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Psycho-Pass Extra Pack

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Psycho-Pass Extra Pack: 38 cards
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PP-SE14-01 "A Beast to Hunt a Beast" Kougami / “獣を狩るための獣”狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-26 "Criminally Asymptomatic" Makishima / “免罪体質者”槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-11 "Hound three" Kougami / “ハウンドthree”狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-03 "Latent Criminal" Kougami / “潜在犯”狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-07 "Lemonade Candy" Akane / “レモネードキャンディ”朱 Character  search
PP-SE14-24 "Smile of Saint" Makishima / “聖者の微笑”槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-04 Akane Tsunemori / 常守 朱 Character  search
PP-SE14-04P Akane Tsunemori / 常守 朱 Character  SP  search
PP-SE14-15 Akane, Talent for Inspector / 監視官としての資質 朱 Character  search
PP-SE14-25 Che Guzon / チェ・グソン Character  search
PP-SE14-20 Chosen Existence / 選ばれた存在 Climax  search
PP-SE14-35 Confronted Two / 対峙するふたり Climax  search
PP-SE14-21 Fateful Encounter / 運命的な邂逅 Climax  search
PP-SE14-12 Kougami During Training / トレーニング中の狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-16 Kougami, Back When He Was Inspector / 監視官時代の狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-19 Kougami, Bouquet of Roses / 薔薇の花束 狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-14 Kougami, Determination Towards Investigation / 捜査への執念 狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-10 Kougami, Enforcer / 執行官 狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-18 Kougami, Seeing the Depth / 深淵を見つめる狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-02 Kougami, Target to Seek / 追い求める先 狡噛 Character  search
PP-SE14-31 Makishima, A Rose / 一輪の薔薇 槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-23 Makishima, Cold Glare / 冷徹な眼差し 槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-33 Makishima, Deep Foresight / 深淵なる洞察力 槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-29 Makishima, Mysterious Man / 謎の男 槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-28 Makishima, Refined Intelligence / 研ぎ澄まされた知性 槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-30 Makishima, Resistance Towards the Controlling Society / 管理社会への反抗 槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-32 Makishima, Undercover as Art Teacher / 美術教師に紛れた槙島 Character  search
PP-SE14-06 Nobuchika Ginoza / 宜野座 伸元 Character  search
PP-SE14-05 Shinya Kougami / 狡噛 慎也 Character  search
PP-SE14-05P Shinya Kougami / 狡噛 慎也 Character  SP  search
PP-SE14-09 Shion Karanomori / 唐之杜 志恩 Character  search
PP-SE14-27 Shuugo Makishima / 槙島 聖護 Character  search
PP-SE14-13 Shuusei Kagari / 縢 秀星 Character  search
PP-SE14-34 Sibyl System / シビュラシステム Event  search
PP-SE14-17 Tomomi Masaoka / 征陸 智己 Character  search
PP-SE14-22 Unit One of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division / 公安局刑事課一係 Climax  search
PP-SE14-36 Unpunishable Crime / 裁けない罪 Climax  search
PP-SE14-08 Yayoi Kunizuka / 六合塚 弥生 Character  search

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