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Necropolis Park

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Necropolis Park: 102 cards
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971 40,000 Useless Warhammers item/hand  U1  search
972 Ancient Tome of Dispansation item/accessory  C1  search
973 Ankh item/accessory  C2  search
910 Ba Choomba elemental  C2  search
901 Barrow Downs terrain  U3  search
911 Bellaret, Third Called elemental  U1  search
912 Blue Mountain Leechfoot mortal  U3  search
913 Buffy, Evil Hornbag mortal  U2  search
982 Chant of the Osirans spell  C2  search
914 Chief Lector Priest of Sethos external  U3  search
915 Dachas, Supreme Leader elemental  U1  search
916 Dead Cats external  C2  search
898 Death Pit of Djoser upgrade  U2  search
917 Doogop, the Greedy elemental  C2  search
983 Dork Age spell  U2  search
918 Drizzle Bone the Hack elemental  U1  search
919 Eater of the Dead external  C2  search
909 Egyptian motif shield/terrain  U2  search
906 Egyptian motif 15 shield  C2  search
905 Egyptian motif 5 shield  C2  search
907 Egyptian motif Standard (11) standard bearer  U3  search
908 Egyptian motif Standard (25) standard bearer  U3  search
893 Eisnmir, Master of Posessions guardian  C1  search
920 Evil Baron Stoner external  C2  search
921 Fan Bearer external  C2  search
922 Fatback Chak external  C1  search
923 Festus mortal  C1  search
974 Footlocker of Conflagration item/accessory  U2  search
924 Gehrund, Field Marshal elemental  U1  search
925 Geldspar, Court Magician external  C2  search
975 Gift of Isis item/accessory  C2  search
976 Gift of Osirus item/accessory  C2  search
926 Gorcoo elemental  C2  search
927 Greenback Chak external  C2  search
928 Guardian Angel elemental  U3  search
977 Heliopolos, Temple of Re item/accessory  C2  search
929 High Priest of Sethos external  U1  search
930 High Priestess of Isis external  U3  search
931 Humahuma mortal  C2  search
932 Imhotep, Visier of Djoser external  U1  search
984 Iron Force of Sethos spell  C2  search
933 Ishtar, Queen of the Heap mortal  U1  search
934 Jimandu elemental  C2  search
935 Jinshade, Second Called elemental  U3  search
936 Joomjaba elemental  U3  search
937 Judge Dredge mortal  U3  search
902 Jungle terrain  U3  search
894 K'Hutek, Protector of the Fallen guardian  U2  search
938 Kurgan, Blademaster of the Exiled mortal  C2  search
985 Limited Big Time Rebate spell  C2  search
899 Lotus Flower Water Garden upgrade  U2  search
939 Lucinda, Evil Hornbag mortal  U2  search
940 Mayor McEvil mortal  C2  search
941 Mayor McFood mortal  U1  search
942 Mayor McGreed mortal  C2  search
986 McHooter s Distraction spell  U1  search
943 Mocodabi elemental  C2  search
944 Moheidra, Mistress of Souls external  C2  search
987 Morb's Revenge spell  C2  search
945 Mummy external  C2  search
896 Necropolis Park (C) stronghold  U2  search
897 Necropolis Park (L) stronghold  U2  search
895 Necropolis Park (R) stronghold  U2  search
946 Noknaga elemental  C2  search
947 Nubian Slave Girl external  C2  search
978 Obelisk of Bablos item/hand  U3  search
948 Odious Clamjack mortal  C2  search
949 Pharaoh Djoser external  C2  search
950 Plague Walker external  C2  search
951 Preist of Horus external  U1  search
952 Priest of Sethos external  U1  search
953 Priestess of Isis external  C2  search
954 Rachur, Field Marshal elemental  U1  search
903 Rocks at Rhuadan terrain  U3  search
955 Rye Beaner mortal  U2  search
956 Sales Weasel mortal  U3  search
957 Scamp Jones mortal  U2  search
979 Scarab of Bounty item/accessory  U2  search
958 Sebek, Queen of Magicians external  U1  search
959 Secauris elemental  C2  search
960 Shackzu, Field Marshal elemental  U1  search
988 Shadow Bank Job spell  C2  search
989 Shadow Beer Heist spell  U3  search
990 Shadow Panty Raid spell  U3  search
961 Silver Server mortal  C2  search
962 Slackback Chak external  C2  search
963 Slim Jab external  C2  search
900 Snake Pit downgrade  U2  search
964 Sneaky Varmit mortal  C2  search
965 Squibby mortal  U1  search
966 Tavinmoor, First Called elemental  C2  search
967 The Minx mortal  C2  search
991 The Ol Switcheroo spell  C2  search
968 Theib, Master of Scribes external  C2  search
969 Tiny Whining Cankerd mortal  C1  search
904 Tomb of the Bulzuru terrain  U3  search
992 Total Chaos spell  U1  search
993 U. R. First spell  C2  search
980 Vestibule of Kabod item/creature  U1  search
981 Voodoo Hat Rack item/hand  C2  search
970 Wanda, Evil Hornbag mortal  U2  search
994 Warwick's Conversion spell  C2  search

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