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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: 162 cards
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9-005U A-Griffon Monster  search
9-027R Adelheid (9-027) Backup  search
9-055S Aerith (9-055) Backup  search
9-002U Aigis (9-002) Forward  search
9-004U Ajido-Marujido Backup  search
9-109U Alba (9-109) Backup  search
1-051U Alexander (1-051) Summon  search
9-133U Altennia (9-133) Backup  search
9-132R Alus (9-132) Backup  search
9-107U Aquila (9-107) Forward  search
9-075C Archer (9-075) Backup  search
9-108U Argy (9-108) Forward  search
9-079U Asmodai (9-079) Forward  search
9-131U Atomos (9-131) Summon  search
9-022R Bahamut (9-022) Summon  search
9-120R Barbara (9-120) Forward  search
9-034C Bard (9-034) Backup  search
9-094S Barret (9-094) Forward  search
9-021U Baugauven (9-021) Forward  search
9-056C Beakor (9-056) Monster  search
9-084C Black Belt (9-084) Forward  search
9-036C Black Mage (9-036) Backup  search
9-121C Bloody Aketon (9-121) Armor  search
9-024U Brynhildr (9-024) Summon  search
9-060U Cactuer (9-060) Monster  search
9-112S Caith Sith (9-112) Backup  search
9-044R Chime (9-044) Backup  search
9-070R Chocobo (9-070) Summon  search
9-064C Cid Haze (9-064) Backup  search
9-063R Cid Highwind (9-063) Forward  search
9-157S Cloud (9-157) Forward  search
9-160R Cloud of Darkness (9-160) Forward  search
9-058C Dancer (9-058) Forward  search
9-135C Dancer (9-135) Forward  search
9-162R Dark Lord (9-162) Backup  search
9-098C Demon Knight (9-098) Forward  search
9-071R Desch (9-071) Forward  search
9-045C Devout (9-045) Backup  search
9-147C Devout (9-147) Backup  search
9-119U Diana (9-119) Backup  search
9-020R Doga (9-020) Forward  search
9-127C Dragoon (9-127) Forward  search
9-145U Dusk (9-145) Forward  search
9-028U Eduardo (9-028) Forward  search
9-057U Epitaph (9-057) Backup  search
9-011C Evoker (9-011) Backup  search
9-059C Evoker (9-059) Backup  search
9-087C Evoker (9-087) Backup  search
9-138C Evoker (9-138) Backup  search
9-110R Excenmille (9-110) Forward  search
9-023C Foulander (9-023) Monster  search
9-037C G Assassin (9-037) Monster  search
9-038U G Deleter (9-038) Monster  search
9-139U G Diver (9-139) Monster  search
9-114U G Eliminator (9-114) Monster  search
9-007C Gadot (9-007) Forward  search
9-136R Gawain (9-136) Forward  search
9-088C General's Tank (9-088) Monster  search
9-096C Geomancer (9-096) Backup  search
9-085U Gigas Bangles (9-085)   search
9-086U Glaive (9-086) Forward  search
9-151C Great Evoker (9-151) Backup  search
9-008R Gutsco (9-008) Forward  search
9-095C Hand Axe (9-095) Weapon  search
9-029U Haudrale (9-029) Forward  search
9-097U Hecatoncheir (9-097) Summon  search
9-092U Iron Man (9-092) Monster  search
9-001C Iron Sword (9-001) Weapon  search
9-031S Kadaj (9-031) Forward  search
9-032U Kadaj (9-032) Forward  search
9-035R Klara (9-035) Forward  search
9-047C Knight (9-047) Forward  search
9-051S Lady Lilith (9-051) Forward  search
9-152R Laila (9-152) Forward  search
9-101U Larzos (9-101) Forward  search
9-077R Lehko Habhoka (9-077) Backup  search
9-159R Leo (9-159) Backup  search
9-153R Leviathan (9-153) Summon  search
9-155S Lilisette (9-155) Forward  search
