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Inferno: 125 cards
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110 "THE FACE" MANCUSI Being  search
1 911 Commandment  search
2 ABORTED Commandment  search
3 ADOBI Spell  search
4 AGENTII Being  search
5 AL QUATIL Region  search
6 ANTHONY BARKLEY Being  search
8 ASYLUM Influence  search
9 AZGHOUL Being  search
10 BANISHMENT Influence  search
11 BANQUET Commandment  search
12 BAPTISM Influence  search
13 BEGET Influence  search
14 BELOW ZERO Commandment  search
16 BLASPHEME Influence  search
17 BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER Influence  search
18 BOILER ROOM Influence  search
19 BOOK BURNING Commandment  search
20 BURIED ALIVE Influence  search
21 CADAVER Commandment  search
22 CANE Commandment  search
23 CARCASS Influence  search
24 CATACLYSM Spell  search
25 CEMETERY Influence  search
26 CEREMONY Commandment  search
27 CHAINSAW Influence  search
28 CIRCUS Influence  search
29 CLERGY Influence  search
30 COLD-HEARTED Influence  search
31 CORMAYAS, ARIZONA Region  search
32 CROP Commandment  search
33 CRUCIFY Commandment  search
34 CURFEW Commandment  search
35 DAMON BLACKRAVEN Major Arcana  search
36 DIABOLISM Influence  search
37 DR. CRANE Being  search
38 EXORCISM Spell  search
39 EYE OF THE TORNADO Commandment  search
40 FETISH Influence  search
41 FREAKSHOW Influence  search
43 GUNNAR Being  search
44 HEADLESS Influence  search
45 HELEN BADOU Being  search
46 HELLER Being  search
47 HIGH-STRUNG Commandment  search
48 IMPOSTER Commandment  search
49 INCUBATION HALLS Region  search
50 IOANNES Being  search
51 IRON MAIDEN Influence  search
52 JASON LACROSSE Being  search
53 KISS OF DEATH Spell  search
54 LIMBO Region  search
55 LIVING DEAD Being  search
56 LORD OF THE INSECTS Being  search
57 MAGICAL DOOR Spell  search
58 MALACHI Being  search
59 MARCUS ABERNATHY Major Arcana  search
60 MARKED FOR LIFE Influence  search
61 MASK Commandment  search
62 MASS GRAVE Influence  search
63 MASTER OF REALITY Influence  search
64 MATADOR Commandment  search
65 MEETING WITH THE SELF Commandment  search
66 MELTDOWN Spell  search
67 MESMERIZE Spell  search
68 MESSIAH Being  search
69 METAMORPH Commandment  search
70 NARCISSISM Influence  search
71 NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE Commandment  search
72 NOCTURNE Commandment  search
73 OEDIPUS COMPLEX Influence  search
74 OMEN Influence  search
75 ORGAN DONOR Influence  search
76 ORPHANAGE Influence  search
77 PAST MIDNIGHT Commandment  search
78 PERSONAL HELL Influence  search
79 PERVERSION Influence  search
80 PIER 38 Region  search
81 PROTO-TECHRONE Being  search
82 RAZOR Influence  search
83 REBECCA SHAEFFER Being  search
84 RELIGIOUS PATH Influence  search
85 SACRED SOIL Influence  search
86 SADIST Influence  search
87 SANDBURN PRISON Region  search
88 SHREDDED Commandment  search
89 SIX FEET UNDER Spell  search
90 SLATE Being  search
91 SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5 Region  search
92 SPERM BANK Region  search
94 SQUEEZED Influence  search
95 STAINED Influence  search
96 STONE TO FLESH Influence  search
97 STRANGER AEONS Influence  search
98 STRETCHED Commandment  search
99 SUICIDAL Influence  search
100 TANNED Commandment  search
101 TELL-TALE HEART Commandment  search
102 THE AUTHORITIES Influence  search
103 THE BAZAAR Region  search
104 THE BLIND ONE Being  search
105 THE CABLE WAY Influence  search
106 THE CENTRIFUGE HALLS Region  search
107 THE CLOCKWORKS Region  search
108 THE DOG Being  search
109 THE ETERNAL CIRCLE Influence  search
111 THE FOOL Special  search
112 THE FORGOTTEN MAN Being  search
113 THE HANGING Influence  search
114 THE ISLE OF DOGS Region  search
115 THE LIBRARIES Region  search
116 THE MEMORY BANKS Region  search
117 THE PRIMAL SEA Region  search
118 UNDER THE BED Influence  search
119 UNDER THE OAK Influence  search
120 VIDEODROME Region  search
121 VIVARIUM Region  search
122 WATCHWORK Spell  search
123 WEEDER Being  search
124 WOLF IN LAMB'S CLOTHING Influence  search
125 WRAPPED AROUND MY FINGER Influence  search

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