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Cataclysm: 33 cards
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5 Ancestral Engravings Support  search
32 Arcane Instinct Tactic  search
52 Arcane Orrery Support  search
28 Arcane Purifier Unit  search
44 Atharti Night Maiden Unit  search
56 Balewind Vortex Fulcrum  search
27 Bearer of Eight Unit  search
13 Big Guns Support  search
34 Bloodcrusher Unit  search
43 Brave Volunteers Unit  search
39 Chosen of the Gods Tactic  search
45 Corsair Tower Support  search
42 Crimson Brides Unit  search
46 Dark Covenant Support  search
54 Dreadfire Portal Fulcrum  search
20 Fervent Disciple Unit  search
49 Fickle Sellswords Unit  search
22 Garrisoned Support  search
3 Grudge Keeper Unit  search
6 Hall of Heroes Support  search
2 Hammersmith Unit  search
19 Holy Defender Unit  search
29 Infused Parapet Support  search
26 Iron-talon Eagle Unit  search
57 Lair of the Astromancer Fulcrum  search
25 Lirdir Unit  search
41 Lord of Ironfrost Unit  search
33 Lord of Khorne Unit  search
21 Luminark of Hysh Support  search
59 Magewrath Throne Fulcrum  search
9 Makka Greenfist Unit  search
58 The Eternity Stair Fulcrum  search
55 Witchfate Tor Fulcrum  search

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