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Thousand Eyes Bible (Japanese)

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Thousand Eyes Bible (Japanese): 52 cards
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38 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Monster / Effect    search
22 Ant Hell's Messiah Trap Card / Continuous    search
30 Bite Shoes Monster / Effect    search
7 Bubonic Vermin Monster / Effect    search
37 Bug Bomb Monster / Effect    search
6 Call of the Dead Trap Card / Continuous    search
8 Dark Bat Monster    search
12 Deep Freeze Spell/Magic Card    search
29 Deepsea Warrior Monster / Effect    search
49 Dokuroyaiba Monster    search
4 Downfall Trap Card    search
21 Drain Magic Trap Card / Counter    search
39 Futuristic Space Fighter: Vic Viper Monster    search
3 Gamble Trap Card    search
10 Gattling Buggy Monster    search
51 Gearfried the Iron Knight Monster / Effect    search
44 Goblin Attack Force Monster / Effect    search
2 Goblin Tactician Trap Card / Continuous    search
5 God's Blessing Trap Card / Continuous    search
23 Gravitational Bond Trap Card / Continuous    search
20 Ground of Inactivity Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
35 Guillotine Beetle Monster    search
18 Hatch Spell/Magic Card    search
36 Hayabusa Knight Monster / Effect    search
31 Head Spikes Monster    search
15 Holy Rain Spell/Magic Card    search
28 Infectious Bug Monster / Effect  Common  search
52 Insect Shield Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
32 Invitation to a Dark Sleep Monster / Effect    search
45 Island Turtle Monster    search
26 Legendary Fisherman Monster / Effect    search
14 Limit Removal Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play    search
13 Meteor Strike Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
9 Oni Tank T-34 Monster    search
16 Recall the Monster Spell/Magic Card    search
40 Red-Moon Baby Monster / Effect    search
24 Redirect Magic Trap Card / Continuous    search
43 Scar Eyed White Tiger Monster    search
47 Scietist Force Monster    search
11 Scorch the Earth Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
25 Shadowy Seducer Trap Card    search
42 Skull Pirate Ship Monster    search
48 Souls of the Forgotten Monster    search
27 Sword Hunter Monster / Effect    search
41 Swordhorn Beast Monster / Effect    search
50 The Fiend Megacyber Monster / Effect    search
33 Thousand-Eyes Idol Monster    search
34 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Monster / Fusion    search
1 Unbalanced Battle Trap Card    search
19 Warp Hole Spell/Magic Card    search
17 Warp Shift Trap Card    search
46 Winged Messenger Monster    search

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