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The 5 Mystics

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The 5 Mystics: 60 cards
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21 Absolute Darkness Spell  Very Rare  search
31 Absolute Incineration Spell  Very Rare  search
1 Arcane Warden Creature  Uncommon  search
2 Beacon Drone Creature  Common  search
41 Blademane Creature  Common  search
32 Blaze Helix Spell  Uncommon  search
33 Bluescale Drakon Creature  Common  search
42 Broodmother Creature  Rare  search
3 Caelum Skysworn Creature  Rare  search
11 Captain Orwellia Creature  Common  search
12 Captive Squill Creature  Common  search
4 Cerulean Core Creature  Common  search
53 Deathtongue Leech Evolution Creature  Rare  search
34 Doomcannon Mech Creature  Uncommon  search
22 Eager Cleaver Creature  Common  search
52 Fornax the Juggernaut Creature  Rare  search
23 Harbinger of the Void Creature  Rare  search
5 Haven's Command Spell  Uncommon  search
S4 Humonguru Creature  Super Rare  search
13 Hypergrid Hacker Creature  Uncommon  search
43 Jarbala, Swordbreaker Creature  Common  search
35 Lavanator 3000 Creature  Common  search
6 Lightning Sniper Creature  Common  search
14 Liquid Compulsion Spell  Very Rare  search
7 Luminous Shieldwing Creature  Rare  search
55 Magmaclysm Rex Creature  Rare  search
36 Morkaz the Defiant Creature  Rare  search
15 Neural Helix Spell  Uncommon  search
24 Night Haunt Creature  Uncommon  search
25 Nightmare Helix Spell  Uncommon  search
16 Octobot Infiltrator Creature  Uncommon  search
S5 Overlord Sargon Creature  Super Rare  search
S2 Psychic Predator Rusalka Creature  Super Rare  search
17 Queen Riptide Creature  Rare  search
8 Radiant Purification Spell  Very Rare  search
44 Rampage Spell  Common  search
9 Restrain Spell  Common  search
26 Rib Collector Creature  Common  search
18 Saucer-Head Shark Creature  Common  search
19 Sawtooth Cyclone Spell  Common  search
27 Scourge Lord Creature  Uncommon  search
45 Seedpod Puffer Creature  Common  search
46 Sledgefoot Creature  Uncommon  search
10 Solar Helix Spell  Uncommon  search
S3 Soul-Devourer Black Feather Creature  Super Rare  search
37 Sparkspine Lizard Creature  Uncommon  search
47 Swift Regeneration Spell  Very Rare  search
48 Taunting Totem Creature  Uncommon  search
28 Terrorfang Clinger Creature  Common  search
38 The Disassembler Creature  Common  search
29 The Mystic of Darkness Creature  Rare  search
39 The Mystic of Fire Creature  Rare  search
S1 The Mystic of Light Creature  Super Rare  search
49 The Mystic of Nature Creature  Rare  search
20 The Mystic of Water Creature  Rare  search
51 Twilight Worm Creature  Rare  search
54 Vectron Crawler Creature  Rare  search
30 Vengeful Blast Spell  Common  search
50 Verdant Helix Spell  Uncommon  search
40 Waylay Spell  Common  search

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