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BS26: 92 cards
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25 Amber-Leon Spirit  Common  search
79 Anti Brave Barrier Spell  Common  search
4 Aroblader Spirit  Common  search
13 Bone-Ritter Spirit  Common  search
72 Cannonball Spell  Rare  search
81 Changeling Spell  Common  search
74 Core Drain Spell  Uncommon  search
73 Crimson Flare Spell  Common  search
2 Drago-Speeder Spirit  Common  search
75 Forbidden Grave Spell  Common  search
76 High Pressure Spell  Rare  search
10 Hornviper Spirit  Common  search
80 Illusion Mirror Spell  Rare  search
83 Impact Roar Spell  Common  search
11 Jibakku-Armor Spirit  Common  search
12 Linksmoker Spirit  Common  search
30 OnyxDragon-Rider Spirit  Common  search
5 Pleiades-Rockdragon Spirit  Common  search
31 Purimuppo Spirit  Common  search
19 Purokiwan Spirit  Uncommon  search
16 Queen-Nightmare Spirit  Master Rare  search
32 Radon Spirit  Common  search
7 Ryuuman-Fantasista Spirit  Rare  search
20 Silva-Yanma Spirit  Common  search
9 Smogsheep Spirit  Common  search
1 Starry-Ryuuman Spirit  Common  search
24 Tank-Mobil-Leopard Spirit  Common  search
67 The Alver Prairie Nexus  Common  search
34 The Angelia Nursel Spirit  Common  search
53 The BirdAstralArmored Shisobird Brave  Master Rare  search
43 The BladeWolf Jigen Spirit  Common  search
90 The CancerAstralArmored BraveCancer Brave  X Rare  search
44 The CatManSwashbuckler Birman Spirit  Rare  search
15 The CorpseDustGeneral Mukuro Spirit  Rare  search
40 The Defender Nupia Spirit  Common  search
54 The DevilAstralArmored Flybeat Brave  Common  search
47 The DevilEmperor David Ultimate  Uncommon  search
56 The EarthAstralArmored Foxstar Brave  Common  search
49 The ElectricGodEmperor Train Ultimate  Uncommon  search
48 The EmeraldPhoenix Nix Ultimate  Uncommon  search
8 The EmperorDragon Kaiserdragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
14 The EvilRitter Kilmedeath Spirit  Uncommon  search
36 The FairyGeneral Gloria Spirit  Rare  search
33 The FairyPrincess Perfume Spirit  Master Rare  search
26 The FatePrincessDeity Skuld Spirit  Master Rare  search
6 The FlameDragonGeneral Ifrit Spirit  Uncommon  search
64 The Gainarock Big Canyon Nexus  Common  search
52 The GunAstralArmored Baldo-Lizard Brave  Common  search
39 The Helmsman Isaac Spirit  Common  search
50 The HolyPegasus Sky Ultimate  Uncommon  search
23 The HuntingBladeBeast Carla-Hound Spirit  Common  search
35 The LadyDiva Gurifia-D'Arc Spirit  Uncommon  search
27 The MachineGunDeity HeimCannon Spirit  Common  search
37 The MarineBeast Cetus Spirit  Rare  search
X05 The NextGenerationBeastKing Liodras Ultimate  X Rare  search
69 The Norandy Absolute Defense Line Nexus  Uncommon  search
21 The NorthWindWolf BoreasWolf Spirit  Rare  search
85 The PhantomPrincessDeity Echidna Spirit  X Rare  search
45 The PirateGeneral Edward Spirit  Common  search
89 The PiscesAstralArmored BravePisces Brave  X Rare  search
3 The Ptera Fighter Spirit  Common  search
60 The RabbitAstralArmored Rabitta Brave  Common  search
46 The RubyFlameDragon Hinoko Ultimate  Uncommon  search
51 The SapphireBeastEmperor Panzer Ultimate  Uncommon  search
63 The ScorpioAstralArmored BraveScorpio Brave  Rare  search
22 The ShellBladeGeneral Legioss Spirit  Master Rare  search
84 The ShellPriest Shirokabuto Spirit  X Rare  search
18 The ShellWarrior Tendo Spirit  Common  search
59 The ShieldAstralArmored Shieldtank Brave  Common  search
65 The Shine of Supernova Nexus  Uncommon  search
62 The ShipAstralArmored BraveArgo Brave  Common  search
57 The SkyAstralArmored Eaglet Brave  Master Rare  search
55 The SnakeAstralArmored Snakers Brave  Uncommon  search
70 The Soluje Hill Nexus  Common  search
68 The Spacetime Bonding Point A-01 Nexus  Common  search
42 The StarOceanPirate Perseus Spirit  Master Rare  search
58 The SwordAstralArmored Swordfish Brave  Common  search
71 The Thunder Seas Nexus  Common  search
66 The Tolomaea Streets of Grief Nexus  Common  search
38 The TraditionalDiva Marika Spirit  Master Rare  search
28 The UnicornMachine Unicorn Spirit  Rare  search
41 The ViceCaptain Chester Spirit  Uncommon  search
61 The VirgoAstralBrave VirgoBrave Brave  Rare  search
91 The WaterCarrierAstralArmored BraveAquarius Brave  X Rare  search
29 The WhiteKnightGeneral Sigdfor Spirit  Uncommon  search
82 Thunder Tactics Spell  Common  search
17 Tsurugimukade Spirit  Common  search
78 Ultimate Laser Spell  Rare  search
77 Ultimate Wind Spell  Common  search
87 Ultimate-Ragna-Rock Ultimate  X Rare  search
86 Ultimate-Siegwurm-Nova Ultimate  X Rare  search
BS26-X03 Ultimate-Siegwurm-Nova Ultimate  X Rare  search

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