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Seed 2: Gloamspike's Revenge

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Seed 2: Gloamspike's Revenge: 110 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
43 31337! Tactic  Common  search
44 3cc3n7r1c 73chn1c14n Character  Common  search
45 3p1c D00dm4k3r Item  Common  search
46 4rm0r3d 31f Character  Common  search
90 A Blazing Zero Tactic  Rare  search
47 Accidental Invention Tactic  Rare  search
91 Acidic Phlegm Tactic  Common  search
22 Alluring Quicksand Tactic  Common  search
92 Aroused Stiffbone Character  Common  search
93 Ascendant Madcap Character  Common  search
64 Ass Item  Rare  search
94 Athalamund Mangod, The Iron Fist Character  Rare  search
95 Barrier of Benevolence Tactic  Common  search
48 Braggadocian Aide Character  Common  search
65 Burly Assailment Tactic  Rare  search
49 Cantankerous Claywork Character  Rare  search
23 Ceremonious Groomer Character  Common  search
24 Clam Hash Tactic  Common  search
50 Clay Node Character  Rare  search
51 Cock Block Tactic  Rare  search
96 Conscientious Objector Character  Rare  search
52 Contrabulous Fabtraption Item  Rare  search
85 Crest of Deception Item  Rare  search
86 Crest of Elitism Item  Rare  search
87 Crest of Greed Item  Rare  search
88 Crest of Obsession Item  Rare  search
89 Crest of Rage Item  Rare  search
97 Dark Awakening Tactic  Rare  search
25 Delectable Boon Tactic  Rare  search
66 Delusive Strumpet Character  Common  search
26 Derelict Seafarer Character  Rare  search
1 Desolate Tactic  Rare  search
27 Dowsing Cleric Character  Common  search
67 Drygulch Tactic  Common  search
28 Dwarvish Grimalkin Character  Common  search
98 Dying Hero Character  Rare  search
99 Embittered Cadet Character  Common  search
29 Emissary of Loot Character  Common  search
53 Enormous and Uncooperative Golem Character  Common  search
100 Epic Smackdown Tactic  Rare  search
68 Epicureous Mammajamma Character  Common  search
69 Fired Hand Character  Common  search
2 Foment Tactic  Common  search
30 Framptle Tromwibbler, Lord of Bling Character  Rare  search
54 G14n7 5p0rk D3f3n53 Item  Common  search
55 Gewgawed Gimcrack Item  Rare  search
31 Gilded Yurt Location  Common  search
56 Golemizer Item  Common  search
57 Goloam Character  Rare  search
32 Grandiose Resurrector Character  Rare  search
33 Gus VanBaymaven Character  Rare  search
3 Hextilda, the Exiled Crone Character  Rare  search
34 Hidden Ruins Tactic  Rare  search
4 Hideous Hexapede of Horror Character  Rare  search
70 I Drink Your Milkshake! Tactic  Rare  search
5 Imperial Thaumaturge Character  Common  search
101 Implosive Explosion Tactic  Common  search
6 Inadequate Wand Item  Common  search
58 Lab of Luxury Location  Rare  search
35 Lodge Dock Florist Location  Rare  search
71 Lucky Bastard Character  Common  search
7 Manifest Tactic  Rare  search
8 Meat of the Mountain Item  Rare  search
36 Melty Cheese Item  Common  search
102 Midget Mine Item  Common  search
9 Minion of Thabbash Character  Common  search
37 Miraculous Regeneration Tactic  Common  search
72 Mistaken Identity Tactic  Rare  search
10 Muddle Tactic  Rare  search
73 Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence Character  Common  search
74 Mustache Aficionado Character  Rare  search
11 Nattering Stoopswaggler Character  Common  search
103 Necromantic Healer Character  Common  search
12 Obscene Astrologer Character  Common  search
13 Otter Floss Tactic  Common  search
38 Overzealous Excavation Tactic  Rare  search
104 Padamose, Emperor of Marduun Character  Rare  search
75 Party Clowns Character  Rare  search
76 Peculate Tactic  Rare  search
14 Perturb Tactic  Common  search
105 Plunging Shriever Character  Common  search
39 Prophetic Assistant Character  Common  search
59 Recyclable Golem Character  Common  search
15 Redonkulous Tactic  Common  search
60 Research Intern Character  Common  search
77 Resistance Fighter Character  Common  search
61 Rewarding Salvage Tactic  Common  search
16 Ritual of the Double Monkey Tactic  Common  search
78 Rosy Palmer, and Her Five Friends Character  Rare  search
79 Roundalicious Breasticles Item  Common  search
80 Rusty Pickaxe Item  Common  search
81 Smothering Corpulence Tactic  Common  search
106 Spiky Pumpkin Item  Rare  search
82 Sprint Tactic  Common  search
107 Spry Archer Character  Common  search
108 Surplus Soldier Character  Common  search
40 Swinish Elder Character  Common  search
109 The Emperor Barduse Character  Rare  search
41 The Poshernacle Location  Rare  search
62 Thorough Sanitization Tactic  Common  search
63 Time Traveler Tourist Trap Location  Rare  search
42 Tiny Shiny Tactic  Common  search
17 Titillated Mooncalf Character  Common  search
18 Tumescent Guilt Bladder Item  Rare  search
83 Uncontrollable Jalopy Character  Common  search
84 Vast Mastabatorium Location  Rare  search
19 Verrucose Brains Item  Rare  search
110 Vorpal Sword Item  Common  search
20 Witty Worm Character  Common  search
21 Woadenworm Gloamspike, Thabbashite Prince Character  Rare  search
Total price for whole set:

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