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Crayon Shin-chan Booster Pack

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Crayon Shin-chan Booster Pack: 116 cards
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CS-S28-032 Action Mask Character  search
CS-S28-065 Ageo & Matsuzaka & Yoshinaga Character  search
CS-S28-028 Ai Suotome Character  search
CS-S28-049 All-Star Climax  CC  search
CS-S28-020 Angry Shiro Character  search
CS-S28-039 Bo-chan in Swimsuit Character  search
CS-S28-059 Bo-chan, Divider Character  search
CS-S28-037 Bo-chan, Secretly Skilled Character  search
CS-S28-090 Boushichi, Ancestor Character  search
CS-S28-008 Buriburizaemon Character  search
CS-S28-098 Extended Time Climax  CR  search
CS-S28-074 Familiar Scent Climax  CC  search
CS-S28-021 Family Portrait Event  search
CS-S28-073 Floating Happiness Climax  CC  search
CS-S28-024 Handkerchief of Important Memories Climax  CC  search
CS-S28-058 Himawari, Greeting Everyone Character  search
CS-S28-010 Himawari, Loves Shiny Stuff Character  search
CS-S28-019 Himawari, Mischievous Child Character  search
CS-S28-005 Himawari, Strongest 0-Year-Old Character  search
CS-S28-005SP Himawari, Strongest 0-Year-Old Character  SP  search
CS-S28-088 Himawari, Watching over Character  search
CS-S28-068 Himawari, World's Fair Defense Squad Character  search
CS-S28-071 Hiroshi's Boots Event  search
CS-S28-051 Hiroshi, as "Hiroshi SUN" Character  RR  search
CS-S28-051S Hiroshi, as "Hiroshi SUN" Character  SR  search
CS-S28-077 Hiroshi, Battle Preparation Character  RR  search
CS-S28-077S Hiroshi, Battle Preparation Character  SR  search
CS-S28-002 Hiroshi, Father of the House Character  RR  search
CS-S28-002SP Hiroshi, Father of the House Character  SP  search
CS-S28-014 Hiroshi, Joy of Family Character  search
CS-S28-060 Hiroshi, Joy of Having Family Character  search
CS-S28-078 Hiroshi, Looking up at the Blue Sky Character  search
CS-S28-081 Hiroshi, Positioning Weapon Character  search
CS-S28-016 Hiroshi, Section Chief Character  search
CS-S28-067 Hiroshi, World's Fair Defense Squad Character  search
CS-S28-094 Hiroshi. Thinking of Child Character  search
CS-S28-075 I Will Protect the Future Climax  CR  search
CS-S28-075R I Will Protect the Future Climax  RRR  search
CS-S28-018 Kantam Robo Character  search
CS-S28-027 Kasukabe Defense Organization Character  RR  search
CS-S28-027S Kasukabe Defense Organization Character  SR  search
CS-S28-045 Kazama-kun in Swimsuit Character  search
CS-S28-031 Kazama-kun, Elite Kindergartener Character  search
CS-S28-054 Kazama-kun, Unease Stare Character  search
CS-S28-084 Kazuma, Ancestor Character  search
CS-S28-062 Ken & Chako Character  search
CS-S28-033 Kindergarten Chief, Scary-Looking Character  search
CS-S28-096 Letter from Myself Event  search
CS-S28-038 Masao-kun in Swimsuit Character  search
CS-S28-070 Masao-kun, Berserking Character  search
CS-S28-043 Masao-kun, Timid Personality Character  search
CS-S28-080 Matabei, Blue Sky Samurai Character  search
CS-S28-086 Matabei, Strict Ijiri Character  search
CS-S28-034 Micchi & Yoshirin Character  search
CS-S28-042 Mimiko Sakura Character  search
CS-S28-055 Misae, as "Magical Girl Misarin" Character  search
CS-S28-055S Misae, as "Magical Girl Misarin" Character  SR  search
