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Wooser Extra Pack

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Wooser Extra Pack: 23 cards
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Woo-SE19-18 Act 1 Complete Climax  TD  search
Woo-SE19-17 Do You Believe in God? Climax  TD  search
Woo-SE19-13 His Royal Highness Wooser Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-16 Notification of Cancellation of Christmas Climax  TD  search
Woo-SE19-15 Respect of Three Girls Event  TD  search
Woo-SE19-01 Wooser Begins Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-09 Wooser on April 2nd Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-08 Wooser on Icy Island Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-02 Wooser, Beginning of the End Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-10 Wooser, Emperor Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-J3 Wooser, Full-Spirited Kowtow Character  WR  search
Woo-SE19-J2 Wooser, Go on a Trip Character  WR  search
Woo-SE19-J1 Wooser, Investigating Character  WR  search
Woo-SE19-05 Wooser, One Click of Doom Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-03 Wooser, Otawamure Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-11 Wooser, Principal King of Darkness Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-06 Wooser, Proof of Manliness Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-J4 Wooser, Shopping Character  WR  search
Woo-SE19-12 Wooser, Summoned Hero Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-04 Wooser, Teaching of Three Arrows Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-07 Wooser, Thoroughly Burnt White Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-14 Wooser, Want to Destroy the World Character  TD  search
Woo-SE19-J5 Wooser, White Day Present Character  WR  search

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