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Booster Set 2: Cyber Ninja Squad

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Booster Set 2: Cyber Ninja Squad: 117 cards
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BT02-0061 Accelerate Ninja, Hayate Monster  search
BT02-0069 Actor Knights Chariot Monster  search
BT02-0100 Actor Knights Hermit Monster  search
BT02-0070 Actor Knights High Priestess Monster  search
BT02-0102 Actor Knights Lovers Monster  search
BT02-0101 Actor Knights the Fool Monster  search
BT02-0071 Actor Knights the Magician Monster  search
BT02-0043 Actor Knights the World Monster  search
BT02-0092 Armed Priest Soldier, Benkei Monster  search
BT02-0088 Armorknight Chimera Monster  search
BT02-0032 Armorknight Formation Spell  search
BT02-0029 Armorknight Ifrit Monster  search
BT02-0089 Armorknight Polar Bear Monster  search
BT02-0030 Armorknight Tiger Monster  search
BT02-0056 Armorknight Trent Monster  search
BT02-0058 Armorknight Wall Lizard Monster  search
BT02-0063 Art of Body Replacement Spell  search
BT02-0018 Art of Explosive Hades Fall Spell  RR  search
BT02-0062 Art of Item Blasting Spell  search
BT02-0055 Bastin Caps Spell  search
BT02-0082 Black Demon Swordsman, Jace Aldis Monster  search
BT02-0090 Blade Tiger, Gurenenbu Monster  search
BT02-0045 Blaze Gauntlet Dragon Monster  search
BT02-0060 Blood Knife, Kimensai Monster  search
BT02-0074 Burning Bow Item  search
BT02-0104 Castling Spell  search
BT02-0002 Center of the World, Mary Sue Monster  RRR  search
BT02-S002 Center of the World, Mary Sue Monster  SP  search
BT02-0054 Chillax! Spell  search
BT02-0037 Clear Serenity Spell  search
BT02-0050 Cloud-riding Hop Hob Monster  search
BT02-0035 Cyber Onmyoji, Seimei Monster  search
BT02-0049 Dandy Guy, Sitri Monster  search
BT02-0052 De Guaita Crush Knuckle! Impact  search
BT02-0051 Demon Realm Computer, Vassago Monster  search
BT02-0067 Demon Way, Geppakugiri Spell  search
BT02-0019 Demon Way, Karakurenai Impact  RR  search
BT02-0098 Demon Way, Noroihikagami Spell  search
BT02-0097 Demon Way, Sakurafubuki Spell  search
BT02-0068 Demon Way, Shienrekka Spell  search
BT02-0079 Dragobond Spell  search
BT02-0046 Dragon Knight, Ryoma Monster  search
BT02-0077 Dragon Knight, Shingen Monster  search
BT02-0009 Dragon Knight, Vlad Dracula Monster  RR  search
BT02-S007 Dragon Knight, Vlad Dracula Monster  SP  search
BT02-0048 Dragonblade, Dragobreach Item  search
BT02-0022 Dragonic Paratrooper Spell  search
BT02-0080 Eastern Demon Sword Emperor, Baal Monster  search
BT02-0017 Electron Ninja, Shiden Monster  RR  search
BT02-S011 Electron Ninja, Shiden Monster  SP  search
BT02-0040 Elite Sword, Mikazuki Munechika Item  search
BT02-0010 Emigurette Dragon Monster  RR  search
BT02-0004 Emperor Dragon, Gael Khan Monster  RRR  search
BT02-S003 Emperor Dragon, Gael Khan Monster  SP  search
BT02-0007 Evil in Heart, Yamigitsune Monster  RRR  search
BT02-S006 Evil in Heart, Yamigitsune Monster  SP  search
BT02-0031 Exorcist Stomp Spell  search
BT02-0015 Extermination Ninja, Slashing Asura Monster  RR  search
BT02-0083 Finisher Bow, Leraje Monster  search