CS-S28-083 Misae, Battle Preparation Character  search
CS-S28-009 Misae, Joy of Family Character  search
CS-S28-006 Misae, Mother's Love Character  search
CS-S28-006SP Misae, Mother's Love Character  SP  search
CS-S28-015 Misae, Special Noogie Attack Character  search
CS-S28-066 Misae, World's Fair Defense Squad Character  search
CS-S28-023 My House is Gone Climax  CR  search
CS-S28-035 Nanako, Female College Student Love Interest Character  search
CS-S28-095 Nene, Ancestor Character  search
CS-S28-036 Nene, Precocious Girl Character  search
CS-S28-044 Nene-chan in Swimsuit Character  search
CS-S28-064 Nene-chan, Crane's Roar Character  search
CS-S28-025 New Family Climax  CC  search
CS-S28-025R New Family Climax  RRR  search
CS-S28-012 Nohara Household, Happy Family Character  search
CS-S28-004 Normal Shinnosuke Character  search
CS-S28-004S Normal Shinnosuke Character  SR  search
CS-S28-097 Oath of Warrior Event  search
CS-S28-100 One Drop Climax  CC  search
CS-S28-100R One Drop Climax  RRR  search
CS-S28-089 Oomasa, Ancestor Character  search
CS-S28-046 Plushie Bunny0chan Event  search
CS-S28-085 Ren, Princess of Kasuga Castle Character  search
CS-S28-040 Saitama Crimson Scorpions Character  search
CS-S28-022 Scent of Jasmine Event  search
CS-S28-050 Shin-chan's Love Climax  CC  search
CS-S28-029 Shinnosuke, Anger Spilling Over Character  search
CS-S28-026 Shinnosuke, Being Silly Character  RR  search
CS-S28-026S Shinnosuke, Being Silly Character  SR  search
CS-S28-053 Shinnosuke, Big Brother Taking Care of Little Sister Character  search
CS-S28-079 Shinnosuke, Big-But Character  search
CS-S28-069 Shinnosuke, Carrying out the Mission Character  search
CS-S28-056 Shinnosuke, Driver Character  search
CS-S28-093 Shinnosuke, Escort Role Character  search
CS-S28-007 Shinnosuke, Fateful Mischief Character  search
CS-S28-092 Shinnosuke, Feelings to the Sky Character  search
CS-S28-052 Shinnosuke, for the Future Character  RR  search
CS-S28-001 Shinnosuke, Frivolous Character  RR  search
CS-S28-001SP Shinnosuke, Frivolous Character  SP  search
CS-S28-057 Shinnosuke, Greeting Everyone Character  search
CS-S28-013 Shinnosuke, Kindergartener Who Can't Summon a Gust Character  search
CS-S28-082 Shinnosuke, Not Afraid of Anything Character  search
CS-S28-087 Shinnosuke, Oath of a Man Character  search
CS-S28-030 Shinnosuke, Runaway Youth Character  search
CS-S28-076 Shinnosuke, Silly Samurai Character  RR  search
CS-S28-076S Shinnosuke, Silly Samurai Character  SR  search
CS-S28-041 Shinnosuke, Talented Character  search
CS-S28-011 Shinnosuke, the Brassiere Mask Returns Character  search
CS-S28-063 Shinnosuke, World's Fair Defense Squad Character  search
CS-S28-091 Shiro, Dig Here Woof Woof! Character  search
CS-S28-061 Shiro, Driver!? Character  search
CS-S28-003 Shiro, Part of the Family Character  search
CS-S28-003S Shiro, Part of the Family Character  SR  search
CS-S28-017 Shiro, Taking a Walk Character  search
CS-S28-048 Singing Time Climax  CR  search
CS-S28-048R Singing Time Climax  RRR  search
CS-S28-072 Snack, Cascabian Event  search
CS-S28-099 Uncontainable Feelings Climax  CC  search
CS-S28-047 World of Dreams Event  search

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