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Revised: 323 cards
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422 Agent of Shadow mortal  R1  search
423 Amber Well elemental  C1  search
618 Amulet of Flying item/creature  U1  search
545 Ancient Ogre mortal  R2  search
424 Angel elemental  C1  search
425 Annihilator Cloud elemental  U2  search
619 Anvil of Heaviness item/hand  C1  search
426 Archangel Magnus elemental  R1  search
427 Archangel Odessa elemental  R1  search
546 Archer mortal  C1  search
486 Arms of the Earth external  R2  search
547 Axeman mortal  U2  search
428 Baal-a-Gog elemental  U1  search
548 Babe Hound mortal  C1  search
628 Babes bribery  C2  search
429 Baleful Eye elemental  C1  search
487 Bantam Drake external  U1  search
430 Bealzebub elemental  R1  search
629 Beer bribery  C2  search
549 Big Groaning Cankerd mortal  U1  search
488 Black Lung external  C1  search
489 Black Unicorn external  R2  search
490 Blackthwaite Jumper external  U1  search
491 Bold Mold external  U1  search
492 Bone Shambler external  R2  search
550 Brap Back Goblins mortal  U1  search
551 Brown Backs mortal  C1  search
552 Bruce the Goose mortal  R1  search
553 Bulbous Clamjack mortal  C1  search
554 Bungee Bony Ridged mortal  U1  search
493 Burrowing Barg external  C2  search
555 Captain mortal  C1  search
556 Captain Red Nose mortal  R2  search
332 Carreg Amroth Center stronghold  SP  search
333 Carreg Amroth Left stronghold  SP  search
334 Carreg Amroth Right stronghold  SP  search
557 Cave Giant mortal  C1  search
431 Cherub elemental  R2  search
558 Cleric mortal  U1  search
631 Control Destiny spell  U1  search
559 Corporal mortal  C1  search
432 Corruption Stream elemental  R2  search
560 Cow mortal  R2  search
494 Crook End Snoot external  C1  search
495 Crook End Snooter external  U1  search
496 Crystal Flash external  R2  search
497 Cyclops external  C1  search
433 Darkness Elemental elemental  R2  search
434 Death elemental  R2  search
435 Demon Horde of Kabod elemental  U1  search
561 Desert Giant mortal  C1  search
632 Detect Life Force spell  C1  search
436 Devil Dog elemental  C1  search
437 Devil Hedgehog elemental  C1  search
633 Dispel Magic spell  C2  search
438 Djinn elemental  U1  search
439 Doomwing elemental  U1  search
498 Dragon Wing Lord external  R1  search
440 Dreaded Doom Dog elemental  C1  search
562 Drooling Clamjack mortal  C1  search
441 Earth Elemental elemental  C1  search
442 Earth Mother elemental  R2  search
563 Elder Cave Giant mortal  U2  search
499 Embryonic Witch external  U2  search
634 Energy Eater spell  C1  search
443 Energy Leach elemental  R2  search
444 Energy Toad elemental  U1  search
445 Energy Well elemental  R3  search
500 Eternal Witch Lord external  R2  search
635 Eye of Long Spying spell  C1  search
620 Eye of Missile Mayhem item/hand  R2  search
501 Female Pixie external  U1  search
502 Female Titan external  C1  search
324 Finn, Swamp King guardian  R2  search
446 Fire Elemental elemental  R2  search
447 Fire Walker elemental  C1  search
341 Flame Cannon upgrade  R1  search
564 Floyd the Flying Pig mortal  U2  search
636 Force Barrier spell  R2  search
325 Gaar, Influencer of the Masses guardian  R1  search
503 Giant Penguin external  C1  search
565 Gn'Obby Gnomes mortal  U1  search
566 Gn'Olegable Gnomes mortal  R2  search
567 Gn'Omish Gnomes mortal  C1  search
630 Gold bribery  C2  search
504 Goldthwaite Jumper external  U2  search
448 Gorgal Skag elemental  C1  search
568 Grand Avatar mortal  R1  search
505 Grand Phooba Schnee external  R1  search
569 Great Fanged Ogre mortal  U1  search
449 Greater Air Elemental elemental  U1  search
450 Greater Energy Elemental elemental  R1  search
570 Greedy Fiend mortal  U2  search
571 Grilbus mortal  C1  search
506 Grim Skull external  R3  search
572 Gringe Commander mortal  R2  search
507 Groupie external  U1  search
573 Gunner mortal  C1  search
574 Haba Naba Daba mortal  R3  search
575 Haba Naba Kaba mortal  C1  search
508 Hair-de-hobbins external  C1  search
621 Hammer of Doom item/hand  R2  search
326 Harkin, Spreader of the Wealth guardian  R2  search
622 Heels of Speed item/creature  U2  search
637 Helm of the BrotherHood spell  R2  search
623 Holy Grail item/hand  R2  search
576 Horse mortal  C1  search
577 Huge Rock Giant mortal  U2  search
