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Denizens of the Underworld

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Denizens of the Underworld: 55 cards
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37 A Cunning Ruse Conspiracy  search
51 Ambush Event  search
50 Bill Strauss, Blessed of Shub-Niggurath Character  search
45 Calculated Mutation Event  search
16 Cat Burglar Character  search
24 City Map Support  search
10 Clover Club High Roller Character  search
12 Clover Club Pit Boss Character  search
11 Clover Club Ringer Character  search
25 Concrete and Chains Support  search
17 Crooked Attorney Character  search
21 Danny O'Bannion's Office, "Now Hiring" Support  search
43 Deep Undercover Event  search
48 Elijah Conrad, Distinguished Alumnus Character  search
14 Fall Guy Character  search
33 Forced Compliance Event  search
47 Hali's Directive Event  search
18 Hatchet Man Character  search
7 Henry Knoll, A Real Wiseguy Character  search
53 Hoarding Knowledge Event  search
23 House Advantage Support  search
30 Immurement Event  search
26 Indebted Support  search
9 Isaac Miles, Willing to Lend an Ear Character  search
6 Jacob Finnegan, In Over His Head Character  search
46 Jeff Harson, Manic Musician Character  search
52 Josef Meiger, Metaphysicist Character  search
28 La Bella Luna, Seedy Restaurant Support  search
5 Lena Di Boerio, Occult Consultant Character  search
27 Length of Pipe Support  search
29 Made Man Support  search
15 Marine Salvager Character  search
8 Martin Herring, "Quick Kip" Character  search
2 Melisande LeBeau, Playing with Fire Character  search
55 Mind Swap Event  search
1 Naomi O'Bannion, Ruthless Tactician Character  search
13 Numbers Runner Character  search
3 O'Bannion's Inner Council, Blood is Thicker Character  search
31 On the Lam Event  search
41 Outmaneuvered Event  search
34 Pay Tribute Event  search
32 Reallocate Event  search
44 Robert Friendly, Disgruntled Dockworker Character  search
36 Roll the Dice Event  search
40 Sarnath, Too Proud Support  search
54 Sebastion Blake, Attuned to the Universe Character  search
42 Special Agent Callahan, Always Gets His Man Character  search
49 Strategic Planning Event  search
20 The Clover Club, Den of Iniquity Support  search
4 Tommy Malloy, "The Big Palooka" Character  search
35 Turf War Event  search
22 Under Cover of Darkness Support  search
38 Wandering Tinker Character  search
19 Wheelman Character  search
39 Zstylzhemgni, Matriarch of Swarms Character  search

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