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Spoils of War

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Spoils of War: 20 cards
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15 Aegon Targaryen Character  search
4 Bitterbridge Location  search
13 Catelyn Stark Character  search
1 Conquest Agenda  search
20 Crossing the Mummer's Ford Plot  search
2 Defiance Agenda  search
10 Doran Martell Character  search
6 Enraged Crewman Character  search
8 Frey Armsmen Character  search
16 Lysono Maar Character  search
5 Right of Conquest Event  search
3 Seasoned Smuggler Character  search
19 Seizing the Prize Plot  search
14 Show of Force Event  search
11 Spy from Starfall Character  search
7 The Reaver's Song Event  search
17 Theon Greyjoy Character  search
9 Traitor Attachment  search
18 Tycho Nestoris Character  search
12 You Murdered Her Children Event  search

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