509 Humungus Fungus external  R1  search
451 Ice Elemental elemental  C1  search
578 Ice Ogre mortal  C1  search
452 Ice Spirit elemental  C1  search
638 Ice Storm spell  C1  search
579 Idiot mortal  R2  search
580 Idiot Fiend mortal  U1  search
510 Iron Crag Baggler external  C1  search
511 Iron Crag Boggler external  C1  search
512 Iron Crag Buggler external  C1  search
453 Iron Lord elemental  U1  search
581 Jibber mortal  C1  search
335 Khnumian C stronghold  SP  search
336 Khnumian L stronghold  SP  search
337 Khnumian R stronghold  SP  search
513 Kikijub external  U1  search
514 King of Mystfall external  R2  search
515 Lake Serpent external  R2  search
582 Lancer mortal  U1  search
342 Large Idol upgrade  U1  search
454 Lawyer elemental  R1  search
516 Leprechaun external  C1  search
455 Light Elemental elemental  R2  search
456 Lorg Mole elemental  U1  search
583 Mad Fiend mortal  U2  search
639 Magic Feedback spell  U1  search
457 Magma Elemental elemental  C1  search
584 Major Party Animal mortal  U1  search
640 Make Juice spell  C2  search
517 Male Pixie external  C1  search
518 Male Titan external  U2  search
585 Marshal mortal  U1  search
586 Master Gunner mortal  U1  search
587 Merchant mortal  U1  search
519 Minataur external  C1  search
458 Mist Veiler elemental  R2  search
624 Monolith of Power item/hand  U1  search
459 Moon Spirit elemental  U1  search
348 Mountains terrain  SP  search
460 Mud Elemental elemental  C1  search
588 Mule mortal  C1  search
589 Na'Boob mortal  R1  search
520 Old Mold external  C1  search
461 Old Nick elemental  R1  search
590 Paladin mortal  R2  search
591 Party Animal mortal  R2  search
592 Pauly, Official Parrot mortal  R2  search
641 Pepe's Slow Down spell  U2  search
593 Pesky Varmit mortal  C1  search
521 Phantom Stalker external  R2  search
594 Pig Dog mortal  U1  search
595 Pink Flamingos mortal  R1  search
596 Ploogak the Conqueror mortal  R2  search
597 Polar Ice Ogre mortal  U1  search
625 Potion of Movement Essence item/hand  U2  search
642 Power Lunch spell  C2  search
462 Primordial Goo elemental  C1  search
463 Rain Spirit elemental  U2  search
327 Rak Nam, Leader of the Mighty guardian  SP  search
598 Reverend Smilin' Jack mortal  R2  search
522 Rik'Sook external  R2  search
349 Rivers and Lakes terrain  SP  search
599 Rock Giant mortal  C1  search
464 Rock Lord elemental  U1  search
523 Rock Rat external  R1  search
465 Rock Spirit elemental  C1  search
626 Rocks of Skull Cracking item/hand  C1  search
525 Rogue Specter external  U1  search
627 Rooster item/hand  C2  search
524 Rot Rat external  C1  search
466 Roving Force Inferno elemental  R1  search
338 Sabu Amantek C stronghold  SP  search
339 Sabu Amantek L stronghold  SP  search
340 Sabu Amantek R stronghold  SP  search
343 Sacrificial Alter upgrade  R2  search
467 Sand Lord elemental  C1  search
526 Schneeble external  U1  search
600 Seer mortal  C2  search
527 Shadow of Ashes external  R2  search
601 Shadow Spy mortal  U1  search
602 Shadow Warrior mortal  R2  search
371 Shield Angelic 10 shield  SP  search
372 Shield Angelic 11 shield  SP  search
373 Shield Angelic 12 shield  SP  search
369 Shield Angelic 8 shield  SP  search
370 Shield Angelic 9 shield  SP  search
415 Shield Chicken 10 shield  SP  search
416 Shield Chicken 11 shield  SP  search
417 Shield Chicken 12 shield  SP  search
418 Shield Chicken 14 shield  SP  search
413 Shield Chicken 7 shield  SP  search
414 Shield Chicken 8 shield  SP  search
402 Shield Dark 10 shield  SP  search
403 Shield Dark 11 shield  SP  search
404 Shield Dark 12 shield  SP  search
405 Shield Dark 13 shield  SP  search
399 Shield Dark 6 shield  SP  search
400 Shield Dark 7 shield  SP  search
401 Shield Dark 8 shield  SP  search
385 Shield Demonic 10 shield  SP  search
386 Shield Demonic 12 shield  SP  search
387 Shield Demonic 14 shield  SP  search
383 Shield Demonic 4 shield  SP  search
384 Shield Demonic 8 shield  SP  search
390 Shield Dragon 10 shield  SP  search
391 Shield Dragon 11 shield  SP  search
392 Shield Dragon 13 shield  SP  search
388 Shield Dragon 7 shield  SP  search
389 Shield Dragon 9 shield  SP  search
396 Shield Lightning 10 shield  SP  search
397 Shield Lightning 12 shield  SP  search
398 Shield Lightning 14 shield  SP  search
393 Shield Lightning 2 shield  SP  search