9-076U Linen Cloak (9-076) Armor  search
9-052U Loz (9-052) Forward  search
9-073U Mayakov (9-073) Forward  search
9-099C Monk (9-099) Backup  search
9-100C Monk (9-100) Backup  search
9-122C Moth Slasher (9-122) Monster  search
9-025U Myochin Armor (9-025) Equipment  search
9-093U Nacht (9-093) Forward  search
9-148C Neck Hunter (9-148) Monster  search
9-018C Onion Fencer (9-018) Forward  search
9-069C Onion Fencer (9-069) Forward  search
9-091C Onion Fencer (9-091) Forward  search
9-146C Onion Fencer (9-146) Forward  search
9-072C Pavlov (9-072) Backup  search
9-150C Portia (9-150) Backup  search
9-134R Priestess Aria (9-134) Backup  search
9-124U Ragelise (9-124) Forward  search
9-123C Rahal (9-123) Forward  search
9-125R Ramuh (9-125) Summon  search
9-126U Ramuh (9-126) Summon  search
9-050C Rapier (9-050) Weapon  search
1-101C Red Magician (1-101) Backup  search
9-003C Red Magician (9-003) Backup  search
9-105C Red Magician (9-105) Backup  search
9-026R Red XIII (9-026) Forward  search
9-156S Refia (9-156) Forward  search
9-129R Reno (9-129) Forward  search
9-130C Reno (9-130) Backup  search
9-154C Ribbon (9-154)   search
9-104S Robel-Akbel Backup  search
9-078U Romaa Mihgo (9-078) Backup  search
9-102R Rude (9-102) Forward  search
9-103C Rude (9-103) Backup  search
9-128S Rufus (9-128) Forward  search
9-049C Rygdea (9-049) Forward  search
5-010C Sage (5-010) Backup  search
9-009C Sage (9-009) Backup  search
9-113U Sango's Sword (9-113)   search
9-158R Sara (9-158) Backup  search
9-143U Sarah (9-143) Forward  search
9-013U Sazh (9-013) Backup  search
9-006C Scholar (9-006) Backup  search
9-030C Scholar (9-030) Backup  search
9-111C Scholar (9-111) Backup  search
9-137C Scholar (9-137) Backup  search
9-041R Schultz (9-041) Backup  search
9-161S Sephiroth (9-161) Forward  search
9-140U Shell Shield (9-140) Armor  search
9-117R Shikaree G (9-117) Forward  search
9-116C Shinra Soldier (9-116) Forward  search
9-039R Shiva (9-039) Summon  search
9-040U Shiva (9-040) Summon  search
9-065C Short Bow (9-065) Weapon  search
9-033U Silver Glasses (9-033)   search
9-017U Sol (9-017) Forward  search
9-144U Sophia (9-144) Backup  search
9-068U Stiltzkin (9-068) Backup  search
9-142U Styx (9-142) Forward  search
9-042C Summoner (9-042) Backup  search
9-115C Summoner (9-115) Monster  search
9-061C Thief (9-061) Backup  search
9-062C Thief (9-062) Forward  search
9-019S Tifa (9-019) Forward  search
9-046C Time Mage (9-046) Backup  search
9-090R Titan (9-090) Summon  search
9-083R Unei (9-083) Backup  search
9-080U Vanille (9-080) Backup  search
9-054U Vata (9-054) Forward  search
9-149C Viking (9-149) Forward  search
9-081R Vincent (9-081) Forward  search
9-015C Warrior (9-015) Forward  search
9-016C Warrior (9-016) Forward  search
9-089C Warrior (9-089) Forward  search
9-118C Warrior (9-118) Forward  search
9-082R Werei (9-082) Forward  search
9-043C White Mage (9-043) Forward  search
9-066C White Mage (9-066) Forward  search
9-067C White Magician (9-067) Backup  search
9-141C White Magician (9-141) Backup  search
9-014R Xande (9-014) Forward  search
9-048U Yazoo (9-048) Forward  search
9-074S Yuffie (9-074) Forward  search
9-012S Zack (9-012) Forward  search
Total price for whole set:

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