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Crayon Shin-chan Trial Deck

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Crayon Shin-chan Trial Deck: 20 cards
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CS-S28-T12 Always Together Climax  TD  search
CS-S28-T18 Butt Alien Climax  TD  search
CS-S28-T11 Family is Nice to Have Climax  TD  search
CS-S28-T08 Himawari, Adorable Little Sister Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T04 Himawari, Child's Puppy-Eye Attack Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T04R Himawari, Child's Puppy-Eye Attack Character  RRR  search
CS-S28-T05 Himawari, Full of Energy Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T02 Hiroshi, No. 1 Japanese Salaryman Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T06 Misae, Strong Mother Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T10 Nohara Household Go-! Event  TD  search
CS-S28-T14 Shinnosuke in Pajama Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T17 Shinnosuke Nohara Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T07 Shinnosuke, Friendly Siblings Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T13 Shinnosuke, Full of Energy Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T09 Shinnosuke, Kindergartener Who Summons the Storm Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T09S Shinnosuke, Kindergartener Who Summons the Storm Character  SR  search
CS-S28-T16 Shinnosuke, Snack Time Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T15 Shinnosuke, Wannabe Hero Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T03 Shiro, Cotton Candy Dog Character  TD  search
CS-S28-T01 Shiro, Perplexed Character  TD  search

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