifact  search
G2011-2 Sword of Fire and Ice [Judge Promo] Artifact  search
G2012-7 Sword of Light and Shadow [Judge Promo] Artifact  search
G2013-1 Swords to Plowshares [Judge] Instant  search
G2010-4 Thawing Glaciers [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2004-3 Time Warp [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2001-1 Tradewind Rider [Judge Promo] Creature  search
G2000-2 Vampiric Tutor [Judge Promo] Instant  search
G2011-03 Vendilion Clique [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2007-4 Vindicate [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2013-7 Vindicate [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2010-8 Wasteland [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2015-8 Wasteland [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2010-7 Wheel of Fortune [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
G2009-09 Windswept Heath [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2009-10 Wooded Foothills [Judge Promo] Land  search
G2012-1 Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed [Judge Promo] Legendary Creature  search
G2007-3 Yawgmoth's Will [Judge Promo] Sorcery  search
Total price for whole set:

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