BT02-0086 Fire Manipulating Dragon, Volgaraid Monster  search
BT02-0034 Flash Strike, Yamaihebi Monster  search
BT02-0072 Fool Aims for the Wilderness Spell  search
BT02-0073 Fool's Journey Spell  search
BT02-0078 Force Return Spell  search
BT02-0103 Gambit Spell  search
BT02-0012 Great Duke, Astaroth Monster  RR  search
BT02-S009 Great Duke, Astaroth Monster  SP  search
BT02-0003 Great Spell, My Grandfather Clock Spell  RRR  search
BT02-0084 Gunrod, Martil Item  search
BT02-0053 Holy Moly! Spell  search
BT02-0027 Key of Solomon, First Volume Spell  search
BT02-0028 Key of Solomon, Second Volume Spell  search
BT02-0026 Kosher Spell  search
BT02-0024 Magic Knight of Darkness, Dunkelheit Monster  search
BT02-0025 Magic Knight of Light, Licht Monster  search
BT02-0087 Mantis Dragon, Drantis Monster  search
BT02-0105 Martial Arts Dragon Emperor, Duel Sieger Monster  BR  search
BT02-0091 Mobile Ninja, Jiraiya Monster  search
BT02-0006 Nanomachine Ninja, Tsukikage Monster  RRR  search
BT02-S005 Nanomachine Ninja, Tsukikage Monster  SP  search
BT02-0014 Nightflight Dragon, Rahal Monster  RR  search
BT02-0064 Ninja Arts, Steel Ball Spell  search
BT02-0099 Ninja Blade, Kurogachi Item  search
BT02-0036 Phantom Ninja, Kashinkoji Monster  search
BT02-0081 Protector of Friendship, Barbados Monster  search
BT02-0021 Psychic Knife Dragon Monster  search
BT02-0076 Raid Claw Dragon Monster  search
BT02-0039 Return to the Underworld Spell  search
BT02-0093 Sea-splitting Irukamaru Monster  search
BT02-0020 Secret Sword, Lethal Formation Impact  RR  search
BT02-S012 Secret Sword, Lethal Formation Impact  SP  search
BT02-0041 Secret Sword, Moon Fang Impact  search
BT02-0042 Secret Sword, Shooting Star Impact  search
BT02-0008 Secret Sword, Star Crusher Impact  RRR  search
BT02-0038 Shinobi Scrolls Spell  search
BT02-0065 Shooting Cross Knives, Right-hand Spell  search
BT02-0033 Sky Rush, Garyu-oh Monster  search
BT02-0066 Spinning Windmill Knives, Back-hand Spell  search
BT02-0095 Stealth Ninja, Kirikakure Saizo Monster  search
BT02-0096 Steel Head, Helmet Bear Monster  search
BT02-0094 Steel Wall, Beheading Crab Monster  search
BT02-0057 Strong Horn Dragon, Diatlus Monster  search
BT02-0001 Super Armordragon, Galvanic Feather Dragon Monster  RRR  search
BT02-S001 Super Armordragon, Galvanic Feather Dragon Monster  SP  search
BT02-0005 Superior Strength Ninja, Kotaro Fuma Monster  RRR  search
BT02-S004 Superior Strength Ninja, Kotaro Fuma Monster  SP  search
BT02-0016 Tempest, Garo-oh Monster  RR  search
BT02-S010 Tempest, Garo-oh Monster  SP  search
BT02-0075 Thousand Rapier Dragon Monster  search
BT02-0013 Twin Horn Dragon, Ark Giraffa Monster  RR  search
BT02-0044 Ultimate Buddy! Spell  search
BT02-0023 Victory Slash! Spell  search
BT02-0085 Violent Dragon, Boralios Monster  search
BT02-0059 Wandering Ninja, Tobikato Monster  search
BT02-0047 White Dragon Shield Spell  search
BT02-0011 Witch of Destruction, Hearty the Devastator Monster  RR  search
BT02-S008 Witch of Destruction, Hearty the Devastator Monster  SP  search

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