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v2.2 Classic

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v2.2 Classic: 52 cards
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42-52 Badtimes Operation  Common  search
31-52 Baskerville Ice  Rare  search
32-52 Bolter Swarm Ice  Common  search
8-52 Boostergang Connections Prep  Rare  search
33-52 Brain Drain Ice  Rare  search
43-52 Corporate Shuffle Operation  Common  search
9-52 Corruption Prep  Rare  search
23-52 Crash Space Resource  Rare  search
27-52 Data Fort Remapping Agenda  Common  search
34-52 Deadeye Ice  Common  search
10-52 Do the 'Drine™ Prep  Rare  search
35-52 Dumpster Ice  Rare  search
1-52 Early Worm Program  Common  search
24-52 Elena Laskova Resource  Rare  search
36-52 Entrapment Ice  Common  search
25-52 Executive File Clerk Resource  Common  search
11-52 Finders Keepers Prep  Common  search
37-52 Glacier Ice  Rare  search
12-52 Gypsy™ Schedule Analyzer Prep  Rare  search
38-52 Imperial Guard Ice  Common  search
45-52 Indiscriminate Response Team Node  Rare  search
13-52 Library Search Prep  Common  search
18-52 Little Black Box Hardware  Rare  search
48-52 London City Grid Upgrade  Rare  search
2-52 Matador Program  Common  search
14-52 Meat Upgrade Prep  Rare  search
3-52 MS-todon Program  Common  search
15-52 Networking Prep  Common  search
19-52 Omnitech "Spinal Tap" Cybermodem Hardware  Rare  search
20-52 Omnitech Wet Drive Hardware  Rare  search
16-52 Panzer Run Prep  Common  search
4-52 Psychic Friend Program  Common  search
39-52 Puzzle Ice  Common  search
44-52 Reclamation Project Operation  Rare  search
5-52 Rent-I-Con Program  Rare  search
17-52 Running Interference Prep  Rare  search
26-52 Sandbox Dig Resource  Common  search
46-52 Satellite Monitors Node  Common  search
6-52 Schematics Search Engine Program  Rare  search
49-52 Self-Destruct Upgrade  Common  search
50-52 Shock Treatment Upgrade  Rare  search
51-52 Sterdroid Upgrade  Common  search
47-52 Strategic Planning Group Node  Rare  search
52-52 Street Enforcer Upgrade  Rare  search
7-52 Superglue Program  Common  search
28-52 Superserum Agenda  Rare  search
29-52 Theorem Proof Agenda  Rare  search
40-52 Trapdoor Ice  Rare  search
30-52 Unlisted Research Lab Agenda  Common  search
21-52 Vintage Camaro Hardware  Common  search
41-52 Vortex Ice  Common  search
22-52 Zetatech Portastation Hardware  Common  search

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