394 Shield Lightning 5 shield  SP  search
395 Shield Lightning 9 shield  SP  search
409 Shield Ox 10 shield  SP  search
410 Shield Ox 11 shield  SP  search
411 Shield Ox 12 shield  SP  search
412 Shield Ox 13 shield  SP  search
406 Shield Ox 7 shield  SP  search
407 Shield Ox 8 shield  SP  search
408 Shield Ox 9 shield  SP  search
378 Shield Skull 10 shield  SP  search
379 Shield Skull 11 shield  SP  search
380 Shield Skull 12 shield  SP  search
381 Shield Skull 13 shield  SP  search
382 Shield Skull 14 shield  SP  search
374 Shield Skull 6 shield  SP  search
375 Shield Skull 7 shield  SP  search
376 Shield Skull 8 shield  SP  search
377 Shield Skull 9 shield  SP  search
420 Shield Snakes 10 shield  SP  search
421 Shield Snakes 11 shield  SP  search
419 Shield Snakes 9 shield  SP  search
328 Siin, Stealer of the Power guardian  SP  search
528 Skeletal Minion external  C1  search
603 Slag Bunny mortal  U1  search
468 Sleeping Spirit elemental  C1  search
529 Slippery Slime external  R2  search
604 Sloarch mortal  U1  search
469 Smoke Spirit elemental  U1  search
605 Snibs Bony Ridged mortal  U1  search
606 Snogwart mortal  C1  search
470 Snow Daughters elemental  C1  search
607 Sorcerer mortal  R3  search
608 Speckled Clamjack mortal  C1  search
530 Sphinx external  U1  search
350 Spires terrain  SP  search
471 Spirit of the Forge elemental  R2  search
472 Spirit of the Hunt elemental  R1  search
643 St. Ballantine's Evocation spell  C1  search
351 Standard Bearer Angelic 13 standard bearer  R2  search
352 Standard Bearer Angelic 19 standard bearer  U1  search
353 Standard Bearer Chicken 12 standard bearer  R2  search
354 Standard Bearer Chicken 5 standard bearer  U1  search
355 Standard Bearer Dark 14 standard bearer  U1  search
356 Standard Bearer Dark 16 standard bearer  R2  search
357 Standard Bearer Demonic 19 standard bearer  R2  search
358 Standard Bearer Demonic 4 standard bearer  U1  search
359 Standard Bearer Dragon 15 standard bearer  U1  search
360 Standard Bearer Dragon 19 standard bearer  R2  search
361 Standard Bearer Lightning 14 standard bearer  R2  search
362 Standard Bearer Lightning 4 standard bearer  U1  search
363 Standard Bearer Ox 19 standard bearer  R2  search
364 Standard Bearer Ox 5 standard bearer  U1  search
365 Standard Bearer Skull 16 standard bearer  U1  search
366 Standard Bearer Skull 21 standard bearer  R2  search
367 Standard Bearer Snakes 17 standard bearer  R2  search
368 Standard Bearer Snakes 6 standard bearer  U1  search
473 Stinking Spirit elemental  U1  search
474 Succubus elemental  U1  search
644 Summon Gravity Well spell  C1  search
645 Summons Gate spell  R2  search
475 Sun Spirit elemental  C2  search
609 Super Model mortal  U1  search
347 Swamp terrain  SP  search
610 Swordsman mortal  C2  search
476 Tangle Web elemental  U1  search
344 Teleport Tower upgrade  U1  search
329 Tes let, Leader with Foresight guardian  SP  search
611 Thackle mortal  C1  search
330 Thak, Steady Hand guardian  R2  search
346 The Dry Heaps terrain  SP  search
477 Thunder Hawk elemental  R1  search
531 Tiny Flying Fungus external  C1  search
331 Tookle, Leader of the Many guardian  R2  search
478 Trumpeter elemental  U1  search
612 Ugly Wart Fiend mortal  U2  search
532 Valkyrie Spirit external  R2  search
533 Vampire external  C1  search
613 Vampire Hunters mortal  C1  search
534 Vampire Lord external  R2  search
479 Vapor Elemental elemental  U1  search
614 Varmit Archer mortal  C1  search
615 Visionary mortal  C2  search
646 Vitales Dark Cloud spell  U1  search
535 Wailing Specter external  U1  search
480 Warrior Spirit elemental  U1  search
616 Watcher mortal  U1  search
536 Water Nymph external  C2  search
481 Water Spout elemental  C1  search
482 Whispering Spirits elemental  C1  search
537 White Unicorn external  R1  search
538 Wild Nymph external  C1  search
539 Will'o the Wisp external  U1  search
483 Wind Spirit elemental  C1  search
540 Winterseed's Maiden external  R2  search
541 Winterseed's Mistress external  U1  search
542 Wood Nymph external  C1  search
484 Wood Spirit elemental  C1  search
345 Woods terrain  SP  search
543 Wraith external  R2  search
485 Yandrax elemental  U1  search
617 Yard Rat mortal  U2  search
544 Zombie external  U1  search

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